Indie Action Movie Tutorials Episode 7: How to Choreograph a Fight Part 1

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-annnd....action. -Hi, welcome to Indie Action Tutorials. My name is---
-Hi! Welcome back to Indie Action Tutorials!
Right now i'm back in L.A. for jury duty; or as i call it: crime-fighting.
And I thought, "You know, this is a good time to introduce of all you to
my brother, Sean."
-Hi. -My brotha....!
So Sean is an actor and all around talented performer.
He's also got a really diverse background in martial arts.
And one thing I wanted for my show was diversity. So I'm going to let Sean take over
and rap at ya a little bit.
...Right. So yes, I do have a diverse background in martial arts. MMA, wushu, kung fu,
-Muay Thai--- -You play basketball, right?
Take ten.
The flavor of a fight is an extension of the characters in the fight.
Too often in indie productions you see a character pulling off move or
fighting style that has no business whatsoever being there. Let's take John for example.
Pretty stylish right? Well, should he be doing kung fu? A little crouching
tiger hidden dragon?
He wouldn't.
The style of the moves. The look on an actor's face, it all has to make sense coming out of the
characters in the fight. Let's try an easy example. Let's say Sean here is playing a character
who is....
robbing a liquor store! Now, as tough as he would look coming at the shop owner
with Muay Thai,
would it make sense, or would he try something else?
The action you choose has to make sense to the genre, to the scene and to the character.
And right now I think Sean has the character nailed. Because he's a good actor.
So let's talk about genre. What i don't want to see
are open palm attacks or tiger claws in a modern day period film.
Long, extended parries and combinations or more of the 90's Hong Kong kung
fu flavor which, as cool as they look, may or may not be appropriate for your movie.
That's for the genre. For the scene, you want to ask yourself,
what is the purpose of this fight? It might be, say, to establish the innocence of the
hero character. Say my character sees Sean walking down the sidewalk.
My innocent character, will ofcourse, want to walk to the other side of the street.
But oh no! He attacks me anyways!
Now, John could either keep beating me down
-or he can run away. -right. And it would be inappropriate for my character to inappropriate for my characters could to
continue beating him down no matter how cool the fight would look.
Never have the action for the sake of looking cool. Always end the fight scene
with either developing the plot or developing the character.
So finally there's the character.
Let's say John is playing the Jackie Chan type character. Someone you just want to
root for because he'll do anything to avoid a fight.
No, Chris Tucker! I want no trouble!
No! No! No!
Here you have a choreography decision to make. Should your character have martial skill and, say,
deftly block the attack and then counter?

Or should your character dodge the attack, then counter?

Pay attention to those kinds of issues,
because they're what makes the difference between a stunt coordinator and an action director.
I hope you learned a lot today. So before you think about how cool your choreography looks---
-I learned a lot, man.
Get off me. Get off me! That---that did it. That right there did it.
--having me, hold the gun,
all sideways...
--I'm callin', the N-double.....A-double...
A-thing---I don't care. I'm callin' them. This is racist, ok? This is racist.

--I'm not saying you can't adlib your lines,
but I can't help but notice that none of your words have actually, well, RHYMED.
...I'm not sure if that's normal? -What?
-Rhyme? You want me to rhyme and be angry?
Like an angry Black man? I'm supposed to beatbox, too? You want me to beatbox for you?

No problem
with being angry.
Cuz I am angry right now. So I am a Black man and I am angry right now.
-Yeah! Just like that! Just like that!
-No. No. John....I'm angry.
I'm pissed off. -That's perfect!
You want me to rhyme.
Freestyle about something, that's--that's what you want?
--ung fu, wushu, Chinese, my knees, will bash you, will smash you in your racist ass face
cuz you make me sick
big prick dick, asshole
-Ah-wika-wika-wika-wikipedia! -Cut. (laughter)