Time for Immigration Reform

Uploaded by TheDailyConversation on 20.09.2010

As xenophobia continues to rear its ugly head in America, I'm reminded of where I come from.
Not just my home turf of the United States-Mexico border, but my country's brief, but storied
We forget far too frequently that we were, at our founding, a nation of immigrants.
It takes time, but we always assimilate, embracing our differences, slowly churning a melting
pot of infinite ingredients into a cohesive stew.
By choosing an inclusive mindset, instead of one that keeps people at an arm's length,
its easy to see that we're all brothers and sisters, all drinking the same water, breathing
the same air, basking in the same rays of sunshine.
Hastily drawn borders and shoddily built walls can't keep us apart.
So I say welcome to my fellow citizens of the world.
Whether Mexican or Muslim, you are valued.
We see you for what you are. Not as threats to our national security or jobs, but as human
beings, striving for a better life for yourselves--and the generations that will follow.