Diablo 3 Hacked & Dead Space 3 Leak? - IGN Daily Fix 09.20.11

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Hey, gamers. Naomi here with your Fix for Tuesday, September 20th
There’s lots of huge news today, so let’s get right to it.
First off, Homefront is getting some new talent for its sequel. In an attempt to out perform
the first entry in the series, Homefront’s publisher, THQ, has hooked up with the First-person
shooter and technology masterminds at Crytek. So if you like Far Cry or Crysis as much as
we do, keep your eyes on this one. And, if you like FPS’s -- DICE announced
the start date for the Battlefield 3 open beta. If you bought the Limited edition of
Medal of Honor last year -- or, if you pre-ordered the PC version of Battlefield 3 through Origin
-- you’ll be playing the beta one week from today on September 27th. Otherwise, you’ll
be getting’ in on the action two days later, on the 29th.
Shooter fans, make sure to check out our Gears of War 3 coverage on IGN. The game’s finally
here, but the fun has only just begun. We’ve got tons of stuff up on the site including
new details on some upcoming story DLC. In an interview with The Telegraph, Cliffy B
hinted that this new bonus content probably won’t feature Marcus, Dom, or Cole. He also
mentioned that it’s coming in November, so luckily we won’t have to wait all that
long to find out more. Make sure to check out all our Gears coverage at IGN.com
And while you’re on the site, surf on over to our 2011 Summer Movie Awards. Captain America,
Thor, Harry Potter and Zoe Saldana’s hotness are all competing for awards, so it should
be pretty sweet. Also worth checking out -- IGN has the brand-new
trailer for Mafia Wars 2 and a possible leaked image of Dead Space 3. Yep...Dead Space 3.
This is a big rumor for now, but take a look at the vid and decide for yourself.
Now, we here at the Fix don’t condone this sort of thing, but we’ve got to cover it
anyway. Apparently, the Diablo 3 Beta server has been hacked. That means, parts of the
game are playable… RIGHT. NOW. However, all you can do with the hack is walk around
a town...which isn't very exciting. Blizzard has yet to comment on the hack but let's hope
it doesn't push back the Beta in any way. And that’s your Fix for September 20, 2011.
I’m Naomi Kyle and be sure to get your Fix anytime, online at IGN.com.