Оп! 8) [Op!]

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Sup, I'm Stas Davidov.
Today is the 150th episode! Some kind of an anniversary, i guess.
So I present to you a Swarm of Fagfaces!
Swarm of Fagfaces!? *beedrills sounds very much like peedrills which means "fagface" in Russian*
Fagface, final form of Weedle, evolves from Kakuna, very poisonous.
Yes, that's just how they showed in on the 1st Channel [original dub]
What! Those are beedrills.
From the words "bee" and "drill".
Beedrills are veeery dangerous pokemon. They have poisonous stings
And if you heard something wrong - the problem's in you upbringing.
Aww, what do we have here, a butthurt?
From the words "butt" and "hurt".
Swarm of Fagfaces!?
Yup, swarm of beedrills :)
Warning, gay parade is coming to your town!
Swarm of Fagfaces!?
Fagface, final form of Weedle, evolves from Kakuna, very poisonous.
The weirdest thing is, i still remember watching this episode on TV [back then inocent child brain didn't suspect a thing]
All cartoons teach something good. Like, Pokemon has taught me to beware of beedrills [pokemon saved Stas's ass]
And this is Horosho!
The second vid was sent by wiilyouare.
And it's not just a vid, it's a whole event.
Because the famous "rock in the woods" who has it's own twitter now has a video-blog!
And it's pure genious.
Is that genious or what?
I watched this whoe vid 3 times and those were the best 45 minutes of my life [it's only 15 min]
The video really puts through the idea.
But the book was better. I mean twitter.
The rock is so alone, full of sadness. The whole world of feelings is closed to him.
He's just a rock in the woods but he's still hard and stoic!
And the rock himself played his role well.
At least on par with Kristen Steward.
What! Rocks can do stuff!
Like once I tried to run away from the rock. You know, i failed [that explains a lot]
Also rocks are live in kidneys.
Also the rocks can sit.
[can't argue with that...]
And if you thought that this is just a 15 min vid about a rock in the woods...
then you're a neanderthal and don't understand anything!
Coz this vid has a kitty [and it's not burried]
And that's how rock videos become cute.
And this is Horosho!
If you surf the Internet more than your moma, you prolly have already seen this vid.
And if it's popular, it must be featured in TiX! [logic]
High school kids are smoking a lot behind the corner
Hooligans are screaming songs in the neighbourhood.
And nobody believes that through blood and sweat
Nekrasovo Cop is on the duty!
Nekrasovo Cop! op!
Nekrasovo Cop! op-op!
Nekrasovo Cop! op! [real rock video!]
Nekrasovo Cop! op-op!
Nekrasovo, village type town with a population of 6000 people.
And that makes is more awesome that a schoolies from a village can make a better vid than Baskov!
If you wanna cheat - you can't hide!
If you're drawing on the walls - you better run!
If you're gonna leave lines in the corridor
Nekrasovo Cop will find you and lock you up!
Nekrasovo Cop! op!
Nekrasovo Cop! op-op!
Of course this vid is shit. But think about it - it's made by schoolies.
And it's much better than that video congratulations you made for you girlfriend.
Where a lot of random people say "happy birthday" [that was original >:( ]
Should i say it?
Happy Birthday
So listen to this song, listen to your mom, don't wear sandals with socks and don't upload food to instagram.
And there will be titties and kitties for everyone!
Nekrasovo Cop! op!
Nekrasovo Cop! op-op!
Nekrasovo Cop! op!
Nekrasovo Cop! op-op!
And this is Horosho!
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And what do you do with your right hand?
What do you do with your right hand?
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So now the answers to the previous question.
Why are you asking?
Sending good question to TiX was censored by ACTA, PIPA, SOPA etc
You just don't understand art!
One does not simply write a good answer.
coz all the video questions from the previous episode so dumb that Stas's ashamed to even show them
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