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Hello and welcome to the Wednesday Philip DeFranco Show
if you're not familiar, my name is Philip DeFranco
and this show really isn't, it's just me talking about
some of the stuff that matters in the news to me starting with
an update to one of yesterdays stories
yesterday we reported that Jada Pinkett-Smith
and Will Smith were seperating
and the couple came out and said, "You know we do not
respond to rumors like this" but
regardless of the troubles they are reportedly having
they say "We are not seperating
our marriage is intact"
that sounds like it's filled with love
but I did want to just update you
didn't want to give you misinformation
things and stuff and words, but let's move on
because today is pretty sad day for me
it's the 5 year anniversary of when I lost one of my friends
and I think back to it and it's rough
for me, because there was nothing I could do
and I remember because it was right before I left college
and walked to class and the teacher said
"Pluto is no longer a planet" and I was crushed
and I went through a dark period