Leslie Niglio, Breast Cancer Survivor

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LESLIE NIGLIO, 7 YEAR SURVIVOR I knew that my body was going to be changing
forever and I had to come to grips with that, but it
was a choice that I had to make because I was up against something much bigger than
myself. Because of the chemo I had to take a lot of
steroids, I gained weight, I looked puffy, I’d walk by
a mirror, I wouldn’t recognize myself. My eyebrows started falling out and my eyelashes
started falling out. My skin felt –it was somebody
else’s skin for a while. I would say for a couple of
years. I went through menopause in about a week, which is very, very different. You’re
one way one week and the next week you’re somebody
else. I had to learn that my breasts were not my
personality, they were just an extension of myself.
And I did a lot of yoga, a lot of meditation, I got a lot of massages and I just embraced
the journey until I came full circle. And unfortunately
I had to do the journey twice because I went through the whole reconstruction process twice.
The second time was much easier, it was like a
pro at it And I made sure that I did things for myself. The one thing that I did is as
long as the weather was permitting I made sure I went
outside and breathed air and got sunshine to remind
myself I was still alive. So it is one of my missions to always speak
about it, because there are so many women that I
come in contact with that have breast cancer and you find that need of wanting to know,
no matter where you’re at. I still find that
need to talk to a survivor of 20 years to see what else I
might be looking forward to.
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