Student Health Services

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at Oregon State University.
Student Health Services is here for the health and wellness
of students at Oregon State University.
Clinicians, health educators and other highly skilled
health professionals provide primary health care,
disease prevention and treatment services,
as well as extensive health promotion for all OSU students.
Health and wellness directly influence academic success.
Let’s face it,
missing just a few class sessions
can impact a final grade.
But there are other components of wellness
that contribute to one’s GPA.
Getting enough sleep, eating the right foods, staying fit,
dealing with stress, forming healthy relationships,
making wise decisions about alcohol use and sexual activity.
These are other areas of student life
where Student Health Services can help.
Most routine office visits with an SHS clinician
are available at no charge to students.
These visits are paid for by the OSU Health Fee
that you pay with tuition each term.
There are many other services covered by the Health Fee,
including annual and wellness exams,
drop-in blood pressure screenings and the Self-Care Clinic.
In regard to sexual health,
free birth control is available through
the Family Planning Project,
and the Health Promotion Department offers year-round,
inclusive programming on safer sex.
Free condoms, dental dams and other sexual health supplies
are available at Room 310 of the Student Health Center.
Health Promotion also offers outreach and events about
alcohol, healthy eating,
stress reduction, and general wellness.
Students can get help with quitting tobacco at no charge,
and have unlimited access to registered dietitians,
Health Coaches, and the Beaver Strides walking program.
We also partner with campus safety and counseling services
by providing a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner’s program,
as well as sexual assault prevention and education outreach.
There are some services at Student Health
that require additional charges.
Fees are charged for lab tests, X rays, prescriptions,
specialist visits and treatments like massage,
acupuncture, chiropractic, and physical therapy.
For example, there won’t be a charge for you
to see a doctor about your sore throat,
but a charge will be added if your physician
prescribes a lab test for strep.
Current fees for the most commonly used services
are listed on the SHS website.
Student Health Services uses an electronic
health records system.
The Patient Portal is the patient’s secure entry point
into that online system and his or her
confidential health record.
Once logged in, patients can use the Portal
to contact their clinician, view lab results,
or request a prescription from the OSU Pharmacy.
During the academic year, Student Health is open
Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.,
and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
The clinic is closed on Sundays, and hours may vary
during breaks, holidays and the summer months.
Student Health is located in the Plageman Building
on the north end of campus,
between the Kelley Engineering Building and Monroe Avenue.
Students should make an appointment by calling 541-737-9355.
There are limited urgent care spots available for walk-ins,
but those are provided only for students
requiring urgent care.
Please make an appointment whenever possible.
We’ve only touched on a few main points.
There’s much more to Student Health,
including optional health insurance,
peer-to-peer volunteer groups, and travel health,
to name just a few.
We encourage you to visit our Web site
at to learn more about how
Student Health can contribute to your academic success.