How to Assemble a Model Car : Get Tips on Model Car Safety

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.02.2008

Hi, I'm Greg B. from Expert Village. Today we're going to talk about model cars. Ok,
we're going to go back and talk a little about safety and our parts. I like to use a soda
crate. This held twenty-four cans of Pepsi or Coke at one time. As I trim my parts off
I'll lay them out in here. This way I don't have to worry about knocking them on the table,
a little kid coming along and getting a part in their mouth and it becoming a choking hazard.
Get a couple of these trays if you can. My glue I like to keep it in the corner. When
you're done, that box you used for a spray booth you can upright it, put everything in
that box, put it away, you know where your parts are. We talked a little bit about the
tools we needed for trimming our parts off, keep from damaging them. Always take your
time. The parts are fragile, they can break easy. Back when I was a kid, we used to wiggle
them until we broke them off or we used to use the single edge razor blades and end up
cutting our fingers. So, like anything it's a little hobby, but it can be hazardous to
your health or some little child's health or your dog. So you want to be very careful
with your parts that you don't lose them and you wonder what happened to them. Your spray
paints, when you use your spray paints, you want to stay away from flames. If you use
a light to light up your booth, you want to make sure you don't get any paint on the light
bulb and cause an explosion. You always want to try and use a respirator and if possible
stay away from crazy glue unless you're using resin cars. Again, make sure you put everything
away when you're done, if you have little kids, get a hold of anything. All right, this
is a very safe enjoyable hobby but you still have to be careful like anything else. You're
working with chemicals. There are directions on ventilation, the use of these products.
You really don't want to get to the point where you breathe a lot of this in.