How to buy a Snowboard: Part 1 - Rider Profile

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bjbj Hi I'm Aaron Boyle and this is Dialin in with Aaron brought to you by Hoyal Board
Company where we bring you the latest news on snowboard skateboard tips, tricks and gear
reviews Over the next few weeks we re going to do a series of videos covering HOW TO BUY
A SNOWBOARD. During these videos we ll get into all sorts of details and tech regarding
different snowboards so the next time you re getting ready to buy a snowboard you ll
have the information you need to buy the best board for you. ll cover how to figure out
the right size snowboard. The basics of sidecut snowboard construction Differences in board
flex The magical world of camber profiles Different board shapes and the nitty-gritty
technical differences that affect how each snowboard is going to ride. BUT FIRST, let
s cover some basics that every snowboard sales person should go over with you before you
start to look at any snowboard you may intend to buy. This is what I call PROFILING or I
guess more politically correct would be rider profile. So, WHAT is rider profile. Well,
basically it s figuring out what kind of snowboarder you are, and what kind of snowboarding you
want to do. There are a lot of differences between how certain boards are going to ride,
so it s important to know what kind of riding you want to do before you buy a snowboard,
because what we want to make absolutely sure is that you know how to buy a snowboard that
is perfect for you and will make you feel like Shawn White in the park or on the hill.
There are specific questions that the so-called expert you re talking to at the local discount
shop should be asking you before he or she ever pulls out a snowboard for you to look
at. You know like the first date, you ve got to get to know each other before you start
talking about marriage So here s the first question, HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN RIDING? Is
this going to be your first season, or have you been riding for 100 years? This is important
because some boards are definitely going to be easier for the beginner rider to learn
on, just as some are going to be better for more experienced riders, and then for most
of us riders that are somewhere in between. This is not the time to exaggerate and make
it look like you have been riding longer than you really have. You answer these questions
right and the professional you are talking to will be able to match you with the perfect
board for where you are right now and trust me you are going to have way more fun on the
hill. Second question: WHAT KIND OF RIDING DO YOU WANT TO DO? There are big differences
between boards besides just the graphics, and the type of riding you want to do is going
to be pretty important with which board you want to buy. So, for example, let s say you
want to spend a lot of time in the terrain park. What specifically do you think you ll
be doing the most in the park? Are you going to be spending most of your time jibbing,
hiking rails and boxes, or are you more trying to hit big kickers? Maybe some of you are
pipe jocks. Some of you may not even want to go to the mountains, you may be looking
for a street-specific kind of snowboard. Even within freestyle or park boards there are
a lot of differences, so the more specific you can get with what you want to do on the
board, the more you ll be able to dial in what board to get. s say, that you don t want
to spend any time in the park. If you re looking for more of a freeride or cruisin round kind
of board, there s differences between those as well. Basically, how AGGRESSIVE of a board
do you want? Do you want a board that s going to be super RESPONSIVE and hard charging?
Or do you want more of a surfy, mellow cruiser type board. And then there s a lot of you
who are going to want a board that does a little bit of everything, and there are certainly
a lot of those out there. A good all around board may not be the BEST for park or the
BEST for freeride, but it ll be good for everything. What I would consider an All mountain board.
A lot more to think about than you thought, Huh? That s probably because the last time
you went to buy a board the sales person maybe asked you a couple of questions and then walked
over to a board picked it up and put it up to you to see if it fit in the that s the
right size zone between your armpits and your chin. Well my friend if that has been your
experience then you definitely need to watch this series of videos so you will know a lot
more about how to buy a snowboard. Because you more than likely are not having the fun
you could be having on the slopes or in the park. And these questions are not just to
determine what kind and size board you need for your riding style the Rider profile is
also going to help us determine what bindings and what boots you want to purchase for your
setup. So, that s the first step, covering the basics with rider profile. In the upcoming
videos I ll be getting into more detail on how to buy a snowboard covering why certain
boards are going to ride different from others and why you need to seek out a professional
to help you pick out the perfect board for you and not the sales person at the local
discount store that uses the right size zone . We ll get into how to choose the right bindings,
the right boots and even some great stuff on helmets, goggles and the rest of the outerwear
that will not only make sure you are the sickest boarder on the slopes but you are warm and
dry. So stay tuned to the Hoyal Board Company YouTube channel and do me a big favor LIKE
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for future videos and then can bragg to all your friends that we did a video just because
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