Caribbean Snorkelers (cc)

Uploaded by JCVdude on 23.03.2011

Cindy & I love to go snorkeling.
We love to see what is under the sea
And I cannot wait until our 3D HD camcorders arrive.
We have 2 of them coming
And the release date is April 25
So I hope we get them pretty soon after that.
I still have not heard how long until they have the underwater cases for them
But we are going to stay on top of SONY for that
As soon as they are available, I’m going to have the underwater cases
And film the wonders of under sea in 3D HD
That is something that even my hero, Jacques Cousteau
could not do because the technology did not exist, so imagine that.
Today, a consumer, an ordinary person
will be able to get a 3D HD camcorder,
an underwater case, go to the Caribbean and make amazing videos.
We have come so far.
And the reason we do these videos is because we have a lot of questions.
We are constantly asked about what is the best place to go snorkeling.
Which resort can you go snorkeling right off the beach?
Or I would like to have a nice beach, but I also want to snorkel on the reef
Can your recommend places for us. Can you tell me about this resort.
Or this excursion, that excursion, which excursion were you on when you filmed this?
All these different questions
And we love to be able to answer all this in a first hand, experience-based way.
And we continue to do that.
We just had a friend from Norway tell us about
a great diving adventure available in the Bahamas.
Going out aboard a large yacht
and swimming in the open ocean, with wild dolphins
And although I do nt like swimming with dolphins in captivity.
And that is something that, admittedly, Cindy & I have done.
I would love to swim with them in the wild.
Because that is where they belong. They belong in the wild.
Same with all the fish.
And please do not feed the fish.
Cindy & I were watching a documentary about the Red Sea
And in November 2010 there was a series of attacks on humans, by sharks
And do not blame the sharks.
I do not like people when they go and destroy the sharks afterwards.
Sharks are doing what is natural to them.
But there was a series of attacks on people in the Red Sea by Sharks
And it appears that one of the reasons they think it was happening
is that people were feeding small tropical fish
They give off electric pulses when they are eating
which the sharks pick up on
They get into a feeding frenzy
Another thing is that there are divers who attract sharks
and feed them so that other people can see it.
All these different things
Wild creatures should be left in the wild, filmed as they are.
And that is one of the things that Cindy & I do love to do is
Get out there. Swim with the fish, swim with turtles
Or where we live in British Columbia, get up in the mountain
We see owls and deer, bear
Watch them from a distance.
Film them, capture them the best that we can.
Always making our safety paramount & leaving nature as we found it.
So I look forward to getting out, experiencing more of this wonderful world
share with people all over the world.
We all have to be stewards of our planet.
Today when I see what is happening in Japan
Recently they said that radiation was detected in the ocean.
10, 12 miles off shore
I think to myself, are people that daft that they would not think that would happen?
I mean the reactor is on the shore of the ocean.
They draw a circle around it as to where the radiation is dangerous.
and they think it is only going to affect people on land or
spinach or grass that cattle eat or stuff like that
It affects everything.
And we have to look after the seas
because when you get out there . . .
70% of the world is ocean.
Without it, we will die as human beings.
And we are destroying our oceans relentlessly
and the things that live it in. Sharks . . .
Can you imagine there is up to 70 Million sharks killed each year
just for their fins, so people can have shark fin soup.
We are killing everything in the oceans
We are polluting it in many areas
British Columbia, Victoria. Victoria, our capital city for many years,
had a large pipe out into the ocean
& dumped all of its raw untreated sewage out into the ocean.
Because it would just go away. It just goes away.
That included everything that people flush down their toilets -
cleaning liquids, bleach, ammonia
detergents, phosphates
All dumped out into the ocean because it’ll just go away.
And then they are finding that killer whales are dying,
seals are washing up on the shore dead.
It is not a wonder.
We have not been swimming in the oceans that long
or been as advanced as humans are, for that long. . .
to have caused so much damage.
Right now in the Gulf of Mexico,
One again, oil slicks are showing up. Oil balls - the contaminants
And they are not sure if it is from the BP accident
But oil is in the Gulf of Mexico again.
Young, small dolphins have perished.
More dolphins have washed up on the shore of the Gulf than ever before.
And people do not know why.
I guess maybe they should get a degree & become rocket scientists
so they can figure it out.
You do not have to be a rocket scientist
All you have got to do is use common sense.
We cannot use the oceans for a dumping grounds
for all our garbage, all our sewage.
We have got to look after it or else it is not going to be here for our kids.
All they are going to be able to do is see the videos that we have left behind
As I said, I am really looking forward to with Cindy, getting to the Caribbean
With 3D HD camcorders
Taking video that even my hero Jacques Cousteau wasn’t able to do.
I mean technology did not exist
when he was out in the 60s & 70s with Calypso
charting the oceans and already at that time,
noticing and talking about the damage he saw.
There were places on this planet
where they used deadly chemicals for fishing.
To kill the coral, kill the fish & the fish would be harvested,
after being poisoned
I love the ocean. I love snorkeling
And I love to hear people asking us questions
and wanting to get out there & explore,
because that is how it is going to be saved.
If people go to the Caribbean, or go to the Red Sea or go to
the South Pacific, New Zealand or Australia, the Great Barrier Reef, Fiji
And the reefs are damaged the fish are not there
They are not going to be coming. The tourism is going to be hurt.
And it should not take that, for people to realize
that we have to look after it.
It should be just natural because we are supposed to be intelligent
So we should know that you cannot just destroy it.
I hope you like our videos. I hope you continue to watch them
And look forward to seeing our 3D HD videos that’ll be coming soon
We are going to be out covering as much of nature, wildlife
And as such, I will continue to make my own political comments because
we all have to active in everything.
If we are not, we are going to lose our planet,
We are going to lose our future for all generations
We are going to lose more species.
And we cannot afford to do that.
I want this world here for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Thank you for watching our videos.