Overtime Calculation - Completely Automated

Uploaded by AttendHRM on 24.10.2009

Let's take a look at how you can configure Attend HRM to pay your employees for every hour of overtime.
All the entries that you see are automatically generated by the system
based on the work plan and the data from time attendance devices
As a manager, you can make changes to the attendance data over here
If you look at the totals
this employee has four hours of overtime this week
Let's take a look at the whole month.
He has worked more than twenty two hours of overtime this month.
And you want to pay this employee for every minute of overtime he does.
Let's go to the salary system.
I'm going to pay overtime for all the employees in the marketing department from this month.
Let's add overtime to this salary structure.
You can include all these variables in your formulae
In this case, for every hour of overtime, the employee gets twice the normal rate
So, the formula goes like this.
The salary structure is now included with overtime.
Let's process salary for one of the employees.
I will pick one employee
for testing the changes we made to the salary structure.
Now, let's take a look at the pay slip just created.
We will see how the overtime is calculated.
Over here, you see the calculation history
the details on how the overtime was calculated
Everything looks fine.
Let's take a look at the pay slip report now.
With this option, you can email pay slips to the employees.
Here is the pay slip, as you see overtime is also included.
I'm sure, my employee is going to be happy with this.