NEX Understanding shooting modes

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Sony e-mount cameras have modes ranging from fully automatic to completely manual
Let's take a look at the modes available on the mode dial
First there is the iAuto or intelligent auto mode
The scene selection modes
Anti Motin Blur
Sweep panorama
3D panorama
Manual exposure
Shutter priority
Apperture priority
And Program auto
Let's learn a little bit more about the basic shooting modes now
The first of these modes is the intelligent auto mode indicated by the green lowercase
i and camera icon
This sophisticated mode makes it amazingly simple to capture beautiful images
Intelligent auto mode means that the camera will automatically assess the scene and make
necessary adjustments to brightness color focus and other settings
What makes this mode turly unique is that when it recognizes the scene the scene recognition
icon and guide will appear in the upper left corder of the lcd
The camera will then use settings from that scene selection mode to capture the image
Because of the intuitive way the intelligent auto mode functions you can take professional
quality photos regardless of your photography skill level
Also in this mode the camera will use face detection to allow fast and easy focusing
on the faces in the image
Another basic setting in the camera's shoot mode menu is the scene selection setting the
scene selection modes automatically make adjustments for brightness color as well as other settings
to take stunning photos in a variety of specialized situations
There is a scene selection mode available for almost any shooting scenario including
portrait landscape macro sports action sunset night portrait night view and handheld twilight
When you recognize one of these environments simply choose from the scene selection menu
and the camera will optimize the necessary settings
Let's talk a little about each of these modes
First there is the portrait mode
This will help you emphasize a subject by blurring the background
It also reproduces soft skin tones
Make sure you focus on the subjects eyes for the best results
The landscape mode captures the entire range of scenery in sharp focus with vivid color
Shooting with your lens set to wide angle will increase the sense of vastness of the
You'll also want to make sure to keep the camera level when you're shooting landscape
The next mode is the macro mode
This is great for close ups of small subjects that are physically close to the lens
Use this to capture subjects such as flowers and food in clear sharp focus
When shooting at distances of less than nine inches using a macro lens may be necessary
Next is the sports action mode
This shoots fast motion at higher shutter speeds
If you hold down the shutter button the camera will continue taking pictures one after another
until you release the button
This mode works best with well lit scenes as insufficient light will not allow high
shutter speeds
The sunset mode allows you to vividly and dramatically capture the warm colors of dusk
and dawn
This mode is also great for capturing silouettes
Shutter speeds may be slow in this mode so you might consider using a tripod
The night portrait mode is great for capturing images of people in night time scenes
In this mode the flash will fire to expose the subject and the shutter will remain open
for a longer period of time to properly expose the background
Please note that the flash must be attached to the camera for this mode
The night view mode is great for capturing night time scenes without losing the dark
In this mode the shutter speed may be slow and the use of a tripod will help avoid camera
You'll also want to make sure the camera is level when photographing landscapes or simmilar
The last mode in the scene selection mode is the handheld twilight mode with this mode
you can take pictures at night without using a tripod and still get impressive results
Use this mode for stationary subjects or scenes
The handheld twilight mode takes a burst of shots and then combines the shots to create
one image with reduced blur camera shake and noise
Keep the camera as still as possible during the continuous shooting
Please note that after the shots are taken there will be a delay while the camera processes
and combines the images
The next mode available in the shoot mode menu is sweep panorama
The sweep panorama modes makes it easy to create beautiful large scale images of scenic
When this mode is used the camera will take a series of images as you sweep across the
scene and then seamlessly stitch the images together to create an impressive panorama
Like the sweep panorama mode the Sony e-mount cameras also offer a 3D sweep panorama mode
Again the camera will take a series of images as you sweep across the scene and seamlessly
stitch the images together to create the panorama
Images taken in 3D panorama can be viewed in 3D with a compatible 3D television
When you're using this mode you'll want to keep the subjects at a distance of between
five and thirty feet for the best 3D effect
The anti motion blur mode will allow you to create amazingly crisp images in low light
This mode can be used for moving subjects
Like the handheld twilight scene mode the camera will take a series of images at very
high speed and combine them to create one image with crisp clear details and low noise
However anti motion blur is designed to be used with moving subjects
When you use this mode try to keep the camera steady during continuous shooting
Also on the mode dial you'll find the camera's P A S and M modes
These are advanced shooting modes that will allow you to make adjustments to get exactly
the brightness color and focus you're looking for
The P stands for program auto where the camera chooses the setting for you but you can easily
make adjustments to those settings
The A stands for aperture priority where you choose the aperture and the camera chooses
the appropriate shutter speed
The S stands for shutter priority where you choose the shutter speed and the camera chooses
the appropriate aperture setting
And the M stands for manual mode where you will have full control over all of the camera's