50 Years of Biomedical Research Video Montage

Uploaded by NIGMS on 17.10.2012

NIGMS 50th Anniversary logo, text treatment
50 Years of Biomedical Research
50 Years of Basic Discoveries
50 Years of Medical Advances
50 Years of Better Health
(cultured cells in background) cell biology
cell structure
cell function
(Atomic-level structures of proteins in background) biophysics
structural biology
(Atomic-level structures of nucleic acids in background) proteomics, protein folding, protein dynamics
(Vials of liquid with fluorescent dyes in foreground, blue flashes of bacterial quorum sensing in background) chemistry
(Chemical structure of an organic molecule in background) organic synthesis
(Rotating image of a symmetrical, multimeric molecule shown in ribbon format in background) glycosciences, chemical biology, biotechnology
(Duplicated chromosomes with labeled telomeres in white in background) genetics: chromosomes, circadian rhythms, epigenetics
(video of a developing fruit fly embryo in background) developmental biology, model organisms
(Ribbon diagrams of atomic-level structures in an artist’s rendition of a cellular environment in background) X-ray crystallography, NMR
(Colorful light micrograph of intestinal tissue in background) microscopy, single-molecule imaging
(Colorful light micrograph of intestinal tissue in background) burns, traumatic injury, wound healing
(Moving image of an atomic-level structure of a ribosome on a cell membrane in background) systems-level modeling, bioinformatics, computational biology
(Light micrograph of kidney glomerulus in background) anesthesiology, sepsis
(colorful scanning electron micrograph of nerve terminal in background) pharmacology: quantitative, systems, clinical
(Colorized stem cells in background) materials repositories, databases, knowledgebases
(Portrait of a researcher who is an NIGMS-supported M.D./Ph.D. student in background) research training
(portrait of an NIGMS grantee and a student researcher in background) workforce development and diversity
(Portrait of Nobelist Carol Greider at work in background) 75 Nobel Prizes
38 in physiology or medicine
37 in chemistry
(NIGMS logo) Investigate