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Love Actually
Episode 1
Today, it will be partially cloudy during the day.
There will be heavy rain or thunderstorms in the evening until the middle of the night.
The high for today is 26 degrees Celsius.
Yang Guang! Get up!
Yang Guang, get up!
You sleep in every day.
I'm like your human alarm clock
and drag you out of bed.
Remember to brush your top and bottom teeth.
Move faster!
Don't be dillydallying like a little girl.
I'm obviously a guy.
Why do you say I'm a girl?
Today, I have a lot of work to do so I'll be home late.
Here's 50 dollars to take care of your lunch and dinner.
Don't buy instant noodles or street food.
You're always eating junk food and not growing.
You're always eating instant noodles.
I'm an adult.
How come you always talk back whenever an adult scolds you?
I've said it many times,
Don't talk back just because an adult scolds you.
Okay, okay. I'm going to be late to work.
Did you remember what I told you?
Don't just let it go in from one ear and out the other.
At school, don't fight with your classmates, don't cause trouble.
Don't make things difficult.
Today's work plan-- 10:00 Boutique
13:00 Department Store
16:00 Cabinet (Kitchen) Store
There are three jobs today.
The pay isn't bad.
The total amount made today is...
This (math) isn't my strength.
Whenever I think of a number, my head feels like it's about to explode.
What the hell! You're stepping on my foot!
Dream: To have a warm household (family).
Good morning, manager.
Why are you late again?
There was a lot of traffic on the road today.
The highway was so clogged up, it was moving like a turtle.
I even left earlier than I have been this morning,
but I'm still late.
Please forgive me.
I promise next time I'll leave even earlier.
I won't be late again.
Just now, we had a complaint filed.
There was a VIP customer that came,
but no one came to receive them.
There is no bonus again this month.
Xiao Xia, can you stop being so dazed?
This month, the store manager has been yelled at many times because of you.
I won't be late again.
10:00 Boutique ??
Xiao Xia.
Work well.
Even if I didn't have money,
I would never
let that kind of person's hands on my waist.
13:00 Department Store
This is your pay for this month.
If there are any spots available in the future, we'll contact you.
16:00 Kitchen Store
Hey! Stop!
You even have the courage to steal my money?!
I can see you don't want to live anymore!
Stop hitting me!
If you keep hitting, I'll die.
Aren't you afraid I'll die? You think I'm afraid you'll die?
without even drinking any water?
Have you ever tried putting your hand in ice water for 12 hours
with no way of extending it (your hand) out?
Trying to steal my money?
Go die!
Stop hitting!
Stop hitting!
It's me!
Who cares who you are?!
First let me give you a good beating!
It's me.
Xiao Dong!
It really is you.
If I didn't say I was Xiao Dong, I would've been beaten to death by you.
I was hitting you.
People like you are best dead.
When your child was born, you gave him to me and ran off.
You don't have a man's feeling of responsibility at all.
You left for 7-8 years.
Because of you, I didn't even go to university!
Working and taking care of Yang Guang,
just hoping that you would come back soon
But you!
Are you still a human?
I get it.
There was no other way.
These years,
have you ever come back and visited Yang Guang?
Do you still remember what Yang Guang looks like?
Getting sick, hurt
When he was sick, in pain, crying, hurt,
where were you?
Do you know that his classmates say behind his back
that he is an orphan that has no father?
Are you fit to be a dad?
Alright, alright.
I understand. It's been hard on you.
Thank you. Sorry. Is that enough?
Xiao Xia, how much money do you have on you?
Can I borrow it all? Please?
You! You're just insufferable!
It's fine if you don't have the responsibility as a father,
but the moment you come back you ask me for money?
Just help me. Save me.
You have hands and feet.
Why don't you find a job?
You're always sitting around waiting to die.
It's only when you need money
that you would think of me.
Look at yourself now!
You look ghastly.
How are you even a father?
I don't have money to lend you.
Just act as though I borrowed this from you.
I'll pay you back someday.
When will you get rid of these parasitic and destructive habits?
When will you face Yang Guang?
Yang Guang.
You're still doing homework?
I just finished.
My dad.
Today's homework is an essay.
The topic is
Is this good?
He's a superhero.
Everyday, he has to take care of a lot of important things
and fights with all the bad people of the world.
But he's not mean to me at all.
He always takes me to the zoo.
He likes letting me sit on his shoulders
and feed the giraffes leaves.
If Yang Guang knew
I don't know how hurt he would be.
That's really good.
I believe
when your dad comes back,
he will take Yang Guang
to the zoo.
let me tell you a secret.
I already saw my father.
In my dreams.
As long as I close my eyes,
I can see my dad.
When he comes back,
he will buy a big house for me and auntie.
He also said
that this way, auntie won't have to work so hard every day.
I believe
Yang Guang's dream will come true.
Sleep early.
Oh yeah.
Auntie, this is a letter from the landlady.
this kind of event,
is really boring
and it's a waste of money.
It's just socialization between friends.
Tomorrow, I'm telling the teacher
I'm not going to this kind of event.
When have you ever had the final say in these decisions?
Don't pretend to be smart when I haven't made a decision yet.
This is a team event.
You're not allowed to not participate without my permission.
auntie goes to work so early every day
and you don't earn much.
Why do you have to waste money on such a boring event?
Don't worry. I have methods.
Yang Guang doesn't need to worry about auntie.
Yang Guang is really thoughtful.
As long as he's here,
no matter how tough life is,
I will try to overcome it.
Xiao Xia- Right now the rent has increased to 500 RMB (around 80 USD).
We will start collecting at the new price starting tomorrow.
Xiao Xia, did you get the notice?
The rent prices around this area have all increased 50%.
I only raised your rent by 500.
It's already very generous.
How can you just suddenly raise the price?
Don't we still have a contract?
can it not be tomorrow?
Can you extend it a couple days?
I will... Hello? Hello?
Aunt Tang, can you help me with something?
Mrs. Li!
Do you have extra money?
Wang ge, I'm tight on cash.
I promise next month I will...
Looks like we'll have to move again.
Chen Hao Jie
Mr. Chen
Do you still have inexpensive apartments for rent?
I've already come to an agreement with the landlady.
You just have to help me with a small favor.
Then you can get a new house.
A big area, and it's in a convenient spot.
It's free for 3 months.
You just help me with this small favor.
All your housing problems will be gone.
Be my girlfriend.
Miss Qiao, don't misunderstand.
Fake girlfriend.
No holding hands, no hugging, no kissing.
All the things that should happen between a guy and a girl will be left out.
It's only on the outside that you become this.
You are my girlfriend by title only.
As long as you agree to help me do this small favor,
you can get
a free, conveniently located, electricity and water included, everything included house.
My God!
What kind of treatment is this?
It's a gift from the heavens.
Miss, what are you waiting for?
There aren't any other requirements, no mosaic details.
There's no physical contact.
It's just you're my girlfriend by word.
I proudly introduce to everyone
Xiao Xia, my fiance.
Aren't I your girlfriend?
When did it change to "fiance"?
Things can always be changed.
Didn't you say there would be no physical contact?
Xiao Xia, let me introduce them.
My father.
The head of our family.
Our Chen family restaurant
The reason why our Chen family restaurant can be famous near and far is because of my father's exquisite pastries.
you're not an outsider anymore.
In the future, we'll be a family.
What do you mean "future"? Isn't this only for today?
I'll explain it to you later. Just listen to me.
This is my third brother, Li Yang.
Look at my brother!
From an 80-year-old old lady
down to a baby that hasn't been born,
not one person doesn't like him.
Everyone's knocked down.
As long as he stands up on stage,
it's just like Ali Baba,
open sesame,
raking in money at once.
is really brilliant.
Xiao Xia, how is it?
Big brother, you exaggerate too much.
Hello, sister-in-law.
I proudly introduce
the store's store manager and chef,
my second brother, Hao Feng.
Looking from the back at his imposing figure,
you can tell he's a guy with talent.
Don't just look at his poker face, he's actually cold on the outside, but warm on the inside.
His gaze is like ice.
He's like an Antarctic ice-man.
Big brother so cautious today.
There must be something important to announce.
Hao Feng is smart.
My goal is
to open chain restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Xian, these four big cities.
As long as we invest enough,
within 3 years,
over 50 chain stores.
4 large-scale modernized shops with a HQ and a center for raw materials.
How is it? Tempting, right?
He talked so much,
yet there's no reaction from anyone.
Hey. Give me some feedback.
What kind of feedback do you want us to give you?
Constructive, of course.
Borrowing money.
He's still the most reliable.
Big brother,
every time you come back,
Do we even need to ask?
This time
This project will definitely succeed.
I went through a lot of research.
Now all that's missing is some money.
If that's all you have to say,
then it's over,
because the answer is
We don't have any money to give you.
Dad, I'm begging you.
there won't be another one.
Excuse me.
I think it's weird.
Why don't you give him feedback after listening to his proposal?
I think this goal
isn't too bad.
Even though it's not that good,
but at least give him some feedback.
There's no need to be so cold.
He's your big brother.
you should try to understand and help out.
You are...?
I... I...
Didn't I just introduce everyone?
She's my kind and beautiful
Dad said
that as long as I bring her home for him to see, we're a family.
Fiance means that you still haven't gotten married.
She doesn't count as family until marriage.
Right now we're talking about
family matters.
How much does she understand about our family?
An outsider
intruding on another family's family matters, isn't that a little too much?
He's not worthy of being an Antarctic ice-man.
I was just speaking the truth.
If he didn't really want to achieve this goal,
I don't think he would be so serious, trying to get his family's opinion.
You should give him encouragement,
See, see?
What I said was sensible, right?
Dad, look.
Even your future daughter-in-law
supports me.
What else is there to think about?
Big brother,
how are we supposed to believe you?
You already asked dad for money at least 10 times.
At least 10 thousand or so, at most 100 thousand or so.
We haven't seen any results.
Li Yang.
Don't say something like that.
I just haven't been met with the right opportunity.
100 thousand? At least 10 times?
This thief...
No wonder "girlfriend"
turned into "fiance."
Miss Xiao Xia,
why you would pick him.
Also, big brother,
I know you want to do this,
but please work hard yourself.
Don't always be asking family for money.
Every time, you're asking us for money when things haven't begun.
Is this how you start a big project?
you agreed that
as long as I brought my fiance
you would give me money to fund my project.
and you... Don't threaten dad.
Dad agreed to this himself.
My fiance
is here.
Doesn't dad mean what he says?
Dad's problems, family problems
are all my problems.
Alright, alright. Stop fighting.
I say, Hao Jie,
Of course.
I really decided.
Dad, this plan is really good.
It will succeed.
What I asked is your engagement.
Dropped again?
I bought it after hearing inside news.
Did it drop that badly?
It's over.
Don't yell. I'll be right over.
Just wait.
I'm going over now.
Dad, this time, I'm not lying to you.
Can you prepare the money?
I'll come for it in a couple days.
Right now there's an emergency.
I have to go. When I come back, we'll go over details.
Hey! Chen Hao Jie!
With you gone, what am I going to do?
Right now, it's like I'm helping a criminal.
My situation hasn't even been worked out.
Where am I going to live tonight?
Hao Feng, Li Yang.
Get ready for business.
Xiao Xia.
I want to speak to you, is that okay?
Hao Jie
has always been like this, bold.
In the future,
I'm sorry to trouble you. You'll have to worry about him a lot.
Xiao Xia,
where are you living now?
I'm renting an apartment.
Then does Hao Jie live with you?
We don't live together.
Then your relationship with Hao Jie...
Do your parents have any complaints?
My parents...
I'm really sorry.
The first time you're here...
No, no, no.
The one who should be sorry is me.
I didn't know
he came back to ask for money.
Our Hao Jie is really lucky to have found you.
he could get married sooner.
Have a family.
This way when he does things,
it would be more steady and cautious.
It won't be like now.
Uncle Chen,
you're Hao Jie's fiance,
we're not outsiders anymore.
I said everything I needed to say.
A girl, living outside
is really tough.
Besides, rent isn't cheap.
It's not safe.
If you have no objections,
you could live here.
Xiao Xia,
if you have any difficulties,
you can come to me.
Chen Hao Jie! You liar!
I wasted a whole day's worth of time for nothing.
The housing problem isn't even solved.
Where are we supposed to live tonight?
Yang Guang!
Yang Guang!
Yang Guang!
Can you be a little flexible?
I only need 1,
the cheapest room.
We don't have any more rooms.
Li Li!
How is it?
Can we come to your house?
We won't give you any more trouble.
You eat some too.
Don't starve yourself.
Auntie is full.
The rest is all yours.
I'm also full!
The rest is all yours.
You're an adult.
You should eat more.
You can't waste it!
You eat it.
Yang Guang,
Auntie has always worked hard.
I've never given up.
Every day I have many different jobs.
Even though I don't get a lot of money,
but auntie have always believed
happiness can
be saved one bit, one drop at a time.
As long as it's based on my own effort
I can give Yang Guang
a warm family.
I can have time
help Yang Guang do homework,
eat with Yang Guang,
play with Yang Guang.
Live happily.
even if I try my very hardest,
I can only watch you suffer with me.
I'm so sorry.
Who? Who said I don't have a home?
That...That's auntie's embrace.
As long as Auntie's there,
that's Yang Guang's home.
Don't cry, auntie.
As long as you agree
to be my fake girlfriend for a day,
I'll help you rent a house.
we're one family.
If you have any difficulties,
you can come find me.
Uncle Chen.
Xiao Xia.
Why are you so wet?
Li Yang!
Take them upstairs to take a hot shower.
Don't catch a cold.
Hao Feng.
Make some ginger soup.
Sister-in-law, this is the bathroom.
You can take a hot shower and then come downstairs to drink some ginger tea to get rid of the cold.
I'll put the luggage in big brother's room.
Hurry up and wash. Don't catch a cold.
Don't you think it's weird?
What's weird?
This morning she appeared, and now this kid.
You're not suspicious?
Big brother must be a spy,
or else how could he have hid it for this long?
I was wondering why my left eyelid was fluttering so much today.
So there was this big of a surprise waiting.
Big brother is really awesome.
He raised a kid this big.
Judging from the way he carries his backpack, he must be in elementary school.
No wonder big brother said he had something important to announce.
I get
why big brother needs money.
Isn't it in order to raise his family?
He just had to use some excuse.
Why not just tell the truth.
I was the youngest in the family.
Now it's different.
I've gained a level.
Brother, you're an uncle too!
Go bring out the ginger soup.
Don't be so playful.
Behave and take your bath.
This water is really hot.
The bathtub is so big!
It feels really warm.
Yang Guang.
I know that you really like it here,
So you have to be good.
No matter what happens between adults,
try not to say anything.
When I find a house,
we'll be moving out, okay?
when we're living here,
don't call me "auntie" in front of everyone.
Just do as adults say.
The uncle that brought us to the bathroom,
he looks like Luffy when he smiles.
I like him.
You're a little boy.
Also, that grandpa.
He looks very kind and friendly.
I like him too.
Then from now on, call him Grandpa Chen.
Grandpa Chen is a really good person.
If it wasn't for Grandpa Chen, we wouldn't be here.
So, you can't misbehave.
or make Grandpa Chen unhappy.
What's wrong?
But there's another uncle.
That uncle's eyes
were fixed onto us.
It was really scary.
That uncle... He's actually...
Is what?
An Antarctic ice-man.
An Antarctic ice-man?
Have you ever seen something taken out from the fridge?
They're all really cold.
They don't have any expressions.
That's true.
But don't be afraid.
As long as we work together,
no matter how cold he is,
when he meets us, he will melt.
we're summer's sunlight.
We beat Antarctic ice-men.
does the South Pole have polar bears?
Polar bears live in the North Pole.
The South Pole only has penguins.
Then an Arctic ice-man should be in the South Pole.
Why would he be in Shanghai?
You're so annoying. Hurry up and wash.
Uncle Chen,
I'm really sorry.
Just think of this as your home.
There's no need to be shy.
What's your name?
Yang Guang.
How old are you?
8 years old!
Already 8 years old!
Is it too spicy?
Hao Feng,
you didn't put enough brown sugar.
You must be hungry.
Here. Eat some wontons.
Thank you.
It's really good.
Proudly introducing
the one-of-a-kind
100 year old
Chen family's wontons.
This is our family's signature dish.
Sister, you eat too.
This Antarctic ice-man,
why is he staring at me?
I just got a little warm.
With him watching,
I feel cold again.
Miss Xiao Xia.
I want to ask you a question.
Why didn't my brother come back with you guys to live here?
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