Pages Inhaltsverzeichniss erstellen

Uploaded by hoTodi on 21.01.2011

Hello and Welcome to another video tutorial here at hoTodi
Today i want to show you how to create an index in Pages for your documents
Pages is a text editing software, you can compare it with Word from Microsoft
Pages is part of iWork which you can buy from Apple directly.
iWork is the "Office" for your Mac OS X
Pages comes with a lot of power when it comes to index your document
We will create a new document and go thru that step by step together
We gonne create a complete index out of that document
Here you can see a document, we call it the hoTodianer
We talk about the introduction, the preface and some content
We wanna format all that points and collect it together into an index
We can create it before, during and even after it. The index doesn't mind
Mac OS X and Pages are very flexible in that case.
I begin with using 'Die hoTodianer' as title.
Here you can see a small icon which does this for us.
We can see different points. The free form means nothing should be formatted.
Bulleted text, Footnote Text, Head and feed lines, Text, Title, Headline 1, Headline 2 and Subtitle.
First 'Die hoTodianer' , that's my title so I'm clicking on Title.
Next point is my introduction. Introduction isn't a title so I will choose Headline 1.
That's just my typical text so I will leave it as it is.
Now the preamble. I will choose Headline 1 for it, too.
Here you see 'Der Besuch in die Stadt'. It's also a Headline 1.
'Die Ankunft' is a point of our headline so we will choose Headline 2.
'Die Ubernachtung' is a Headline 3.
'Wir hatten ein tolles Hotel' is also a Headline 3.
Now we will add some format to the document so it looks a bit nicer.
'Die Abfahrt' is also Headline 2.
And 'Es war ein schwerer Abend' is Headline 3.
All Headlines 1 are created now.
Lets also do Headlines 2 and go through the document.
In principle the basic document is done now.
With a new subject I like to start a new page, that looks better.
As in a magazine you can see that often. A subject is done.
at the middle of the page, this subject ends and a new one starts.
The gap often gets filled by a commercial to make some money.
I want do the same in my book, it shall start always on a new page.
After the introduction you get the preamble and before this i want have a new page.
I place my cursoer in front of "Vorwort" go in the menu into Insert
and chose pagebreak.
The same I am doing on the other Headllines 1 as well.
Sorry 'Ubereinkunft" was Headline 2 i made a mistake!
Change it shortly and you'll see: Wow this is very easy to change!
As you can see now 'Uebereinkunft' is also Headline 1 now, but it should be Headline 2
I definatly made a mistake here, but we gonna keep it for now :)
For now we don't care, later you will see why.
You can see a long document now which comes with a couple of pages
Lets zoom out so you can see what I mean
Each page have its content now
Next step! We are creating index. It gets exciting!
On the bar we click to the Information - Icon
A new menu pops up and we can see the index handler
Lets move it a bit to the right as i need it soon
So what do we see? Title, Text, Headline 1, 2 ,3 to X
I dont need Headline 9 to 4, they also were disabled for now
We go on top of the page to the left of the very first character
My index shall be placed before the Title
We click to Insert and then do Index
Woup! Its here! that was easy man!
My title have to start also on a new page as we handled also the Headlines.
You know how it works, Insert then page break :) Thats easy already for you :)
Now on my first page I have only my index, nothing else.
If i want have an empty page between the index and the page with my title
i will just do the same again. You see "Einleitung" is on Page 2 in my index!
Add a new pagebreak
Now you can see the page number changed in the index from two to three
We got the idea, that the index is interactive and changes itself
You remember my mistake with 'Uebereinkunft'. We used Headline 1 instead of 2 00:08:18.000,00:08:08:24.000 Sure my document just have 7 pages but in a book....
I simple click to the '6' right to the Headline in my index
My cursor changes into a hand.
Click to the page number and the document jumps to the page with this headline
Doubleclick the word and change it to Headline 2
Scroll back and see... the index is changed as well.
Its part of 'Der Besuch in der Stadt'
Hmm Headline 3 is not ment to be part of the index
Sure, it shall be a little Headline inside the document but not more.
I go back to my settings for the index and disbale Headline 3, thats it.
You saw, the index was created dynamic.
You had this nice mouse over effects and
it was very easy to switch to each page by clicking there.
When ever you add something inside the document it changes the page numbers
Lets see it in a sample what i mean and add some emtpy lines between the headlines.
To find a headline, we go back to the index and click to it
The cursor jumps to the correct place in front of the Headline.
The document knows due the index where all positions are and can
easily locate them for you.
As you can see yourself, creating an index with pages is unbelievable easy
you can create it before, between or after you did your document.
There are no big steps to do, most is just done by clicking
Its all said now, its easy to use :)
I wish you all the success for your use with Pages
Don't forget, we have a lot more tutorials for iWork or Mac OS X
Would be nice to see you there again.
See you next time. Bernd