Get Cloud Security

Uploaded by symantec on 07.06.2011

Everyone’s moving to the cloud.
But it has to be secure.
Let me show you how we do it.
Security is a different story here.
It’s not just viruses and malware.
It’s also about data privacy and access control.
And for that, it takes Symantec.
We’ve got a multitenant architecture in a virtualized environment.
Security is more complicated.
You can’t have somebody seeing someone else’s data.
We need encryption. Intrusion prevention. Vulnerability scans.
Auto detection of new virtual machines as they come online.
And it’s got to be optimized for virtual environments. We’ve got SLAs to meet.
You can’t drag performance.
Thanks to Symantec. It’s secure. AND automated.
Policies drive our encryption, data loss prevention, identity-based access control.
And all our data protection.
That means we meet all our regulatory and compliance requirements.
There’s only one company we trust to secure our cloud. Symantec
We secure some of the biggest clouds you use every day.
We can help you.