Let's Graduate!

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Five, four, three, two, one, let's graduate!
Live from the University of Rochester, we present the 162nd commencement ceremony
with your hosts, Anthony Plonczynski from the David T Kurtz center for diversity
in Arts Sciences and Engineering and
Melissa Greco Lopes from University Communications.
Welcome to ground level. We're here at Eastman quad site of the twenty twelve college
of Sciences Arts and Engineering commencement ceremonies.
And yeah, Melissa, I, for the first time, have the honor of covering
one of the most exciting events in undergraduates history.
Throughout today’s broadcast, you’ll hear from many people
across the university who help make commencement a success.
And the fun starts just beyond us as members of the class of twenty twelve line up for the opening processional.
Absolutely, and in a few moments, we’ll have the opportunity
to join that enthusiastic bunch ready to kick off the ceremony, but first let’s
check in with that wildly unpredictable Rochester weather.
Standing by in 13 YM studio is news anchor Don Alhart and meteorologist Glen Johnson.
What’s in store for our graduates today?
Alright, obviously you have a very important day to graduate.
I’ve been studying your radar Glen. I’m a little confused,
and the graduates want to know what’s the weather gonna be like for today?
Well, it’s a big deal. You got a lot of folks that are gonna be outside,
right, and we look at the computer models, and we look at the radar and were thinking,
there may be a 25% chance for a little bit of snow.
Snow 25% chance? They’ve had snow on graduation.
They have.
Alright, maybe a chance of snow but maybe not... rain?
If I look at my data here, it looks like there could be, maybe, a 25% chance of a little bit rain.
They’ve had rain on graduation.
Oh, they’ve definitely had rain.
So, it could rain, could snow... how about sunshine?
Sunshine, you know, I look at the data, and I’m actually looking at the real data,
it looks like it’s going to be wonderful weather.
We’re talking about sunny skies, but the one thing you’re going to be dealing
with is the heat. The sunny hot weather, you wear the dark gowns
going through commencement. They’re gonna feel it.
Its gonna be one of those days where they say “geez, let’s get this over with, let's and have some fun.”
Ha ha Alright. I guess that’s the real forecast. Bright and sunny forecast for all the graduates today.
Our congratulations from 13 YM news. Now back to you.
Way to go, folks.
Today, we'll see the university confer 1342 diplomas to members of the class
of twenty twelve, and from what I hear, Anthony, this is really an enthusiastic, unique bunch of students.
Absolutely, they are Melissa. And before the processional began, I spoke with a couple of them
to check in and see what their post graduation plans actually were.
Look forward to seeing that.
Let’s check it out.
Hey, how ya doin? So, we’re doing interviews asking everyone what they’re doing after graduation.
I’m a take 5 scholar. Yay, and music cognition.
What was that? I got the secret society of Santa Claus, I guess, I don’t know what this is.
What are you all doing after graduation? I’m moving to New York City and getting a job.
Oh, okay awesome. How about u? I’m one step behind and continuing to look for a job.
Continuing to look for a job.
What are you doing after graduation? I’m moving back to North Carolina, living with my girlfriend, and looking for work.
Uh, I’m not quite sure yet. That works. I’ll be going to law school... Michigan state.
Oh, okay. Congratulations. Thank you.
I’m traveling Europe. Traveling Europe? Yep.
How you doing? Oh. What are u doing after graduation? Oh, wow, I am…that was unexpected.
I know [laughter] Moving to Manhattan Moving to Manhattan? Yeah.
Ok. Working there. Cool!
Wanna find out what everyone’s doing after graduation. Uh… Bringing honor to family.
What? bringing honor to family. Oh, okay.
How about you? My voice is gone, so I’m gon… [noises] I’m gonna sleep a lot and work, and then, I’m going to
PA school eventually. Oh, okay. Awesome, how about you? I'm moving to Thailand to teach English.
Awesome awesome Much needed. Alright.
Applying to grad school and workin here. Okay, awesome.
Applying for dental school Dental school? Yep. Awesome.
Moving to Boston Huh? Movin to Boston Oh okay, Boston. Are you a Red Socks fan?
No Who do u like? I like hockey. Okay. [laughter]
Going to the University of Michigan for a PhD program. Awesome, awesome. Congratulations. Thank you.
We’re going to dinosaur BBQ [yeah] I like it I like it I like it.
I’m interning for the fresher fund over the summer,
and I’m trying to find full time employment in guidance counseling, so anyone has any
connections hit up Stephanie. Alright.
I’m volunteering in Africa. Oh, okay. awesome. I’m doing grad school in Baltimore.
Now, I heard what you’re doing after graduation, but I’d like to get it here.
Um, after graduation I’m going to go be a teacher for the deaf and hard
of hearing teaching science, hopefully chemistry [word], and then,
in the very far future, who knows, I’m gonna be an interpreter for,
you know, hip hop concerts and everything, and I’m gonna be like,
“yo what’s up” in a sign language like rap, you know.
And then, also, I’m gonna be dancing, and then they’re gonna be like,
“yo she can dance,” so then I’ll be in all the future music videos. What’s up.
I’m going to grad school in London. Going to grad school? Awesome.
How about you guys? You’re trying to hid back here. What’re you doing after graduation?
Uh, I’m doing accounting for a pharmaceutical company.
Awesome. Yeah. Were you an economics major? I was financial economics.
Oh, okay. Awesome. Yep. Cool cool. Congratulations guys. Thanks.
Our graduates certainly are headed for some exciting adventures.
We had a chance to catch up with those who had given our graduates
advice and see what they had to say post graduation.
And who’s better to offer advice than mom and dad?
We met the parents of the class of 2012 way back in 2008 when they moved
their students into our residential life buildings, and were sure they shared
plenty of advice on how to make college a success.
Now, four years later, I’ve asked them to give a little bit of advice
to their graduates, post graduation.
We are going around seeing if we can get some words of wisdom for our graduates today.
Uh, best of luck. Hope you can get a job.
Any words of wisdom for the graduates today?
Oh yeah, hold your heads up high, and keep striving for your goals.
Awesome, awesome.
Just enjoy the day. Enjoy the day? Awesome
Get a job ha ha. Okay. Yes, and an apartment.
Hey, any parting shots? I’m not very wise. Doesn’t matter. I’m not either, and I’m doing the interview.
Ha ha not yet. Not yet? Not yet.
What words of wisdom do you have?
Just enjoy this day, and put it into the permanent memory bank because its special.
Got words? Be optimistic, always try new things, and look forward to everything you can do now in life.
Enjoy the day. Awesome.
Get a job. That seems a common response for the males today.
My best advice, is that no one ever really knows what they’re doing but everyone’s just figuring
it out as they go along at the same time. Awesome, awesome. How about you?
I like his. I raised him. He speaks well ha ha ha.
There’s some biases here, but we’ll take it.
Uh, no words of wisdom other than to remember that whatever an education is, its not learning cause
you’ll forget that its learning how to learn. Awesome, awesome, great.
You have a great day, and congratulations. Thank you.
Well, those really are wonderful words to send our graduates out into the world with.
It’s been a memorable day, and it’s a wonderful time to share with all,
and were glad to share this at home with you.
And we’d like to thank everyone at the university involved in commencement
and everyone who supported our graduates over the last four years.
From the University of Rochester staff, students, and faculty, we’d like to say thank you for a
memorable day, and we're signing off, and meliora.
Stay classy, Rochester.
Thanks for stopping by, Rochester.
Meliora Meliora...
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