[English Subs] Girls' Generation: Entertainment Relay Cut

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MC: In 2010, winner of 3 Golden Disk Awards and 4 Music Awards, the proudful, the Korean, the sparkling Girls' Generation!
We're going to meet them now.
MC: It's the ones everybody loves, Girls' Generation!
All: 1, 2, 3 We're Girls' Generation!
Tiff: Hello. I'm Girls' Generations' Tiffany! It's good to see you.
MC: Other than "good to see you, " is there anything else you want to say?
Yuri: Whenver this is broadcasted, it becomes "I'm Yuri." "I'm Tiffany." Everything gets cut.
Tiff: Yeah, it all gets edited to one-by-one name introductions. I was just thinking of the time. I had the same thought as Yuri.
MC: Now, the one who currently has a cold...
Hyo: Hello. I'm Girls' Generations' Hyoyeon. Be careful of the cold.
Tiff: Her voice is very charming.
MC: But, Hyoyeon, can we still see that powerful dancing whenever?
Hyo: Yes.
MC: Filming has started, as expected, they're not dissapointing with their performances.
MC: Is this a Girls' Generation song?
Tiff: Yes.
MC: How long did you practice?
Tiff: We practice this choreography for 2 days.
MC: How do we do it?
Tiff: Like robot, even the expression. 1..2..3..4. 1..2..3..4
MC: In 2010, they made oppas fall with their cupid arrows -- Girls' Generation!
Yuri: You have to shoot arrows.
Tae: Take the arrow out from behind.
MC: If you received an award while performing it, how would you have done it?
MC: It'd have to be an overexaggerated dance, right?
MC: Isn't it cute?
MC: In 2010, #1 on music programs and Daesang winners! We made up our own awards for them now.
MC: Who is the smart, honor roll worthy member? 1..2..3..
All: Sooyoung!
Tiff: Singing, dancing, Sunny: Choreography! Tiff: acting, .. without missing anything, she's quite remarkable.
MC: She's like a sponge. When you were a student, what was your IQ?
Soo: No, that's different. I was also curious as to what my IQ was. So on my phone, there was this IQ testing application.
Soo: When I did it, my IQ came out to be 62.
Sunny: Wait! Tiff: Hey, why would you even say that?
Jess: Just say "Thank you" and move on.
Soo: That was the machine's error.
MC: (Referring to Tiffany and Jessica) Wow, all of Girls' Generation is like the editing room.
MC: Whether it rains or snows, the one with the most appetite.
All: Yoona!
MC: But you have an S-line...
Yoon: When I eat dinner at home, if I see some cereal, I want to finish my meal so I can eat the cereal.
Soo: Finally, my image of being the shikshin is gone!
Yoon: I think I have another stomach.
MC: The member that acts really strange, that they surprise you is...
All: Seohyun!
Tae: Rather than strange, she's very unique. It's cute.. It's a good thing. There's an award for her.
MC: She even takes in the choreography uniquely. Hence, #1 strange.
MC: The sexy choreography, Girls' Generation!
MC: The floor is slippery. The nation's young sisters must not fall.
Yuri: You have to give some pressure to your toes to not fall.
MC: Dancing with pressure on their toes, Girls' Generation!
MC: It's good to see them give their all to the very end.
All: Right now, it's Girls' Generation! Have a happy new year!