Cyanogenmod 9 Alpha 5 On HTC One X (Rogers)

Uploaded by denversc on 01.07.2012

It's June 30th, 2012, and I've just loaded a shiny new Cyanogenmod9 alpha build onto my shiny new HTC One X.
This is the North American version, not the International version, so it uses the snapdragon processor as opposed to the nVidia Tegra3.
So it was actually a little more challenging to find a ROM for it.
But, thanks to vinvinvinster, whose build I found on the forums, I am now running it on my device.
This is my first time ever modding my phone. So to say I was "nervous" about loading a custom, non-manufacturer-approved ROM onto the device is quite an understatement!
I was terrified of turning my shiny new device into a brick. But, no tragedies occurred and here we are, up and running it, for about 12 hours now.
So far it's been a pretty good experience.
I'd just like to take a bit of time to show a couple of the features that I've found in Cyanogenmod that I've found particularly useful.
The first one is this concept of "Profiles". If you go into "Settings", there is the "Profiles" section.
It ends up being fairly reminiscent to what I used to use for many years on BlackBerry.
So I've set up my home, night, silent, work, various profiles so that you can set up your device to behave differently in different situations.
So you can control things such as turning on or off or leaving alone the state of certain radios, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi.
You can set the volumes. So, while I'm at home I don't mind media, ringtones, and everything being loud,
whereas at work I like to turn down those volumes.
You can control specific applications. These groups are entirely customizable.
But even cooler is the Lock Screen mode. While I'm at home I'm not too afraid of people stealing my device or stealing my information
so I like to have it more convenient in an insecure, or, actually, let's make it completely disabled mode.
So there is no lock screen whatsoever when I'm in home mode.
And when I switch to work then obviously I'll turn it on. Really, any time I go out of the house I like to turn on the lock screen just in case the device goes missing on me.
This is one option, in order to change profiles is to go into the "Settings" app and choose the profile you would like.
But that's a little bit inconvenient, especially if you're moving around a lot.
So if you press-and-hold the power key there is an option here to change the profile.
So if I click here, it gives me a list of the profiles and I can easily switch between the different ones.
Also, you may have noticed on the screen there is the option to take a screenshot right from the power screen.
Very cool
Another feature that I really like about Cyanogenmod is the menu key. That's right, I said "the menu key"!
On the HTC One X you get a back button, a home button, and a task-switcher button.
Google has tried to deprecate the whole idea of a menu button, much to the Samsung Galaxy S3's shagrin, as they have included a menu button despite that advice.
But I personally like the menu button because it is an operation that I use quite frequently.
Often you'll see the menu button all over the place. Sometimes it's up here in the corner, sometimes it's down here in the corner, sometimes it's all the way across the bottom.
But after loading Cyanogenmod9 there is actually a secret button beside the task-switcher button.
So if I click here on the task-switcher, here were are in the task switcher. But if I click a little bit to the right of it...
Yes, there is actually a distinct hidden button to the right of the task-switcher button, which will bring up the menu.
Very handy.
I think one of the reasons I wanted Cyanogenmod the most is because for some reason HTC turned off one of the coolest features.
And it's the feature that when you hit the power button it turns off like an old-fashioned 60's TV.
Love it.
That feature alone was enough to convince me to load this ROM on there.
Everything I've tried is working so far. All of the apps that you see on the screen I've at least given them cursory tests.
The phone works, sending/receiving messages, I have a pair of Bluetooth headphones that work really well.
The only thing that doesn't really live up to the way that HTC Sense was before is the camera.
The camera app is more-or-less stock Ice Cream Sandwich. It, just, you know, HTC did an awesome job on the camera on this phone and to use the built-in camera app is just a major step backwards.
Hopefully in the future that will be fixed. But, you know what, I'm just thankful that I have a build at all.
The camera doesn't even use the entire screen real estate. Like it's not using the whole camera.
If you bring up the photo it only takes up about this much of the screen.
So just before I let you go, I'll just make sure to show you the version I'm actually running on here.
So as you can see, model number, Android version 4.0.4
And here we go, Cyanogenmod version 9, built on June 24, 2012, it's an unofficial build.
Actually, it was built on June 23, so it's only a few days old, but it's running pretty well for me on this phone.
I hope you give it a try! If you're scared to mod your phone it's actually not that bad.