Daily English Dictation 152 & Listening Comprehension

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hello everybody welcome back to d deep one fifty-two daily dictation one fifty
the new dictation will be quite
it's about
a dog...
rescuing a dog so uh... good luck with the news story
but first
we need to go back to didi one fifty one
which was about
and you guys did a great job let's listen again
what if every single person
on earth
at the exact same time
could it cause an earthquake or
would we not even be able to tell
Okay, let me read the answers
Now, this part
was the most confusing
and also the the ending his last sentence was tough
let's go back to the top
what if every
all right now
remember the linking sounds while uh...
the free
we don't say what too
an american english
in c_d_i_ yes
that greek
why every
every single person
but if we want to
more emphasis
every single person
hyatt its
alright eight
every single peaceful pizza
arts said cried
to everybody
are you saying hi to you
every single person
i responded
to everybody aren't you too
i responded to you
every single person are needed to
genessee air
what if
every single person uh... earth
at the exact
same track
all right
now some people want to
will capitalized for
here are two years with the
the capital p
is simple
in your sentence
you have the earth
and this sign
bad capitalizing
if you have the are and the moment
the are and shooter
then capitalizing
but if it's only deeper
you don't
need to capitalize okay
solely at a small he
what every single person on earth
jumped at the exact same time
one to three
what would happen
black looking
happened so
we have to think
or in this case
kada so its case cause we can change it to create
and are quake
star here we could use a start
credits starts and or requiring
wall one wonders
wii we everybody would we
the able to tell
so this is just to use for
and this is you get rid of this
would we not
be able to tell
so let's change this are giving us
i can't tell
what does i can't tell name
it actually means
i can't tell
sold by cutting tell we could all stay i'd i didn't notice i'll get another
color eileen easy-going up you can see
already dot
here no cancel no
i didn't notice
and said change leaders say difference
i didn't notice any difference right now this
so what we did not believe that you itself
wouldn't seem like nothing
so it everybody in the world
how can we have everybody in the world jumping at the same time
the time difference is it's impossible
it's easy
if u brought
three buddy in the world
built-in people
and brought them to warrant in place
did you know
all the people in the world
every single person
in lost angeles county
that's right
in los angeles county california it everybody stood like this
hi how you doing
and there's some really great front summary behind right standing right next
all the rest
everybody in the world could
into los angeles
and there is a big speaker
the orient
on fire
to them
whom ten
would we cause and earthquake
yes or no yes or no
the answer is
yes we would
cause an earthquake
we wouldn't
according to
v sauce
he's the man who made the video
in london
p tried this
they had
fifty thousand people gathered
and they've jumped
ended registered
uh... buried
but nobody
could feel it
if we had no one's enough of the numbers here
we have seven billion people
and if we multiplied that
by a seventy
and everybody jumped at once
then we would have and earthquake
equal in too
the one in japan
the devastating terrible earthquake in japan
so yes if
everybody got together and jumped at one place
there would be here agreed but it would be really tang
so i thought it was interesting science
now once again what what was amazing to me
is the end
higher world population
into loss angeles county isn't that amazing
but what about leaving if you want to live
every single person in the world
could live
in this state
and have space
it would be the same
population density
as new york city
so i thought that was surprising too
uh... anyway
physics i'm very weak
i'm not that good
i do enjoy learning a little bit so
if every single person are jumped at the same time would it cause an earthquake
yes but it would be really
we wouldn't really notes okay
about pronunciation
what it every single person uh... now
always tell you
the american pronunciation is
but if you listen carefully
to be sauce
he kind of service
almost dead eight w sound
all kaylee addicts that's no problem he's a native interesting here
once again
i recommend
uh... and i don't know how to write it back certainly jerod
on on
on are that all can
the sound i want
every single person
every single person under
keep this keep the connection
persona and the other keep the connection
what is
every single person on earth
catwalk let's say together one too
what is every single person on earth
jumped at that
jumped at the exact same time so at belo
in america we say at the at the exact
same time
and discuss was going to cancel the t exact same
nobody says that
exact same time
what every single person on earth
jumped at the exact same time
what every single person on earth jumped at the sex and track
could it cause an earthquake
cause that
because then
coded carter said
and and
cause an earthquake
could it cause an earthquake
or what we got
would we would be all wwww
would be we'd like to what one would be we
will be back
will be even
would we not even be able to tell you to cell
to it's gonna be a shorts on
would be not even be able to tell
we read not even be able to tell
now let's say together the whole thing from the beginning of a
one to three
wanted every single person on earth
jumped at the exact same time
credit cards that are quite
or what we did not even be able to tell
it's not easy
overtime slowly slowly area
wind two
what if every single person aren't earn
at the exact same time
credit cards that berkeley
would we not even be able to tell
little bit easier
practice practice you're speaking okay
so many people on this this word exit
using the word
prestige and
the reason
you didint stearate
is because the pronunciation is difficult
so you need to practice speaking speaking loudly okay
in the future
daring near future i will do
i'd mind classes
for free
out you too
okay so i will buy
of web camera
and i will buy it upend majlis
and we'll try it may be
this week
i'll have my first
are mine
for free
and if you can't join me
please drawing and uh... we can practice speaking together
and i'll help answer your questions okay
listen to this story two more times
then we go to didi one fifty two
with every single person
on worked
jumped at the extract seemed tired
because of the earthquake before
would be not even be able to have
with every single person
on for
jumped at the extract seemed tired
grade because of earthquake four
would be not even be able to have
all day
once again starting hopefully at the ended this week
thanks to you
you cup
and andre and too many of you many other people but especially if you cut
in japan
and andre in russia
they have uh... at
helped me
financially they bought me several copies
and i've saved
some of that money
solve this week
i will buy it
uh... web camera
high quality web camera
and a pen mouse
and i will try
classes on the internet okay
so too
lead the life classes
you just need
to come to mind you to channel is easy just go to the channel
the main shadow
and you can watch there
and you can't join
but i'll tell you more information about that next time
okay now for dat face a lot you've gotten things like i'd re-enter
everybody who has bought me cokie thank you so much
dat one fifty two
is about until i
this man and the woman
were hiking in the mountains
and what
in the mountains
there was a dark
and it was somebody's pat
target had a collar
there was hurt
and was skinny
and it was
almost dad
lost the dog or left the dog
so this couple
wanted to bring the dog down
the dog wasn't too much
so the couple was really worried
they went by my
and were looking for people to help them
what happened
need to do the dictation
it's a nice story and sometimes we need
nice stories
and if you like animals you should like this story but i know some of you do not
like animals
some of you do not like
people need to be nice to each other i'd wreaked
but it's also nice when we are nice to animals so do the dictation blue-black
and i'll say hello to our new subscribers
after you
didi one fifty two
that search party of seven mostly strangers
highly-touted when they found they see seem in marooned on the mountain for
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that search party of seven mostly strangers
highly-touted when they found they see seem in marooned on the mountain for
eight dat paws were all torn up and bloody and cc purple seem like it was
basically over
that search party of seven mostly strangers
highly-touted when they found they see seem in marooned on the mountain for
eight dat paws were all torn up and bloody and cc purple would seem like it
was basically over
that search party of seven mostly strangers
highly-touted when they found they see seem in marooned on the mountain for
eight dat paws were all torn up and bloody and ccm crippled it seem like it
was basically over
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