Outlandish- Aicha (HQ) (Lyrics)

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bjbj [Verse 1] So sweet, so beautiful Everyday like a queen on her throne Don't nobody knows
how she feels Aicha, Lady one day it will be real She moves, she moves like a breeze
I swear I can't get her out of my dreams To have her shining right here by my side I'd
sacrifice all them tears in my eyes [Chorus:] Aicha Aicha - passing me by (there she goes
again) Aicha Aicha - my my my (is it really real) Aicha Aicha - smile for me now Aicha
Aicha - in my life [Verse 2] She holds her child to her heart Makes her feel like she
is blessed from above Falls asleep underneath her sweet tears Her lullaby fades away with
his fears [1/2 Chorus] [Bridge] She needs somebody to lean on Someone body, mind & soul
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