We're in This Together: Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Veteran Services

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I had no intention of retiring.
It was quite a burden.
Probably in four to five months, I would've lost the house.
When you're kind of forced into that position,
not really believing that that's ever going to happen to you,
and it does.
It's a game changer. Big time.
Often when men and women come off of
military service and they're transitioning to
the civilian work force,
they're just simply not aware of what skills,
what abilities they have, that they've gained
and they've acquired, they developed in the military.
So what we do through our veteran services, we work with
them to tailor resume, to hone their interview skills,
to really focus on their career in the military and how that
translates into civilian work force.
I'm an army guy, I'm proud of it but whether you're
army, air force, navy, marines or even coast guard,
when you return to Maryland and when you're
transitioning out of the military, if you're a
veteran, our veteran services are designed to
help you, but also for family members, spouses.
And also transitioning military, military who are
coming off of active duty, perhaps served in a
deployment and are returning home
and back into the community.
Well I needed a job when I walked into the One-Stop,
I needed an opportunity to increase my prospects of
landing a accounting or auditing position.
They can provide you with tremendous resources to
change your situation, in terms of employment.
We do work with veterans as to what
their transferable skills are.
We have so many different tools that's available to
them on Maryland Workforce Exchange, we even have a
link that they can put their military title in,
regardless of what the branch is and then it will
give them a civilian transferable occupation.
I believe that using the services gave me a stronger
resume, better skills, a better chance in getting the
employment that I acquired.
Nobody that's coming out of the military is handed a
book to say here, you know, these are the resources to
assist you and help you out, but we're there.
It's a lot better than looking at a corkboard and
grabbing a possible job off there and submitting a resume,
because you're kind of limited, where they have
access to all these employers.
I'm a veteran myself; I was a submarine officer in the
navy many years ago.
I learned that the military people are disciplined, they
know how to work well on teams, they know
how to work under pressure.
And in my business career over many years, I found
that they're tremendous people to work with.
We have several different incentives for you being an
employer and hiring veterans.
The President's hiring initiative, job fairs,
pre-screening to make sure that we have quality
individuals, they can use our One-Stop to do the
hiring process, they can also advertise through the One-Stop.
So all of this is at no charge to the employer.
The big thing for us is time.
I mean they have just leveraged our time
tremendously with this.
A representative came to our office, sat down with us,
wanted to meet us, wanted to know the kind of business we
did, wanted to know what we needed in people, went away
and probably a week later, in came several resumes
of people that just about exactly fit what
he had asked for.
The organization is also helping us train Jim, in the
new skills that he needs to be successful.
So they're our partner in that as well.
I've been able to transfer the knowledge and experience
to what OPS is looking for, and that's an operations manager.
I feel like a man again.
Can't explain it any other way.
It's not a handout, it's services, it's benefits that
they deserve for serving in the military.
You did what was asked of you, you've done it
honorably and now it's your turn to transition into a
civilian and continue the efforts and continue the
goal of making America a better place.
I think society, we as employers really say thank
you by helping them and guess what?
When you do that you're going to have the best
possible employees you could ever dream of.
The work force system is helping us with that
and we're very grateful.
We're in this together!
Moving Maryland forward.
If you would like more information about programs
and services provided by the division of workforce
development and adult learning,
call or visit our website today.
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protects and empowers Marylanders by safe guarding
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