Tito's Storyline 021 (English Subs)

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I don't want to be your consolation price Cristóbal, I don't want to be second-best, or have sex out of spite. Not that Cris.
No matter how much I like you, I can't. I'm not that kind of woman. -Wow.
What a performance! You're my heroine, Sara. That phrase, "I'm not that kind of woman," excellent.
You could've taken him to bed if you had wanted to. Right? -Maybe. But what purpose would that serve me?
So now he could feel sorry, to regret having a one-night stand with me? No honey. I think big. My plans are for the long-run.
That Cristóbal is what I call a Lady, with a capital L. I always though so. Sara Montero is a true lady.
Well yeah Tito. It's like that. I have to recognize it. Although I got to say, I always thought otherwise about her.
I thought she was more like, you know, an air-head. -An air-head. Like Marisa Luján,
Don't mess with Marisa, Tito. -Okay, Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't say anything.
I'm an idiot that can't tell the difference between a woman that get's into a man's life with no more than a stolen dress...
And one that shows some respect for herself. I'm sorry. -No, I'm sorry.
And to say the least, I wen too far. Lately I haven't been able to think clearly.
You're maybe right. You know, I'm going to tell you something.
Last night I was thinking of your "one nail drives out another" theory.
Nothing, I just starting thinking, and I said... Why not?
Do you think Sara is the perfect woman for me?
And if I've been wrong all this time Tito?
And what if Sara is the woman for me? -Of course she is. It surprises me you haven't noticed Cristóbal.
Well yeah, she is prudent, noble, she could have destroyed Marisa with the dress incident, but she didn't do it.
She dropped all charges once I asked her to. She's been fairly nice and supportive with me and my parents.
Nice, supportive, and respectful, Cristóbal. Because another bat wouldn't doubt biting you with their fangs last night.
You're starting to sound like my grandma Tito. -Okay, Okay. But it's true. What excuse do you see now?
Thing is, that woman is perfect for you. -Here's this. Best for a hangover.
Oh, thank you.
So what? Who's the perfect woman? -Sara Montero. And at last, Cristóbal is getting it.
Cristóbal tried seducing her last night, and Sara didn't let him like the lady she is.
And that's a perfect woman? -Hold on, hold on. Fist of all, I didn't try to seduce her.
She started everything. And anyway, I'm not going to talk about this with you guys.
Thing is, I had a very wrong idea about her, Lucas. I thought she was you know, like...
Very easy, because she was always with this dude, Bruno- -Bruno? But of what I know, Sara told me that Bruno, Bruno is gay.
Bruno? -Yes.
No, not at all, as far as I can remember he was known for the opposite, maybe he switched teams. But I don't think so.
Man, Lucas, you saved my life. This is very good.
I can tell.
You have know idea how much I had to go through to stop myself. I melted when he touched me.
Well you have to explain me that. Because it sounds like a lovely kitten taking a mouse from her mouth.
Hi! Hi you two. -Good thing you're here already. Today's going to be a long day.
What are we going to do? -We are going to use my credit card until we get tired.
We are going to change Bruno's wardrobe. -But I see him quite well. Better yet, I like his style.
He looks very masculine. That's exactly the problem. We are going to resolve it, right dear?
From now on, he is going to focus on Tito, Cristóbal's assistant. -Ohhh, I get it now! You don't le anything get away.
There's something else. You like good, you look radiant. -No, no, no. I don't look like it. I am.
Shall we?
was the procedure done? Was it offered how it was supposed to?
Alright then, thanks for informing us. It was the broker from the board of the hotel.
Marisa didn't accept to work there again.
If she didn't accept, she didn't accept.
So many juggling was made to buy the hotel and look in what it resulted.
If I were you, I'd give the millions of dollars it cost to Marisa so she would love me for eternity.
Yeah, but you're not me Tito.
And it if was it joke, it was a bad one. I don't want to talk about Marisa.
Alright. I just wanted to say that buying that hotel was just dumb whim.
Whim? Maybe, but not dumb. Hand it to the board. The hotel is located in a strategic place were I have plan of investments
And in six months it will double it's value. -Are you seriously saying that? Is that why you bought it?
No. No, but I'm trying to justify the means of why I bought it and I'm planing the investment.
By the way, did you get me the apartment I asked you for? -Your dear friend Sara was on it. But I'll check on that right now
No. Let's see.
It's actually too simple, dear.
Tito, honey. How are you? -Hi Sara. Just wanted to ask if you found the apartment I asked you for?
No, honey. I still haven't found anything interesting. But I contacted a friend that is good with real estate.
He's actually gotten apartments for rockstars etc. You're going to love it. Hold on give me a second. No, no, let it fall here.
Yeah you know him. He's Bruno Rivera. He was at the event. If you'd like I can set an appointment with him so you can get in touch. yeah?
That's fine. -If you're with Cristóbal, send him my regards. Cioa.
It's done sweety. You already have a date/appoinment with Tito. So now more than ever, we have to find the perfect clothing.
We need him to admire your good taste, and not you. -And what apartments am I supposed to show him?
Not a single one, dear. Now that Marisa is not going to work at the hotel, we don't need to move my prince charming from there.
Go put on the white one.
I'm Bruno.
What a pleasure to see you again.