I Really Suck at Video Games - Ep: 14

Uploaded by LizzieBennet on 24.05.2012

Lydia: Come on.
Lizzie: This is a little bit childish, you know.
Lydia: Bit me.
Lizzie: Considering it.
Sorry everyone if this doesn’t make any sense, but you’ll get it by the end of the video.
My name is Lizzie Bennet, and I really, really suck at video games.
Lydia: annnnd...
Lizzie: And my sister Lydia is totally smart and beautiful.
Lydia: Yesss...
Lizzie: So Jane has now been on FIVE whole dates with Bing Lee.
If you count last night’s dinner/evening’s near disaster a date? And assuming that a group of people running into another group of people who happen to include two singular people is “dating”.
Though by that analysis, Jane would also be dating Darcy and Bing’s sister Caroline. And so would me and Charlotte.
We’d all be dating each other, in fact. Like one giant incestuous orgy of awkward and face palming.
So Jane and Bing. Five dates. They’re practically married already.
Why not just make it official?
I mean, the way Jane talks sometimes...
It’s not that I’m not being supportive. Cause Bing is really a great guy.
I just don’t want her to make a snap decision. Especially if it’s the wrong one.
But she’s my sister, and I want her to be happy. I do. So...
And even if she does marry Bing like, tomorrow, there’s still a Bennet sister with a longer track record of bad decision making.
Lydia: *yawn*
Lizzie: Great, you’re up.
Lydia: Why is it so bright in here?
Lizzie: Okay.
Lydia: Hey...
Lizzie: You sleep in my bed, you help me with my video.
Lydia: What are you doing?
Lizzie: Nothing. Just relax.
Lydia: AHHH!!
Lizzie: I’m having a great time tonight. I’ll only remember all the great things about tonight, like you, and how stunning you are.
Why thank you Bing. But really I’m just stunning all the time. It just comes so naturally.
I hope you didn’t mind that I invited Darcy. Doesn’t she look stunning old pal?
Lydia: I hate you.
Lizzie: Perhaps this evening would be more fun if we played some video games.
That would be lovely.
What shall we play?
Lydia: Seriously, you’re the worst.
Lizzie: Say, isn’t that your youngest sister over in the corner playing Whack-A-Mole?
Something was popping up, and Lydia may have been swatting it around but I guarantee, that bar hasn’t seen an actual game of Whack-A-Mole since at least the mid-90s.
Lydia: Ben and I were just having a little fun, is that so wrong?
Lizzie: Uh, if by Ben you mean David.
Lydia: Whatever. You’re just mad no one would play Just Dance with you. 0:02:26.800,0:02:29.800 Lizzie: I am way better at that game than everyone says I am!
Lydia: Darcy would have played with you.
Lizzie: Darcy can go play Whack-A-Mole in the corner by himself. I don’t want or need his pity.
Lydia: You may not want his pity, but you got everyone’s pity after that pathetic double left-footed rendition you did.
Lizzie: Oh yeah? Wanna take me on?
Lydia: You think you can beat me at a dance game?
Lizzie: Pretty sure I’m the only one here who thinks at all.
Lydia: Downstairs...now.
Lizzie: Owww...
Lydia: Don’t be a sore loser.
Lizzie: I said “oww” because I’m in pain.
Lydia: Yeah, cause you’re sore!
Lizzie: That’s not what that means, ugh never mind.
Lydia: I’ll take my prize now.
Lizzie: Oh come on, that was a joke.
Lydia: Not to me it wasn’t...NEW INTRO TIME! WHAAAT!!!