HetaQuest 38 - Part 2/2 [ENG subs]

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Shit... I can't believe... I lost to that guy...
Lost? Me? No way! This isn't over yet!
I haven't lost!!
Hey, Matthew. Was it you who helped me?
Um... I'm sorry, did I do something wrong?
You idiot! You're so stupid! You tell me you'll be fine on your own and then you almost get yourself killed?!
I'm sorry! It's not like I can die so easily, anyway! You worry too much!
Don't give me that look; I won't buy it anymore! You'll just leave me!
Forgive me... It's just that Al must have looked just like that when he died...
I said I'm sorry! C'mon, go back to your usual self... Don't make that face...
Why? Because it makes you look like the bad guy?
... You're mean.
No, you are.
... Anyway, what am I doing here? I remember I was telling Alfred to take care of things.
I'm not quite sure, either, but Al came in the middle of Peter's questioning. Though, of course, I didn't notice him.
Peter did, though, and listened to what Al had to say. Then we found out that you had run into some sort of trouble in the flower garden.
And they actually let you go? I thought people here didn't believe in ghosts?
He also said the Prime Minister was passed out, so the guards got worried and came with us to the flower garden.
Oh! Is the Prime Minister all right? I think he was struck by a spell!
Unlike you, he wasn't injured, but he had to be carried to his quarters.
I see. I hope he'll wake up soon...
Anyway, what are those things that you've been holding on to? A sword... and a letter? A pretty thick one, at that.
The Prime Minister gave it to me! He said I can get Arthur out of prison with it!
Arthur?! Why would he do such a thing?
It's a "drastic measure"! The Prime Minister wants to save Francis, too! Matthew, how long has it been since you carried me here?
It's already nighttime. You slept a lot...
Good, then the councilors won't be around. Let's go to the cell where Arthur is being held!
Apparently, this was the Prime Minister's independent decision, so we can't be seen getting Arthur out of there!
Can you really move? I've healed all your injuries, but still...
Don't worry! It takes more than that to keep a hero down!
All right. Let's go, then.
This is a military area. You cannot go in.
America! Show him the letter!
OK! Um, let's see what's inside the envelope...
There are a lot of other envelopes inside! Which one am I supposed to show him?!
Calm down! Let's see, "Admittance into the Military Quarters"... That's it!
Good job, Matthew! How about this?
... It is legitimate. Go ahead.
Yes! Now let's see Arthur! Matthew, do you know where he is?
The guard who was questioning us told me. The cells are at the end of the corridor on the left.
Make sure you have the next letter ready next time, okay?
As soon as you are done, please exit the military quarters immediately.
(He said the cells are on the left...)
(This isn't it...)
This is where political prisoners are held, so visitors are not allowed.
Now it's this one! How about this?
An amnesty letter?! How did you get this? Maybe it's fake?
No, it's the real thing! The Prime Minister gave it to him.
It's only natural that you don't believe Elgnadians like us would get that kind of letter. But...
... that's what this letter is for! "In Case the Amnesty Letter Is Doubted!"
"I, Joseph Bonnefoy, hereby pledge the authenticity of this letter..."
"Furthermore, no questions are to be raised about the amnesty. This is a confidential matter..."
Well, it does seem that this letter is legitimate, but...
Are you still suspicious? Well, fine. I'll just go back and report that I failed my mission because a certain guard was too thickheaded.
... All right. Arthur Kirkland shall be released by amnesty.
Yes! Oh, and don't tell anyone about this, okay? Don't worry! You won't get in trouble for this!
The Head Wizard's cell is downstairs. The door is opened from here, so you'll have to go and get him.
Once you get the Head Wizard, come see me again. There are some papers he'll have to sign.
Are you ready? Now all you have to do is wait for America!
Yeah. I hope he'll wake up soon.
(Huh? That voice...)
Alfred! I did wonder why you weren't in the dorm room. So this is where you were.
America, you're up! I'm impressed by how fast you recovered!
Alfred told me everything. About the Prime Minister, about the man who used a teleportation spell...
It was a real shock! He appeared out of thin air right in front of me,
and before I knew it, he was casting a spell on the Prime Minister and demanding that I hand over the stuff I'd just been given.
That man wasn't there when you were given those things, so how did he know about them?
Have you seen what's inside that envelope?
Just a bunch of letters, see? But it's still strangely thick for just paper... Huh?
There's a pendant inside! It's sort of white...
It looks like a Memory Stone... It has a magic circle engraved in it.
That's undoubtedly very important. We'll have to investigate that, too.
Do you think you can save Francis if you get out of prison now?
I had a bad feeling when that lousy sleeping spell was cast last night.
If I wasn't let out of prison tomorrow, I'd have broken out. I've even thought of how I would do it. I'd already got everything ready.
Amazing! You were actually going to risk the Prime Minister's wrath to get out!
It was Francis who cast that sleeping spell last night. I'm the one who taught it to him a long time ago. His magic is very peculiar, so I recognized it right away.
That was Francis' spell? I didn't even know he could use magic.
Only magic that doesn't require the gift, though. He suddenly quit it a while ago for some reason, so he's not very good at it.
Huh... I wonder why he quit it?
Anyway, how are you going to go after Francis? I heard that a ship wouldn't get there in time.
With teleportation. Ever since I saw that spell in the ruins of Regeec, I had an idea.
In the ruins of Regeec? You mean the substance decomposition magic?
I'll open cell number five. Don't touch the bars.
Oh, it opened!
All right, let's go to the research institute. I'll tell you the details once the magic circle is ready. Even if I tried to explain it now, you wouldn't get it, anyway.
That's a little insulting, but okay!
Arthur joined the party!
Head Wizard: The wizard who rules over Elgnand. Has successfully mended his relationship with his son. Is currently working hard to restore his blocked magic.
- Staff of Earth - Magic Hat - Magic Robe - Wizard's Bracelet
There are magic circle sketches and notes with calculations and formulas.
I don't understand a thing.
That's because it's not finished. I'll do the rest at the institute.
That's not why I don't understand it...
Mr. Head Wizard, sign here, please.
All right. I have to sign here and here, right?
... Very well, you are free to go now.
OK! Now we just need to go back to the institute!
I wasn't sure we were going to make it. Good thing we got all these letters.
Thank the Prime Minister for that.
Arthur! What are you doing here?!
We'll talk later. There's no time. Take the data from the ruins of Regeec to the laboratory.
All right.
Is there anything I can do, sir?
America, give me the pendant that was in the envelope.
You mean this one?
You will assemble the others and analyze this pendant. Handle it with care.
Yes, sir. I'll tell the others now.
All right, now I'll lock myself up in the laboratory. Do not disturb me.
Aren't you going to see Peter? You know he's up, don't you?
He should be sleeping now. I'll see him tomorrow before I leave.
All right, then. Is there anything we can do?
You could sort out the letters you got from the Prime Minister, or get everything ready for tomorrow. There are things we may not be able to find in Ära.
I'm going into town, then. Maybe some shops are still open?
I'll sort out the letters! See you later, Matthew!
What about me?
(You're a ghost, so you can just keep haunting the place like you're supposed to!)
You've really started treating me like crap, you know.
Okay, let's see, what to buy...
What should I buy? Weapons, maybe? But healing potions are important, too...
Maybe America should have come along...
But I can't really go back now...
Kumajirou?! W-wait!
Kumakichi, I said wait! You can't go in there!
Oh dear, I shouldn't be here...
Bad bear! Kumagoroooou!!
Huff... huff... Kumasanrou... gimme a break...
It's his fault! He's too cheeky for a bird!
Were you after Pierre? You can't eat him!
Huh? There's something on the table...
A bow...?
This is a gun! What's it doing on the table...? Oh!
"I trust Pierre has showed you the way? Hopefully, this will save your lives."
... Don't worry, we'll definitely save you! Both America and Arthur are with me.
What is it?
Would you like to see a ghost?
No, that's okay. Until recently, I did want to see them like everybody else, but now I'm actually glad I can't.
I see.
... You heard him. Sorry.
Kumajirou, what are you doing?! Are you all right? Why did you do that to the mirror?!
... There was a bug on it.
Really, you should mind your strength! At least you didn't get hurt.
Oh, dear... I'll have to apologize to Francis next time I see him.
Which you definitely will.
(Alfred, where did you go last night? I didn't see you around.)
Well, I was haunting the place, like you told me!
Here, America. These are from Francis.
Aqua Bullet obtained! Killer Bow obtained!
Oh, a new gun! Wait, did you say this is from Francis?
Hopefully, we'll be able to save him and bring him back.
I'm not sure what you're getting at, but yeah! That's why there are so many people collapsed at the institute now.
Thank you for your hard work...
We'll wake them up if we talk here. Let's see Arthur.
I'll leave these letters here. And the rifle, too, since I have a new gun.
Rifle was laid on the floor!
What about these letters? You sorted them out last night, didn't you?
Some of them are addressed to the Army, and some are addressed to General Bonnefoy. I think some are addressed to the Council, too... The researchers will deliver them once they wake up.
No wonder the envelope was so thick.
[Aqua Bullet] A gun imbued with the element of Water.
[Killer Bow] A bow with a high critical hit rate.
We can take the stairs on the right to reach the laboratory.
He is fast asleep. Let's not wake him up.
Everyone has fallen asleep. I'm almost at my limits, too.
Arthur, are you done with the teleportation spell?
Amazing! I'd never seen a magic circle like this...
I'll be honest. The spell itself is ready, but we can't go to Ära.
What?! What do you mean?!
The principle is similar to the water of the bathhouse in the ruins of Regeec.
After decomposing the substances into basic elements, the teleportation spell I prepared will analyze each one of them and reconstitute the same substances in the receptive magic circle.
What you see over there is a receptive magic circle. Do you recognize it?
It's the one we found in the cave in Polar Bear Village! Can we actually use it that way?
This transmissive magic circle decomposes, analyzes, and transmits the substances that make up the core of the teleportation spell. You could call this circle the "sender".
Then the other circle is the "receiver", right? (It's like a telephone...)
It's very important to include in the sender the coordinates of the location of the receiver.
Without these coordinates, it's impossible to reconstitute the decomposed substances.
Because then they wouldn't come back to their original forms, but scatter around...
Exactly. Do you see the problem now?
There's no receiver in Ära. Even if there is a circle that teleported chimeras there, we don't know its coordinates...
And I'd rather not float in the air in the form of basic elements. If only we had the coordinates to a receiver in Ära...
Daddy! Have you finished the magic circle?
Good for you, Arthur! He even calls you "daddy" now! That's the first time I've heard it!
It's been years since I heard him say "daddy"...
You're hearing things! Pete didn't say "daddy" at all!
Yeah, right. HAHAHA! ☆
Matthew! America is being annoying!
There's nothing I can do about that...
You seem to be doing fine. Was "that" useful?
Of course! They didn't stand a chance! Pete wanted to show it to you, too!
Of course. The greatest genius of Elgnand would never lose to that sort.
Will Pete... ever see her again?
No, you won't see her again. There was only one soul devoted to you.
It's okay! Pete won't lose another fight!
That's reassuring.
The lady downstairs said you were going to Ära to save Francis. What are you still doing here?
Well, about that... You see that bluish magic circle over there? Apparently, we can't go to Ära unless there's a circle just like that one there.
You mean this circle?
Pete saw this magic circle at a beach north of Ryuhang!
R-really?! Then there's still hope!
Peter, can you tell me the location of that magic circle in numbers? For example, this one is "553-37".
... 249-318.
Come on. We've got the coordinates now.
Do you trust him?! If that number is wrong, we'll be disintegrated!
Don't worry, America, let's go!
You don't trust Pete? Shame on you, America...
Did I say something wrong?
Peter, let the institute members know. And then go back to your questioning.
Once you're ready, stand in the middle of the magic circle. Then we'll teleport to Ära.
Ugh, fine.
Pete actually wishes he could come with you. But it can't be helped.
When you're ready, stand in the center of the magic circle.
"Francis stinks!"
It is an empty wine bottle.
Are you ready? - OK! - Hold on!
All right, let's bring that big idiot back.
Save the game? - Yes - No