Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - HotforWords Extended Rehearsal Episode 2

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MARINA: How about I teach you Russian moves?
IAN: Yeah, let's do it.
Oh no, hold on.
Because now I'm messing up.

IAN: You're messing your own dance up.
MARINA: I messed up.
Hold on, come on, let's do it.

IAN: Hot For Words basically takes certain phrases or
certain words and explains it in a very interesting way.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Boobie has been around since the late
1800s from the Spanish word bobo, meaning a stupid person.
IAN: Hello.
IAN: Hi.
MARINA: How are you?
IAN: Very nice to meet you.
MARINA: Maria, nice to meet you.
IAN: All right, yes.
I definitely would not say Marina is an average looker.
She's a little bit--
and by a little bit, I mean a lot more--
than above average when it comes to the looks.
MARINA: I didn't expect him to be so young.
I was a teacher for 14-year-old boys in Russia.
IAN: I saw in a lot of your videos, you're essentially
teaching people in a certain way.
MARINA: Like you, you're the teacher.
IAN: Yes, exactly.
MARINA: And I'm your student.
IAN: However we're going to flip that when we perform it.
And we're going to make it so that you're the sexy teacher
that kind of teases the student.
MARINA: Tantalizing.
IAN: Yes.
That is the word I was looking for.
MARINA: I'll be tantalizing the student.
IAN: Yes.
We'll work a little bit with you getting comfortable with
your character.
I don't think that will be too much of an issue.
And then get to the choreography.
MARINA: Sounds good.
IAN: Cool?
IAN: All right, cool.
MARINA: I'm not really a professional dancer.
IAN: The song I picked for Marina, "Balloons" by Them
Jeans, it's got a lot of sexual innuendos in there.

IAN: I'm not really positive if balloons is talking about
breasts or--
I don't know if that's what it's going for.
OK, that's going to be on the drums.
And then he says in the lyrics, he says, white
balloons, yeah.
MARINA: Balloons are my favorite.
IAN: Yeah.
MARINA: I like them.
IAN: That's good.
MARINA: I love balloons.
There is a word for that.
A looner.
L-O-O-N-E-R. Looner.
I don't like flowers.
I don't like to kill flowers.
I don't like--
I like the balloons.
A looner is someone who is obsessed with balloons.
So I think I'm a looner.

IAN: All right, not bad.
MARINA: I saw when you go back, your arms go wide.
IAN: Marina couldn't get past thinking very, very
Everything was separate.
IAN: She was more kind of fighting the music and
fighting her body than just in going with what her natural
body movement should tell her to do.
Four, five, six, seven--
So that was only six counts.
MARINA: Like I am born out of the water.
IAN: Yes, yes, yes, there you go.
I was supposed to be watching her and giving her critiques.
And then slowly I kind of like was a guy.
I was being a guy for a second and just appreciating life,
beauty and appreciating the moment.
But then I snapped back into it--
You want to twist your hands.
Ahh, there you go.
MARINA: This is so complicated.
IAN: It's not as complicated as you think it is.
MARINA: I think Ian should be blunt.
I think Ian should tell me, this is not good.
This is how you do it.
Maybe he should be a little bit more manly with me.
IAN: Left.
Clap, step.
Yes, right into it.
Into the real choreography.
MARINA: Uh, this is not the real choreography?
IAN: We're going to try it.
MARINA: What is this then?
What is this then?
IAN: This is staging and character.
MARINA: Improvisation?
Oh, staging and character.
IAN: Ready?
MARINA: Do people cry when they learn how to dance?
IAN: No, no one cries because everyone loves dancing.
MARINA: Maybe I'll be the first.
I'll be crying now.
Because this is so complicated.
Look, if I do this.
Usually it's very easy for people to connect the fingers
together, you know, to test your, whatever
you call it, balance.
I cannot do it.
I never can.
IAN: Four, five, six, seven, eight.
One a two, three a four.
MARINA: I can't!

I'm trying.
IAN: The most frustrating thing for me is a lack of
progress as a choreography.
I'm a really patient, really understanding person.
But it's really frustrating when I can only show or only
break down something so many ways.
No stress.
It's just dancing.
It's not algebra.
All right?
MARINA: Well, I love algebra.
And geometry too.
IAN: Then it's that.
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