The Flog @ Comic Con 2012!

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Jul 16, 2012

FELICIA DAY: Hey everybody.
Welcome to The Flog.
I'm Felicia Day, and this is my show.
We are in San Diego right now for Comic-Con.
And I'm about to go do my segment for The Flog in the
YouTube fan lounge live.
But first, I'm going to do my Fave Five right here.
Number one, Comic-Con is pretty much now known for
spotting a star like, hey, I saw Robert Pattinson, and he
ordered a chai, or hey, I saw Felicia Day, and she's short
and albino.
Literally a tweet.
For me, I love meeting celebrities that I would never
meet regularly like comic artists and authors.
The thing I got signed this year is
a comic by Ed Brubaker.
It's called Fatale, and it's a creator-owned
comic set in the '40s.
It's very gritty, has a lot of bad language, and he
signed it for me.
I stood in line too.
He recognized me.
Number two, when you're at Comic-Con, you are going to
stand in lines, line after line.
Maybe a line to get in a line to get in another line.
So you need to be equipped with things on your phone.
My friend Ryan Koppel linked me this awesome iPhone game
called Dungeon Village.
You can build inns, blacksmithing shops, bakeries,
sweets places.
It's pretty awesome.
I named mine Poopville.
Number three, if you're coming to Comic-Con from LA, I would
highly recommend buying a train ticket.
It's very cheap.
And you basically glide through with Wi-Fi on the
train, and there's no risk, unlike the first year I went
to Comic-Con, where a meat truck exploded on the 5, and
there were no onramps for about 20 miles.
And I had to pee, so I peed for the first time in a cup.
It was a Starbucks cup.
It was a venti.
I was so upset I cried, ladies.
Number four, I'm not into cosplay but I do like wearing
geeky outfits, and this new website I found,, has all the coolest t-shirts that you
would want to buy and wear to any con that you go to.
I particularly liked finding this Etsy
dealer, Go Chase Rabbits.
She makes vintage circle skirts, but with really geeky
patterns like R2-D2 or an antique Nintendo controller,
which I purchased.
By the way, first guy who comes up and says, hey, can I
push your buttons in the groin area with the skirt, I will
punch you in the nads.

Lastly, my birthday was last month, but I'm always open to
receiving birthday gifts, FYI.
A guy named Matt Morton collected every Commodore ever
made, and now he's getting rid of his collection.
And he thought of me when he was getting rid of this one.
This used to be a laptop.
That's really heavy.
Here's the keyboard, and this was the screen.
Where's my magnifying glass?
All right.
I'm going to go in and do the segment.
Greg Aronowitz is going to help me be able to walk around
the Con floor with complete ease.
In the olden days, this was a portable computer.
I want to try to play World of Warcraft on this.
FELICIA DAY: My friend Greg Aronowitz is here, isn't he?
Familiar with Greg Aronowitz, long-time Guild collaborator,
collaborator, producer.
Awesome friend of mine.
He's going to come up and help me do the segments here.
So give him a round of applause.
FELICIA DAY: So Greg just tell everybody a little bit about
yourself, if they don't know about your awesomeness.
GREG ARONOWITZ: I am a writer, director,
but mostly a designer.
I've worked on some movies like Terminator II and
Jurassic Park: Lost World, and--
FELICIA DAY: Tomb Raider.
FELICIA DAY: He has the Tomb Raider set in his yard.
Greg made all the Avatar weapons and all the production
design and makeup on Dragon Age, so he does lots of stuff.
And we are going to do some crafts today.
And to help me, I'm going to call one of you guys up here.
I'm going to spin the wheel of fun.
Greg, do you want to be my Vanna White?
Pick a name, any name.
George Jimenez.
So once we get all of these crafts up here, this is what's
going to happen.
So basically, it's a little hard for me
to walk around Comic-Con.
I tend to be a lot more recognizable, which is awesome
until I start walking the floor, and I can't get my
comics or [INAUDIBLE].
And my friends recommended that I put a mask on.
Well, I don't have a mask with me so George, I'm going to
steal your identity.
And I'm going to wear your face around Comic-Con when I
walk around the floor.
FELICIA DAY: You might come out looking like a gargoyle.
Are you cool with that?
GEORGE JIMENEZ: Oh, I'm fine with it.
GREG ARONOWITZ: So what I was thinking is that what you
really need is a decoy.
FELICIA DAY: I do need a decoy.
GREG ARONOWITZ: I'm thinking maybe I'll make a
mask with your face.
And you make a mask with George's face.
And that way we can do the old [INAUDIBLE].
I like that.
So we have our special identity stealing fabrics.
GREG ARONOWITZ: This is, by the way, an official FBI
identity theft kit.
FELICIA DAY: What's the first step?
GREG ARONOWITZ: Well the first thing that we're going to do
is do the base shape.

I got that done.
GREG ARONOWITZ: Draw the basic head shape.
And the thing is, it's going to be a mask
so you want it to--
FELICIA DAY: Be larger than my face?
FELICIA DAY: So it shouldn't be like this?
It's somewhere around eight inches.
FELICIA DAY: Who told you that's eight inches?
GREG ARONOWITZ: This is eight inches.
FELICIA DAY: Loosely outline around the skull shape.
I mean that looks OK.
Are you smothering yet?
Why are you taking so much longer?
GREG ARONOWITZ: Well I'm actually
trying to create a shape.
FELICIA DAY: It's roundish.
GREG ARONOWITZ: Technically, that is a shape.
FELICIA DAY: I mean, come on.
It looks exactly like it.
You want to put that on my face?
GREG ARONOWITZ: And you can barely tell.
GREG ARONOWITZ: So now the next thing is we have to find
out where we do the eye holes.
FELICIA DAY: All right.
The center of my eyeball?
Do I cut it on my face?
Just do it for me.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, I look like a creep.
That's creepy too.
Does this look like him?
After a lot of beer?
GREG ARONOWITZ: Draw that good.
Really study the face.
FELICIA DAY: Have you ever posed nude?
Wait, wait!
You are not doing eyes right now.
What are you doing?
GREG ARONOWITZ: I'm doing a whole face.
I'm just trying to--
FELICIA DAY: Can I give him really red cherry lips?
Oh, George.
FELICIA DAY: You look like an old woman at this point.
No, I'm serious.
This is not good.
Can I give him hair?
Give him some hair.
How is that going to work?
How do I glue it on?
You're going to look like a weirdo.
Is that 50% George?
It's more Picasso-esque, George.
I don't like this glue thing, Greg.
Greg, get it off me.
GREG ARONOWITZ: That's part of the charm of art.
FELICIA DAY: Then please unveil George's mask that he
can wear or not wear.
FELICIA DAY: I think that's a little bit better.
Do we look good together?

Are you happy?
GEORGE JIMENEZ: It's awesome.
FELICIA DAY: Thank you so much for being such a sport.
FELICIA DAY: And finally, our question of note this week
will be done without a typewriter.
Felicia, how did you enjoy Comic-Con?

Well, it was a crazy time.
This happened, and then this happened, and then there's
this shot that somebody else took.
I don't even know where we got that.
And then there's this B-roll.
And that guy spilled a drink on me.
Oh, I danced.
I lost my voice.

Who wants to see that?
Oh well.
More B-roll, more B-roll.
Geek and Sundry sign.
More of that.
Anyway, it was awesome.
All right.
That's it.
Thank you so much to everybody who came to the Geek and
Sundry off-site or the YouTube lounge.
Next week, we are back in the studio with decent sound and
not random people in the background.
And I'm back to my spastic self.
So thanks a lot.
I will see you next week.