The Great Gildersleeve: Christmas Eve Program / New Year's Eve / Gildy Is Sued

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proxies company matters of pocket watch one of the complete line of famous for
the full of boxes that sarah perry is ridiculously craft bring to the great go
to sleep every week this time for us but dont wait some more music like a lot so
well therefore that the other is live in just a moment
during the holidays of the grading money also i'm friends with witnesses real way
to show your hospitality as a sort of the folks that live
so spread that chairman your guests by a serving fresh bread rolls and moslems
with delicious parquet marjorie vested freshers spread for america's rather
favored in millions of american homes
as a fresh delicate flavor that short of satisfied parquet margarine is a spread
you want to serve your family everyday on the year
because parking is so high and pulled out a g value so dependable provide what
i A
in fact craft guarantees every part of parquet
to contain nine thousand units of vitamin that
so tomorrow by this nourishing spread that sold unless isn't satisfied
ask for park a periodic a statewide arcade margarine
craft makes this the first to spread for america's brett
yes craft makes bhargava
codify and a great deal to sleep with this merry christmas side
well not so mary
all the rest of summerfield as giddy with a good feeling and how they cheer
over the guild asleep household hangs up all
trouble also
super breach of promised by lady he once admired prosecuted
by a friend he trusted
all the implement warm in the ingratitude of mother
so have a later they weigh upon in that he's been unable to give a single
thought the christmas which is only two days off
this seems to be a matter of some concern the lead role
condone times
just skip christmas this year
it would be plan on you get recklessly growing not markers that we haven't
ruled out free
here i think he's inviting a lot of stuff on the slide trying to please
ninety arlyne places
once christmas anyway
it will be in
kids must not leap for us
well if you ever worried about anybody besides yourself you be worried to
farrell castle
castle in
you write your country are
alice i'll see if we can't julian bond don't like anyone or have me wrong
presence now but i'm going to go
good morning everybody
going on here
yesterday but would you like director
carpet yes
well-positioned autocrat
cat do not and
also about the other doesn't matter brittany thing
means maybe
in there like that yes
removes the internal
things are sitting too well with me these days for it
form that these people
uh... demands
little money do you do
that the
dear all
two days
is that all of his cap
my christmas shopping done so lately
getting late here
christmas to disabilities i was doing something about it
was someone like you seem to get up in infuses
odorless father about christmas this year and what we know how you feel the
you're very sweet go my dear and very understanding needs help
reading specialist yet
cannot be okay
impact who sit on it might not
yes the internet
insurance broker how can we have a nerd to come over here now my dear
is judge acting start sending you email already i might as well faced
well children i guess this is it
at least when this is over with the worst
diligent in my study pretty
yesterday in a way to it
deciding who to invite a run up stairs out of the way taking up my degree look
likely that judge across on exactly what i think at me and i'll handle the judge
my dear
into their own upstairs usually right
is maybe a little unpleasant
not judged
guilty i suppose you think it's a little strange at me coming over here like this
nothing you could do would surprise me anymore jibes
in of all you do what i want to say this
you got me into all is fine
who came over here and asked me to help you propose that girl that i know you
gave me a lot of talk about our friends to help a friend
out john rowland help miles standish with priscilla until i know let me ask
you this priscilla tomlinson john alden
and did stanley's albert
i'm afraid the sad fact is you know that i'll ever friend or is it not for sale
and your normal i'll standards
well that is so good that brought the papers
higher the witnesses by the jury i don't care
she had a meeting on the
this whole episode has been most distasteful to make sure sure there's
very few more than a dozen eight
baloney you've so your own grandmother
role you know they are in your friend and remember
we play golf together never mind the crocodile tears
i mean it
why i'd cut off my right arm your left-handed
had cut off both times before i've accepted case against my old friend osha
say that again jess
you didn't take the case you turned it down again she has no pay
alone ok someone's got okay too
this is nutritious
this is the booby-trapped organic how can you say
you sure she's got no cases they got it figured out yet
or is your friend
i want to take this opportunity of wishing you a very merry christmas and
merry christmas to you mister
idea budget is a very good sense
america's already has the skillet merry christmas everybody happy new year
that this was my boy
what do you mean
ans hold my goodness i have another thing about it
we're all in a bad
bring the really india
than anything else and the
it makes you
regular train
will there be anything else let me see we got the magic said
with writing says
in the bomb site and they
careful with that pop guns sunny they did
that now
animee paycheck today
but i don't know for marjorie
that might lose my knees say i'd like to show you something up water try to get
your opinion do you mind and not at all
there's a major role in your mind
distilling this young lady here when i bought the marjorie this said
sweater alexander around the pink
step back and
member of the brother of the fact that it's a
i'll be right back with your part
at elevated how it's master sheng yen shock mach and she was
ddl and and
i'm back in circulation to give you
and by george lee and i've never seen you looking better
yes uh... christmas is the color in your cheeks or something
and sparkle in your eyes high-level placements ellen teen educators damien
saying about coming over my house tomorrow night christmas season
just a family you know popcorn candied apples and stuff and getting a hold some
last martin four or five
five join if there's any other idea i'd show you what parts
apostles salvation is
definitely going to be insensitive coughing up tomorrow night we'll
accommodate we'll have more fun it more down this also david hale
greenslade greetings of the season well abide by the president's high
commissioner karan advocates they fly time in the midst of my christmas
yeah well i even got a round of mine
equipment off you know i mean
nobody take care of at the white anyway well christmas comes was he replied i
think we ought to while at the time complaining understand she's ok ruby is
just got a little ways that's all
and you take like last year i was sort of us have enough to get one so i was
not to get enough in
well so the day before christmas in the salvation army band have to set up in
front of the shop here in play hymns all afternoon
on the way home at night i laid out eleven bucks for an electrical and
because the next day i could kick myself into trouble with me and soft hearted
floyd really troubled user human i wouldn't you think of it
by the way they're not doing anything to mind i'd like to have you drop over to
my house
you know say merry christmas
just a family thanks commission and like to do that that the other way now i
don't get too i flight
if something that you know with other sentimental about christmas that this
antenna seminal myself like this morning now
she got up before i didn't put me in nice big breakfast ticket but herrings
you know on the way down the shop and have a notion is that since i was
invited by the courtroom
might do it yet
i think she like that played hamlet even by one of them section a living at the
procurement of bath powder in it
and i go again
justice after for capers
population is something light
paling christmas eve
this machine
went music review nine unit has been confirmed he can get in
one of the family custom well i a lot of saturday family customers the just
thought you were doing anything
when we come
managing the leadership in this interview me
making a decision of the engines we usually go to our has been trying to get
in a lot of friends who've been kind enough to remember that
people we haven't seen through them
missus union mentioned me
most senate
gang good net about how we do not be returning
and number and an inconvenient infringement when the
media is still hang up their stockings and give a boost sales of
division who do you think there was no
speeded up until the unity but that was in the night
when his name
happen man with the man committed p_b_g_c_ manage the downstairs and
finished talking with them
yet have the full and we can win benjamin
the clinton game of manhattan but judge pbl that you have more fun than anybody
fret about us you can be viewed legacy
thank you
i think you are having a bad
i think you know i got home anyway noticable yeah i think it sure looks
like this
of a sudden quite pretty and with the children here
as my came around the kitchen door yes hamilton i think i got everything so i
didn't it's just too bad sure looks like it's not going to go twenty minutes
all my goodness why did i remember all things like that to forget that with
though that spoils everything about this business about thirty it has to get the
authority i think they've got a very that was the last thing i said to myself
get a turkey done it
reacting and if you're free
say that you did nothing we can do great assorted closer to select candidates dot
blot in the icebox
bernie problems even laying there
had instead of our approval
had said he was using three that's not fair to you have to be for the night
and when you get that bombay stuffed with just addressing
hello brother merry christmas
killed a few seconds
success in the south is made of his death in your family but that you're
probably thinking right selflessly salameh slightly comic in several
different places and there is a tiny suggestions sly economical park a march
of this unless the stresses that the sleepless nights
spark areas of top-notch energy food one of our address forces fortified by
scraps with what analysts nine thousand units everytime spark as a flavor that's
truly two lists labeled as fresh salads is satisfied
soften economical spread the small delicious partnerships wire-service park
a theory our case a wise parquet margarines plays like that
remember the last fall distrustful of his friends said that sparked a
i was just like to direct the obviously since christmas eve at last in summer
field and it couldn't be a prettier wants is a beautiful clean blanket of
snow covering the streets and sidewalks jars moves
the feels like silver things up with what and the deal this leaves how's the
family has just finished decorating the christmas tree in the congress talking
for the fireplace anita black socks until the sleeve they'll rayon stocking
for marjorie interviews longer but it was off starting with leroy more of the
occasion last christmas eve dishonestly three alice nelson who leads to staff
uh... similar level i know that there aren't any gains less a breakfast this
setting in now we have no decorations westside point businesses
this if you are rules you know it's not a a
side to it is the first few oh christmas tree
you can view this is how i felt like she was just something that seems like the
best suited
as is the city
stockings are hung by the chimney with care
ritual since the sixties off
stock that's right but the legacy of interest was the
system will still be able to fix it
scheme i thought more conflict has just wonderful
sixty miles from specimens ninety
it is
stable will see more pictures
delaware united
that shows all this book is
so that we arrive alive j
decide that time to read this before south
falsettos police
your own it
uh... of alaska
was the nicest for christmas
at all to the house
decreases the stress
not even a month's
hasn't what is it my policy
paramount lights up about ten o'clock
uh... make another
the stockings were hung by the chimney with care
in hopes that saint nicholas soon would be dead
the children were nestled all snug in their bids
as you might really rough
while visions of sugarplums danced in the day
hmong interpretive
synonymous and fast enough
had just settled our brains for a long winter's nap
not on the lawn there arose such a clatter
three what is it really
after that the f_b_i_ pregnant women seats all nobody just the family
yes and that the other thing so that
so i think of that i asked mrs read some of us will register for yes let i may
have said something to do it for this
and that the justice department
well they're right after i get that you just
uh... dismissed comes but once he agrees
as the world's elitists
are on the lawn there arose such a clatter
as training for my business he was a mess
the moon on the breast of the new fallen snow
gave the luster of midday to objects below
what someone wondering eyes should appear
but a miniature sleigh
and eight tiny reindeer cities
but there was this review policy
for the little old driver so lively and quick
and you would have almost it must be saint nick
that's an excellent service
i had more rapid than eagles his courses they came and he whistled and shouted
and called the mighty
now dasher now dancer now prancer and vixen on comet on cupid
all of the group list
the tops
eating right
talking contest
mining let's see
the top of the points for the top of the wall
and then in a twinkling i heard on the roof of the president's going to be true
season last year
vaccination and one half hour
and wheelchair
decided to stop the seventy five
as the next day
this stuff but despite the downside indices
and this look at it so it wasn't like the real
yet full face
little round belly that shook when he left likable politically
uh... you big celebrate
it is
more than anybody else's thank you
he spoke not a word
let's wait was worth and filled all the stockings interact with egypt and laying
his finger aside of his nose in giving a nod up the chimney he wrote
today secretary he sprang to his sleigh to his team gave a whistle
highway outlasted the
it's raining and even though the style
happy christmas to love
antonov friday night
uh... but uh... as as a grateful member isle of but he is a leroy
can set it up
for months years let's see
carpets although my boy united we stand
tomorrow night is happening phyllis have fun one is a good leroy one nine o'clock
whichever is earlier
expected but at least every mathematics camouflage happiness allan park albert
half of the delivery
in here for those is the email
still shaky really rolling on
for money in the land madness happiness to you monday
thank you endlessly challenging on that's what i think and that no one else
do you start my allegedly left immediately faqs
and interviews relief
painstaking but these packages of the children having children something okay
old strap
you've got any different
lives unisa
reliability everywhere
hotpot gerald but
well they are showing only ride it
had a similarly just for the study that last visited a friend of mine and said
oh candidate the stress of school hangouts
pianists have occurred
and one of the accident on my own all of us united we stand firm on the left i'm
right over the last email addresses altogether ready
needs that need to be
plotted the banking as yet female
his name
discounted amenities
last season
that this was remembered for your family and community secure yesterday that's
fine dvd the digital photos no surprise
the school and then you would think
on it
the role you amaze me it was being ninety percent stomach
post-doc and alert
uh... end
in terms and as you know and he's in data
the debate is pretty cagey
lead openly like that only one peacefully and say okay
gps and even
good began having you here
delay you ought to be she is the itself reason which is the management man in
that came into this and have unit has is that the calvin
him and i do think that he didn't want to see businesses
hollywood has united we stand to be the just let me give you
altogether when i walk the dogs
they argue that everybody money lenses run-of-the-mill missus lenses do you
have a nice to see if this doesn't happen he he he wasn't there
here deny cannot pick up the coming up our everybody who has some foothold in
the community and i intend to do and i know bibi but he did b c three one look
it into the
i think that i didn't
not much not much if not really
rose he sees a but
contact martin this guy the others
that this is a system that doesn't even no wanted a time
kangaroo and and ideal indictment in the united nations
might be kinda nice to be used only for seven hours as i have in a lot of skills
it is nice
young rishi removed music from the physicians dividers will there be
victims and he always loved the
they were satisfied boy
put uh...
three bankers without a warren
one and five
infected rafi have a friend that lives in the lisa and i think i think what
little the
on a yellow greatness hotel for the person or over there in the corner
and that you've had enough mistletoe he does not address last fall the
definitive i think that you can see my grown-up lloyd okay which one is usd
several when i get a case of the
i would not play the piano for the next hour hotline will either be prime minis
acute business that was there
sheep eat some recently madness
that's here dot data is in a valuable lesson one calpers which would be great
i kind of thing out iraq that pakistani opted not to add a little boys
uh... he got it yet
on friday
as you know that's two forty five you know i did nothing like this
over the uh... is uh...
the in
halo redhead rule and manages a and and and make this a and
aaaand and alien and right now and then i got an idea
wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone in the world is joining the thing with this
lift off in a month national until we can really do it
uh... tonight anyway
but if you look and see i'll have to realize here singing together
you think of all the people who can't get together this christmas
the only excuse for the kind of something's going on all the world is
if we can make sure it never happens again
front lines in use
let's all sing anyway
you people massachusetts
and everywhere an army camps not ships at sea
listen we we used to
when we were home together
muscles of the force over the phone
all the peoples of the world
will be able to join in with
nightly news and merry christmas and god bless
this is the national broadcasting company
crafters and cigarette the other slavery dvd the
have a mechanism market lives another complete line-up for this for the full
of products but that's out there is a great deal this week
that strength of a great deal this leave every week at this time with mcdonnell
even so more worthy of the quite costly
well there for that go to sleep in just a moment
now more than ever america needs a strong even tougher jobs light-headed
nineteen forty-five so stop to lie to my good family nutrition your special new
year's resolution
and out the hard working family replace some of the final energy they use up
while the fast food you can service delicious parquet marchers
festive tricia spread for america's bread is a top notch energy food
and craft makes parquet an even more valuable food
by adding nine thousand units of vitamin a in every single part
and restore the other way parky margarine aids good family nutrition
our case fresh delicate flavor
makes other wholesome foods taste better makes you want to we didn't joy your
post gerald bread rolls and cook budget battles
somatic parquet a regular part of your family's daily dot
by delicious nourishing parquet
b_i_r_r_ ko anyone
r_k_ margarine made by craft
all right
ballots joined our friend the great gilda sleeve is he winds up the air
nineteen forty four as the bible for new year's in somerville
and gilder sleeve after considerable pressure from leroy and with
considerable reluctance on his own part finds himself at last on skates
ntsc stands nervously on his old rockers of the edge of police pond
aliya right marjorie cup fancy figures of the new christmas two weeks
shaikh all of you guys
leave and you're all alone by the united dot somewhat skating in the dark
hiring had electroless in his pocket
well i don't know
apha declined i believe i can help me understand what leroy keep away from
about a trial of risk
tonight that i thought
a statewide standard my younger days
hadn't been invented
idyllic this is hot
spotlight reality that the other part
you've got a lot
who's got
manual and lives
does catching myself
how are you
no level right
deadly studies of bhaskar
you could have it by the way
televise something not nice insolvent setup
almost finished flow it
freenet commissioner
digital my backs a little sore
hurts when i move
it's still in
search lights it's still too long
well won't be long now is the monkeys and women still have gotten a lot more
you know i make a little will be tonight commissioner no
so what do you know that hooker took me into an evening of the lawyers club
just imagine if that will be goes on their abg admitted second eleven anyway
last i heard the judge is going to handle that suit against you for that
simulated well he said she had no case
infected so friendly about it but i uh... well i thought i was there new
years eve with it
or one of them things
had you should schoolwork we got to spend the evening with the white folks
that makes me feel better
and pretty strict
father in a bad guy probably like to sneak out with me to get a chance but
her mother
listen i was there use that money
claims she did anyway did i tell it she was practically an heiress and the old
men come along and maggie when she was in la conchita
yesterday he's the one was in a weapon
yes says she's helps
somehow than if you plan to sharpen your scissors floyd only says as every day
mushrooms with health care
all my hairs are difficult
just watch it
but as i was saying the old lady claims she has that money so she always acts
like everybody else was some kind of a bomb from across the tracks
but she was an erisa rome and most of the number i go to the table manners
never come from park avenue
uses a knife and fork like a bulldozer
aren't you almost through floyd i guess so
went away and another customer type jet care line
without getting a case after the esteemed just ahead
that the new year with a clean slate
i near you and mister gill is leave it going on its head to make a generalized
meticulously has to be my guest hires for that
we have an annual entertainment it's pretty wild though women crime outcries
and all that
not take it easy for having nothing like that on the evening is again that
is there going to be an agenda
highways dehumanized the enemy apakah
program of its is principally about annual not track
trial and was a prisoner your nineteen forty four of the on fabric slide
i played a part of father time anti-trust enters the prosecutor
last year he gave a summation of nineteen forty three was about as good
enough reason history he ever
you enjoyed daily
some of the sky remarks are very confused of well it sounds great judge
but i never forget last year when watervliet counsel for the defendant
all the part that nineteen forty three would put them in history as the year
out something of a madam penicillin
hostettler jet
on the grounds that statement was dragged
was much funnier if you're gonna see masters face when he said if it look or
has this all sounds like a lot of good fun but i don't know whether i'm going
to be able to make it tonight
can't make it like you know we have arranged for you to be on the jury so
wonderful r_s_i_ appreciated too but that
over fifty years
i don't feel very good copy-cat never so i don't think that i know i mean a judge
i'm afraid maybe i've got a little touch of sacral iliac
separately and i know just what to do for at all my life
i've got a special prescription feeding except for over this is different are
scattered around come on now
pediatric asthma is willing to get in on all the fundamental family dot i don't
push me judge
your flight
happy new year taxa
have a good time tonight
acts a_b_ o_ commitment
renin here
judge whether brings me to be
you claimed you got a magic remedy for sacrilege etc
in june
you know game the aesthetic in the act and having extended carnival
commission mediated
and adam hochberg
in what was your accident definable judge
and latin america
with a sonia rykiel goals
and everything
and make his information from for me and i think that some years ago
general attachment and return happened incident
you'd regular rub it on the place to
much immediately and delete honesty and i fell on the ice
from their area you need them and your mom
nao cdrw dvd and
utah over
this is no hamare
have a sick man
and you just grabbed his arm and background for example i think that's
like why i say it's a very thing actually gets u_s_
and i had to like why have you had you ever got killed
i'm not taking any chances yet just kinda categorical asap why or ask how
can you think that all right you don't want a crime bill
but by itself
sorry at this time around
to deceive ourselves that he is even two lawyers
but are you going to die peavey
she was there really anything that can complement it was his latest effort
where are we going to be and
uh... but you know if that's a sensible way to do it
all idea of setting up lol ours is silly regenerative european beginning in two
no previous just silly
sensible way is to get a new had a good night's sleep
and get a flying start a new year
jump in a nineteen forty five with both feet and start putting
which conditionally meaning
well sale does buyers at bay
from rule
admitted into the
early there
happy new year
exchanges farrakhan hacking alienist a_b_c_ continue
it was to be added just talking about new year's eve leela
uh... that you're going out on some wild quite low hours article and i was found
not not decided i wasn't
acecomm outlook but it's not the same pain o'cleary
well and some of the of the men don't france now on any of the old traditions
like they have not been all that make it said sundown you audition rightly
cash flow and you'll be can around the lunch in south mumbai this but decided
to go to bed early and get a flying start in nineteen forty-five mats hands
off the sensible
container and put
in violent and he did you learn to read them and united nation
of you would be the handshake newly by george maybe right
the love of god
let's have some fun to see a from mike tyson makes a big night heartened
but that's just the
how nineteen forty
high-tech with nineteen forty-five that's next year the
disabled there was a gallon just a few seconds
it on sunday night pancake ur waffle feast is a welcome change from elaborate
menus you may have been serving through the holiday season
amici are pancakes waffles releasing up with appetite appeal spread on some
delicious parquet margin for the crowning touch of flavor
their family and guests are shorter ones our park is fine flavor is so fresh so
delicate cancel satisfying
in fact parquet margin has enjoyed a lien millions of homes
is one of america's favorite spreads for breath the hot poston roles
and it's wonderfully nourishing to
park is high in full energy value a graph guarantees every single problem
sparky margarine to contain nine thousand units of important part of a
solver good nourishment real flavor enjoyment why answer parquet p_r_k_ a
live parquet margarine made my craft
graphics parquet
not of the great gil garcetti's was a term of the show is southern neighbor
that the how their hospitality of summerfield can be quite as gracious and
festivals out of the old south
but marjorie going out for the evening with friends and leroy spending the
night of big easy figures they should have a free hand well we'll see poetry
comes down the stairs of all dressed up
his hale's levi
how much like a wonderful innovative idea how i met him tales
it's at the same way said it would be great pictures of my dear
regular basis
isn t lira
dot k
expressed that
i think you got my hair and very pretty i've never that
uh... that we're going out with my dear appended frankly his name is key
you're going to mean to you that in like
i suppose all right go to get home early onto it by eleven o'clock seven o'clock
hideouts in dallas
dear coming
well twelve o'clock on without power alan keyes new year's arrive twelve
thirty then placard
to provide a lot of work
without a bit later
i was not lost anybody named t
and uh... you leroy
have a good time be a good boy it began but i have a good time
athlete down on a capital
it like a great actually worked
it's the last week
welly case is not a reason bernie
it's a little formal
and then we're going to move it
laid out in the living room this deadlock
would love to show um... ed
waitress out just before i came downstairs burt ely lost half of our and
let out so that i've got a very exciting forty-four akbar underweight uh...
i get when you see the men die subtract rescinded ransom
cocktail technology
these issues and
fruit salad prep space vehicle over my goodness worries that your idea of an
intimate little suffered
packages that matures the direction of the new hurt
than me
lashes out
eleven thirty
that's women
whether that's it
hasn't makes the evening
analyst excell
hands and they need mainframe
elevator no elected
values that
layer of your clothes
your hair you've done something to it al and innuendo
uh... pretty he left
haven't mentioned my brain
those almost afraid to
how do you
how did that you get your space its cos
aparecida we know what it's all things you believe it
almost done
phones have been on the east now i think i shouldn't be
until today
analyzed on our side house rotblat nicest in london
having cheaper but the other side
hotmail com none of the old fashioned lamb drive
you need something there but
arab vote all this is going to be set it'll happen
the children are pretty soft
we got the whole place to ourselves
bernie that's a little suck
on haro mad
let me say we need right now i have two hundred eighty dollars
but i'm sorry
went easy on the other side the atlanta
but we have to do is warming up
but not before midnight shock not that much
i thought if i can
we do in these living room
ladies first
uh... you've still got century bomb shelter
with children they've let it go
complex economic he lives in human health means
mydomain when he comes from
more line
college life
i makes me feel i can see on t_v_
yes yes yes
mhm mhm munching
house and hand in hand
you know i thought you'd never get haley let eleven thirty just sitting here my
uh... that was my whole checkbook homer
i'm sorry but kept awake and stop martin that i thought you'd want me to be
pretty arlington
yes sir
if you had a lot to do
sad hand-held things never handicaps done it before midnight means to me
testing yet though at this time i'll change your mind
and two years ago your ideas
and three years ago
three years ago i didn't mean anything
will confirm disputes
uh... which i'll show show
leland guinea and your husband turned out
bob ballard on 'em
process shock at the believe anyway yet although he
men that have been go the way he did
i knew
uh... kind o
how have you know what it was a great shot kids common are you going
colin happened
happened on strong mama
i don't know either
we just drifted apart i guess you would in the morning
i've buried myself in my work
u_n_ chase in acting
eat good morning valley where there was never anything like that
i like the even i admired her
i still do
but we would have a right preacher
we found that out
years ago for immediately
you mean
i was crazy
an auto then downplay about this nation downgrade lower inches long boat
noting that either
never works no that was strictly judgment state my handbag wholesale
every get a lot of science
let's just talk about you allen's
let's talk about the things you
if it not toward me tonight how about eighteen now yes in fact the odds are
ads yet on friday
since twelve o'clock arrive twelve o'clock
that we do it
usually man doesn't have to be told what to do one ewy
climbing out of service
that i'd like to set an e-book
has its own hands a lot you know
that's where we started we gotta get anywhere
came back and putting it on my chin
uh... remember that this time around
leaking a black
uh... kind we had another
i think that that there are many interesting cell
and singing in hamburg ny a plan
mind and area one
and the next day he came back
that lightning
well would you come back to something
because i was over the old
that was the first time and houston
would you do i think one martin would you think bombing against escalating
housing if you use the uniquely abkhazia
you know you're any unintended energy and sometimes dot mom
why do you know that's the way in which little national renewal
the new
removed in
still well it's not fair
betsy but
almost a half a million
hydrologist nineteen forty five and i like it all right
our have gotten it makes sense
that he really liked
feeding the
hahaha live out of the right to left over from last year outpaced really
looked at a middle east
it should be you know i might just take it one more
another egg nog no i'm not
where interns and will be interesting
on if it's not like that in that sense but didn't moneygram
it's a lot
deadline on you on
evidence out the youngstown
well you did not meet although you must know that my pension tapa hathaway
cannot stop babbling now it's just every brand of cousins a predominant
argued that money gram from market-style gain
i thought you would have banquet in times of mystery sandra hodge makeup has
changed here
that sounds great
hallam nasty understand so nobody can prove anything
that out of allied air idaho or it was at a mass dot
cabinet revenge italy then i'll give you a big kiss me
sriram minor planets ilka
piedmont i'm listening go ahead they wear masks opened the monies adoptable
com moment saying
anish advantage of your mama
hot added cataract neodymium mariah died in somerville data
nods and
sundown and jared martin everybody's everybody's doing
someone the running about that strange on the street and i don't want any and
have spent an odd one
determination in this
brands that bring in the in house
no listen we can be deadly for the inhospitable right here some repeals any
place in the south all the people not necessarily slowly let
difficult on whether or not give us the double
without before entering bells laps
in miami-dade
that people daily lives
which everybody happy new year
we see any strangers vitamin vertigo
we run into any girls admitted without the
indeed mardi gras the spirit of carnival exp
speak loudly let you get this all of it and i think it's all the girls
after all right back out into the car
i thought i would love to you all soon
happy new year everybody
go ahead
what sab
depriving meredith outsole inside
whenever there's somebody
coming up the block
after the life spirit
what's new
who cares
they'll threatened which carried within reasonable portals exchange the meetings
of the season
and pretend for a bit of a candidate not
summer yet
maybe you could help me that the brother gladly step read it
welcomed the liberty of all tomorrow or today
antonia since nine o'clock this morning and i've still got one more in the liver
rather consider u_s_ delivery may five out upon
or as the season of peace the input cheery game
rob banks it'll get bored too
i don't know who you are protected by name i'm and rather we cannot rewire or
wish to trade
your welcome here
all right thanks
uh... i didn't get the name and the king of the tunnel
this is my attended middle fairly low
because the group's leaders
at you much managed to get the c_d_ test
you know it's ny
need invented say wait a minute
ulysses yeah that's right
rock morton dean of the very same
well well here's a pic for you
unless this notice of civil action in the case of the lawrenceville radar
system at work here listening all
major promise of strike
pinoy rock u
hit me back at a couple other
listen everybody
your army needs nurses nurses and they need them badly
thousands of wounded men are being returned to this country every day
and ought to take care of them the i mean each ten thousand registered nurses
at once
if any of you listening happen to be nurses or if you know any pass the word
the army nurses the heroine of our armed forces
i want to fighting them up to her for help
the best doctors in the country already in the army
the army nurses working with them are handling new drugs applying new
treatments and gaining experience years ahead of their civilian opportunities
nurses go into the army a second lieutenants with the equivalent of two
hundred and twenty six dollars a month
also eligible for veterans' benefits
and a nurse can now get reclassified for military service
for information you made a contact your local red cross or send the wire collect
the surgeon general united states army washington d_c_
if you've been thinking about this
but putting it off
do it now please
because knowledge when the army need you
would not everybody
having a package of businesses golden paths that seafood in the refrigerator
easily solve the problem of how to entertain in a hurry
crabs that jersey is the chief food about hundred different you've been
it spreads melt slices also opposed to perfection so there's really no end of
the many grand ways you can surpass that
posted finger sandwiches or crackers spread with fans that make attempting
addition to a tray of appetizers
fruit salad stay calm avid appetite appeal once served with absent
and it goes without saying that this move luscious cheese sauce made with
pads that and poured over macaroni butt to the below two conditions will be a
hit that any meeting fell but delicious narrating pab step or cheddar cheese
flavored effects
don't forget astro dealer or perhaps that revealed that his golden chief
this is the national broadcasting company
the great gilder sleet a
special rate broadcast brought your soldiers sailors and marines of the
united nations
listen to another amazing episode in the life of the great jealously
college joined a great deal this week is already tried three times to get his old
friend judge walker on the telephone
bout time you got up
we'll be right away with you
i'll tell you what about when you get here
i'll tell you what about when you get here
but i'll tell you what's about when you get
dolores del ray is suing me to reach a promise
all right
kurachu really comes to you after
for children
she realizes that a public trial probably ruined my career and she using
it to shake some money out of a how they're really women like that's not
right you know nothing about it
uh... but you remember that
if you hear anybody discussing this case u_-two marjorie okay
where we know about this
will keep it out of a family
understand yasir it out here so i can be loma de jure will cost no i mean the
writer letters panel
is the the that
lisanova take a look at this point elected in the last night my glasses on
we'll take your time jags
just a man's good name and reputation at stake that's all scheme that we hear
willfully with intent to deceive
on seems in good order
delete you know what this means no jetliner you are being sued and
you got a little italy that's right
but i do about that's what i want only on the first place at patronage look
judge you told yourself only one week ago the woman has no case
well that was my personal opinion galvanic nearly gave it to you for what
it was very well for what it's worth you can have it back
credit or i was evident when not in possession of all of the backs of the
it because he retreated
well within the
is it true was it says here that you had the blanket discussed the question of
well and
told her she ought to get married to answer yes or no yes
i was proposing she should marry u you know that
maybe i don't think that don't
is it true that that following the aforementioned discussion married you
purchased the committee
none of your business
a gathering your lawyer and i have to know
the religious divide known she was going to be a plate
thank you gift yes sir
uh... what a liberal driving around with ours kissed me what he could do we gotta
be polite
you proposed related issues should manage someone else and then you see
that with the kids
it never stand up in court well that's what happened
what am i going to horace we'd better get hold of a royal although backer
lolo bikram account of the lawyers fee
well they call him weeping waldo
that meant for the cure it
i caught in the morning you call it right now that the other you get all of
that we'll be right over there
outside our ad like that in the practice together city carelessly there'd been a
part of our arguments against leave experiment led to the region i wish i
could say the same where
if sometimes and i had the pleasure of opposing u_n_-brokered
initiative you lawyers thicker than beans
last time was in new york ny cases and remembered
involved obviously as one of the best because i have read
said nothing in there that he was told to protect their taiwan that pieces i
remembered miscarriage of justice and then we oppose each other again and fred
converses some of your life and power remember manhole cover america getting
but one that day two of you regard another miscarriage
juts didn't you ever win the case
look gentlemen i don't like to interrupt her attorney reminiscences but we've got
a lawsuit he remembered not guilty of all in good time evil or has been a
fascinating angles mister givers leave at one of the most fascinating to reach
a promise that you'll recall the case of black bruises gains george
there were a kid said i do
and hungry japan so above
her wherever reported issue bear was whether aside our jobs from the heat of
argument but without intent to maim or kill them
constituting appropriate termination of contract to marry ras have told me to
remind you that the woman want
i might point out however counselor that the facts are that the different in this
wired writing radio admitted that she did because it was interesting
no no no this is an open-and-shut case if i ever saw workdays route that were
not prepared to admit in fact the whole thing is nothing but a frame-up consular
and you not without building are not not commissioner let's not get excited
society understand your feelings you
you're a man of some reputation in this kind of thing like this can be very
it might even cost you your career not to mention the cost of defending a long
drawn-out supreme court
market does need to get to court o'cleary well if they're handled in the
proper way
these things can be settled out of court
uh... much
where i have been some of my client but
i would imagine that a settlement of five thousand dollars one thousand what
you're getting off cheap
that they cannot i consider a gilded listen you'll gold what i tell you for
your support of the mile and that your advise you to settle the case very
sandra you lawyers make me sick
always getting together the kind of somebody else's money i'd take it that
you don't intend to settle settle out quite this case to the fish applied all
the way the supreme court mbak
up like this case write-up to handle it myself
strikeout has labeled it with us again industrious items
ballots get back to poor old builders make peace but they have no to the
public library reading along breach of promise and studying the rules of court
procedure antilles
completely confused on both of those subjects of supper of fried oysters
baked beans and bill pickles lies going to probably on his stomach as we pointed
out that plea building on the company's parlor
gold andreen pr
whitehead way ahead
here contact about that but but but but the pentagon freedom and above the law
and here's your dot gov that's happened to our
celebrated style
by badge
kara w_l_
popped out there
killed part very apart and go back to you ladies and gentlemen webpage delray
were ridiculously
it but what a lot of already yes your honor native calculated happened at the
council a that i'm having my own case you while cut
carpal tunnel police typable played
your honor
had very good friend of the jury
that as an action and which i promise
inspected at the back of the plane did mister lauria telerate
warmly received sitting there but for you
and by the way
did anyone ever local out there
very lovely
hi shut parochial report this trial is over
that there's little flower this cannot rely upon
worship here event that you about the years
but from up there
and trying monster
complex tommorrow
update witnessed it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you at this
the little lady asked her
dot o_ r_ n_
stands on an average or eight lift that read
you'll ka
and not make that read
i'd like to have to meet
judge hostettler
you're currently got me to pump united
would be
uh... you don't have to go kitni
court you are
but she is one of my best
ramp not
say when you're doing after on
objection sustained
uh... but hawkers out of our telling me
occurred with my pictures and will continue with the witness
amit already we know how painful all this must be to you
but i'm going to ask you to try to recall for the jury
is it not true but this man here
that's that care about sleeve
like that one time varied it to you
but doing that
wide-eyed like a charm
grant that request another congress
but they were
who are
because the powering up the world
bottled water but
remaining live reviewed that one were long
white separate the more quiet about it
blend of diet order
abt or child
do you want to come to mind
a hamburger negative o'connor i'm
proceeded this red
i'm going to actually one question
is it not true that particular sleeve on various occasions
made to your participation about dieting affection
it is not true but you take you to marry him
you did not sure
that he subsequently splat
and you would occur where about your you won't matter
burke zero var urogenital
are backed by kate
helped the lady down from the stand there somebody
guard dot blot
powder together for you have you with a plan
but certainly have your honor
i said like to introduce first
the testimony
of a golden trusted servants
who's been in my employees for many years this burt ely kat
this time i doubt that way
and i think
when you tell these people what kind of an employer i've been pretty thinking i
think about that
belgium or
you got back n_f_l_ may i ask the witness regretted
also if they go ahead
if you ever think that the carelessly but i think that takes witness delray
that they did
act of aggression
effectively the clock witness reputed to run to the questions put to her and for
the gentleman's question
did you ever find them embracing
waterside equipment rental car
dot that the court to talk about the kathleen dr
that's all i
yes yeah
my next witness ladies and gentlemen is well known as some of the
this he could win
principle of our local grammar school
pelham accountable and leave off
your honor
meticulously has a very high minded man
devoted to the public welfare
he showed me directly to the community by most of the catwalk commissioner
and as a member of the school board
i've always known to be armies
our plant
conquered the
his divider
if at all you want from this witness who could ask for anything more everyone
across parts of the star parker dot two questions your honor
miss goodwin
were you ever engaged to marry meticulously
yet not one
did hear about you
no he didn't actual have
this was in the same kind of a situation jackson balmoral
many more witnesses were to go to sleep
i'd like to call it old friend and neighbor to say a few words at this time
this is a real aransas
you'll step up to the witness stand please leela moustache man at the jury
trial mom
relented and women
lead to me
dot on inside
mia convention crops takes money time
trigger the case
head missus ransom along if you know in the lab
permissions from models
must be backed happy
i remember because that was the proper janet had a baby at the same a
descendant stabbings and stylistically patriot
you know in the do they have been hearing today
in our lifetime
have you ever knowing me to do a dishonorable date
issue slash id say not
there's a shallow ana
that ridiculous all the things that she did that mean drop what what
i go around kids everybody that
the player that plays a preparatory predicted
your witness partner restaurants of
why you ever engaged to marry mister gil garcetti flag
giddy meri of nowadays but actaully
dot world
but your honor editing it and i have no way
all he had luong
record a breach of problem and
you know
amanda greenleaf campanha
this get up there on the witness stand and tell the truth wpc
you're a drug tested summerfield are you not
premises industry
right now the bonds
i commend your store quite frequently do i not ration defendant is leading the
witness last night
your cap would work on the witness moms to go to sleep
just ask him questions of side jackie i'm a little new at this he pleaded
well p_d_a_
and i a customer of yours news humor may communicate by
how often do like a video store
is that all right around and i guess that's alright
i wanted to come into your store p_t_
nafta continuation yesterday
yes but how often do like to me
defeat would you say he comes in once a month
someone you down
would you say i come in once a week
hardly ever coming more than once a day
when it comes into your store quite frequently dot date
right now
let it go pee dee
do you remember my talking to you about this bill rate moon m_d_-ninety movie
did you
manning yet
marrying her
in unanimous
all right
in your opinion he's nothing but a woman checks are why not
when he and
but you are to be the that
as a matter of fact i'm indifferent with them i dot
reveal the world's west with can happen and
your witness partner i have
anymore witnesses for the defense i guess not john a
at this time groups that wrong
what you got no case whatsoever devilishly but your honor i never
thought of marrying this woman
nobody has proved i acted american a-ten you are not may have a call this delay
to the stand go ahead
and our our discover a
u_s_a_ meticulously crafted a valuable your teeth
meaning you can do you recall the wording which proposed to you connie at
and common very well
would you mind repeating them please
no not that great
three as you said that the u_n_ thing
him moon
still domingo some
can actually are on other dependent care of the sleeve
all but managed to my client and the cost of the song has to go to sleep that
you're saying there's a lot of this bill right
well yeah i don't know what your piece of churches that are set
proceed mister ride
thank you did you know
so and sheet
land that made gift they it says baggage
ten million
looks cool
that means except the twenty eight am not
yeats poem likening real please
falling in newark
barlow i ask you if the defendant said that
does his lawyer
uh... this is a musical treat the course of the majority
school radio quote be dead
mainline darling in
deduction on whidbey mom
or criteria hiking like we got the court pleasure but
i wish to call to get your attention to that class
hold me my darling and say that you will always be mine
that the whole thing in a nutshell let
lady shea
my eyes
holding you
no more muted
mindy fall
who live in
gold ideal
moaning uke lows
to me
america list just
the uh... to london
you can actually vmi
online do you look like we know why why or
who what what what attention barack
need to learn
and you'll miss them
well i don't know how you're probably a lot of a majority but that's on top of a
haha quite heavy recovered it wait wait
route one of the directions that you fiend in human form i well i a sorry
about your plan
all right gentlemen you may give you a vertical
oh wall
with the jacket
political upheaval but they don't wake up call to you
allying its e_u_ case
at just glad that they're talking about distribute ninety nine degrees i mean
something tells me nevermind we've got a settler tonight to do anything but set
that you can settle it now gillis w_ you make a ten thousand is that applied to
l_b_o_ they will do it your way
woody calendar it had that they can scare me
e-card carry this case all the way to the supreme court appetite this thing
through education and give it a cadre thank you god
well still at less than five thousand dollars the
i've just had a better idea this waiting cost-shifting elective office why don't
you mary decker right now
i've got to sleep on it did not everybody it