[ENG] 23-Year-Old Little Girl Zhu Jie on China's Got Talent 袖珍人朱洁-螢火蟲

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My name is Zhu Jie and my boyfriend Qin Xue-Shi.
This is her first contest, but she didn't tell me it's the show China's Got Talent.
Even though I am 23 years old, everyone still thinks I'm just a little child.
Zhu Jie, are you feeling tired? Falling asleep yet?
I'm okay!
I like to sing and dance. Even though I'm small, I will put in a 100 times the effort to stand on that stage and sing.
Today I'll stand on this stage and use all my heart to sing my song from start to finish.
Dear child, what is your name?
My name is Zhu Jie. I'm 23 years old.
You really look like a child. At first, I thought you were 11 or 12 years old.
Are there times when you feel troubled or upset?
In the 23 years of my life, there were many things that bothered me.
For example, sometimes I'll try to get a taxi, but the taxi driver won't stop for me.
Because if a child tries to take a taxi, the taxi driver will wonder if they have any money to pay for the fare.
Situations like that happens a lot.
Your voice has never changed?
That's right.
Let us hear your beautiful childlike voice.
Firefly, firefly, flying slowly
In summer nights, in summer nights, wind blowing softly
The child who is scared of the dark, please sleep tight!
Let the fireflies give you a bit of light.
Little glowing bodies in the night
Guide the travelers at night to the right direction.
In their short life time, they glow with all their might.
Allowing the dark gloomy world to fill with hope.
Firefly, firefly, flying slowly.
My heart, my heart, is still chasing after.
As lights in the city brightly shine and glisten...
Who will remember your glowing light?
Do you know whose song you were singing?
I know. I was singing Annie's song. Thank you. (referring to female judge)
All of a sudden, you make me remember that I sounded just like that when I sang that song long ago.
But I want to ask you, Zhu Jie, a question. Being a little person, is it difficult to have a love relationship?
Not at all. Actually in my company, there are a lot of people who have a crush on me.
I believe I'll find happiness someday.
My tears are running now. I rarely hear such moving words, even though they were just simple words.
We all believe you will find happiness.
Thank you sir.
Your smile is just beautiful.
Do you have family or friends with you today?
My boyfriend is actually here today.
Really? Let's bring her boyfriend out, shall we?
Allow me to introduce
Is this puppy love?
How old are you?
I am 1 year older than her. I am 24.
How did you two meet?
We met at a performing arts and entertainment company in Beijing, doing shadow puppet performances.
We first met when we were auditioning together for the entertainment company.
A love relationship like this is truly a bliss.
At the time, was it you who made the first move, or him?
It doesn't matter much. Many people in the company had a crush on me anyway.
Is he one of the ones who had a crush on you?
Yes that's right.
I want to ask your boyfriend. What do you like most about Zhu Jie?
Everyone, let's show some support for him!
Zhu Jie...
I love everything about you.
The reason I want to sing this song is because I feel that this song is talking about me.
I am the little firefly in the song.
Even though the firefly is very very tiny...
But it will still glow brightly in the dark.
Ok, so what do you say?
Biggest thank you to you both for bringing us so many wonderful moments today.
My choice is, YES!
We wish you both find love and happiness together.
Congratulations, you are through to the next round!
Mom, you know the contest I entered?
I just made it to the next round!