The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Uploaded by imingleinsurance on 10.02.2011

Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!
Oh, zircons! How cute, it’s like those late night commercials.
They’re real diamonds. You realize I’m proposing to you, right?
Oh, um, I didn’t realize because they’re, they’re a little small.
But they’re real, just like my love.
I hope you didn’t pay a lot for them.
Oh honey, I can’t believe you did this. I, I mean really, I can’t, I can’t believe
you did this. Wake up honey! You know how I feel about the diamond trade. Just awful,
I mean, didn’t you see that email I sent you three months ago, describing every awful
thing about it? And didn’t you see that movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, and that other
guy, and I think that other guy was nominated for an Oscar but, it was a really bad movie-
Oh my God! I’m just saying. THIS is the way you propose to a woman. It’s wonderful;
it’s practical; it's--!
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So. MAX. Are you seeing anybody?
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