Dance Moms - Season 2 Episode 19 - Worst Birthday Party Ever - Full Episode Recap - Todrick Hall

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TODRICK: What's up everybody?
It's your boy Todrick.
Thank you so much for coming back to yet another week of
Dance Moms recap.
I am in Texas in my wonderful penthouse apartment.
And I have two of my really good friends from
Texas here with me.
NICK: Hey.
DICK: Hey.
TODRICK: Everybody, world, meet Nick and Dick.
How did you all appreciate Dance Moms this week?
NICK: I thought the choreography was actually
really good this week.
DICK: It was almost like menopause Bad Girls Club.
TODRICK: OK, so this week at the top of
the pyramid was Chloe.
ALL: Go Chloe.
TODRICK: This week they're going to Starbound competition
in Atlanta, Georgia.
And last time they went, Abby about had a
breakdown, so this--
this week she is like so full on about the competition.
They're doing a whole bunch of solos.
Chloe and Maddie were the only people chosen to do a solo.
But then, drama starts and they bring in Peyton and
Leslie, which is always--
NICK: Drama.
TODRICK: A recipe for disaster.
And so, anyway, they're doing a really cool group number.
The trio is Nia, McKenzie, and Paige.
NICK: Yup.
NICK: Nia didn't do so well.
DICK: Nope.
TODRICK: OK, so the girls show up one night for rehearsal,
and Chloe is not there because she's going on a camping trip,
which we know Abby's going to freak out about.
So then Abby pulls Peyton into the group.
And not only that, but she gives Peyton a solo.
DICK: Right.
TODRICK: And it's a hot mess.
Then uh--
NICK: The mom's don't like that.
TODRICK: The moms are not feeling that at all.
Which, understandably so--
NICK: Yeah.
TODRICK: Like she's not part of the group.
And every time she comes in the group, every time, she
gets a solo.
Oh, wait, the most important thing.
They're auditioning for a role on Drop Dead Diva.
And so all the kids are trying to learn the lines and stuff
to audition for Drop Dead Diva.
Then they cut to Cathy at Candy Apples.
And her kids are auditioning for Drop Dead Diva too, but it
was like literally the worst acting.
Like from Keanu Reeves school of acting so--
NICK: Stick to dancing.
TODRICK: Stick to dancing.
Stick to dancin'.
NICK: Well, it is Kelly's birthday and--
TODRICK: She's turning 41.
NICK: She's turning 41.
And they invite Leslie, and one of the mom's ask why she
invited Leslie and--
TODRICK: And Leslie comes in and she's not actually--
I didn't think she was that mean--
TODRICK: But Kelly and Christy are like on it.
And they had been drinking a little bit.
And it blows up into this huge thing.
And Leslie's there for like five seconds and is trying to
just eat a sensible spoon of icing and nobody will let her
eat whatever else she's trying to eat.
DICK: She's like--
TODRICK: She's like--
DICK: Oh blah, blah, blah.

TODRICK: She's trying--
DICK: Like put it in your mouth already.
NICK: She ends up leaving and throwing something at Kelly.
TODRICK: Which--
NICK: Or Christy.
TODRICK: We don't even know what it was that she threw.
DICK: We needed to know what it was, but they didn't--
NICK: I think she threw her ice cream at her.
TODRICK: So then, they get to the competition, and
take it away boys.
NICK: Paige, Nia, and McKenzie do the trio and it--
it didn't go well, but they ended up
coming in fifth place.
DICK: The little girl missed her opening.
Like she didn't come out on the stage like she was
supposed to.
And then Nia, when she did her front--
NICK: Aerial.
DICK: Something yeah--
she just fell on the ground, but she played
it up though, so--
NICK: And then Chloe came in fourth place
in the Junior division.
And Maddie came in first.
DICK: They look like those music boxes with the
ballerinas that just spin.
I don't do dance, so that's what it looks like to me.
NICK: And Peyton ended up coming in second
for the teen division.
TODRICK: I know, go Peyton.
She doesn't get--
DICK: They blamed on not having enough practice time.
NICK: She wanted to come in first.
DICK: Right.
NICK: But--
You win some you lose some.
TODRICK: Anyway, it was a dope episode.
I can't wait to find out what happens next
week on Dance Moms.
I'm Todrick.
NICK: I'm Nick.
DICK: And I'm Dick.
And you're watching FYI.

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