Windows 8 Release Preview

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 01.06.2012

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here with a video
going over the Windows 8 Release Preview. With the latest
version of Windows getting closer and closer to a final
release the OS is getting much better but is it going to
be a solid upgrade? If you tried the Consumer Preview a
few months ago you’ll see that much of Windows 8 is the
same. The Metro UI is very much still here and basically
unchanged which means that you’ll have an interface which
works very well for tablets and touchscreens, surprisingly
good on a laptop with a multitouch trackpad and a bit
awkwardly with just a mouse and keyboard.
The standard Windows Classic interface is also still
included. Right now it looks just like Windows 7 with the
Start button removed and a new more Metro-y skin however
Microsoft has already shown off screenshots of what it will
look like when Windows 8 ships later this year and it does
entirely away with Aero in favor of a much more basic style.
There are some new features in the Release Preview. For
starters the Metro version of Internet Explorer 10 now has
a stripped down version of Flash. It only works on sites
Microsoft has whitelisted but it is nice if you want to
watch YouTube in Metro. Full Flash is still available in
the Classic version of IE 10 and in standard browsers.
There are also some new Metro apps such as the Bing News
app. It works similarly to Flipboard with a variety of
stories that expand out into full screen mode when viewing
them. There’s also a new Wikipedia app that allows you to
view everything in a very nice Metro interface. Something
that continuously impresses me is just how great Metro apps
can look, especially when you consider that these apps are
designed with everything from a tablet to a desktop in mind.
Probably the biggest improvement in the Preview is speed.
Windows 7 was a major improvement over Vista as far as
responsiveness went and Windows 8 looks to be another leap,
especially if you’re rocking a system with an SSD. Apps open
very quickly and the entire OS just seems to respond
immediately, even when switching between Metro and the
Classic desktop. Ever since Microsoft showed off the Metro UI
and the approach they’ve taken with Windows 8 I’ve been firmly
on the fence until I was able to try the whole picture for
myself. With this new Release Preview I have to say that I’m
finally impressed. For tablets and laptops this seems like a
very innovative and new OS and even on a desktop you can use
it like a faster, more responsive Windows 7. Microsoft is still
promising more new features and surprises between now and the
release, likely in October but in the meantime you can feel free
to download the Release Preview for yourself and give it a shot.
You might just be surprised. If you enjoyed this video definitely
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