ROC curves in

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welcome back
thank you for being here
We will see the ROC curves
In five minutes, approximately
now remember the last
lecture when we saw
the sensitivity and the specificity in patients with
positive or negative tests
those tests were, such as the ultrasound, were
categoric tests
I mean, they were
whether positive or negative tests
let's imagine we now know use a continuous test
first we imagine this group of patients in which we suspect to have
some patients will have appendicitis and some patients will not have appendicitis
now we draw us our blood sample
chain we
to seek or disease patients chand
healthy patient in these right
this then reversed as the white blood cells from three thousand to the right
twenty thousand to the left
healthy patients and it is the station would be distributed and easily
approximately this is what happens in real-life
too much in the station
with twenty thousand
white blood cells
what will happen if we could see the station us possibly
peace with the station being a troop of skin
well with the station be a false positive
the station will be a
through positive
and we can
drove pauline
with it reported it
going up
wish represents the sensitivity
and there
towards possibly going to the right
uh... one-liners if he said
now imaging team
winter disease yet which is a true positive
is calling up india graphic
in blue
put peace patience without them decide as to the right becoming did direct
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we remove will be going off
canada false-positive would be going
ninety-three going up
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initiation obtained by
iddm program
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healthy patient so we can not
and into the whole thing
d_c_ stations
willingness to take separate species from healthy
indices being stations will be to that
and a healthy patient would be to the right
pc seller ideal tests of course
that oldie stations
would be great to classify
setback this means that they would be true positives
and the false positives
would be to the right
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continuous test