Dakea First Installation Movie

Uploaded by DakeaChannel on 05.12.2012

Hi, I'm Marc Harris with Altaterra. We're here today in North London, to do a new Dakea roof window install.
Here with me, we got our roofer, Mike.
- Mike? Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you too Marc. You're alright?
Yea, thanks very well. So tell us a little bit about yourself and what we're doing here today.
I've been in the business for 10 years, and today we're removing existing faulty window, and we're putting new Dakea window.
Excellent. And why did you choose Dakea?
I've heard a lot of positive feedback from suppliers about it. As professionals it is important to use the right products,
and these windows are designed for professionals, so it should be good, and I'm looking forward to it.
- Excellent. Well, weather permitting, let's get started. - Yea, lovely.
Mike, now we've got the box open, and the window set to go.
Just want to talk a little about the components.
We've got the insulation collar, the underfelt collar, and we've also got the fittings in this box here.
We've got two envelopes. One envelope is for you, with the instructions in.
The other envelope, we give to the homeowner. We'll talk about that a little bit later on.
OK. Well, in the British climate we're used to harsh conditions.
Why is the window up to the job?
There's a couple of things I wanted to mention to you. We've got Max Protect.
The Max Protect element of this means that at every given stage in our manufacturing processes
we've really thought about the design and incorporated in the harsh conditions it will endure so the window is to the job.
Masterwood, basically means we've sourced that raw timber from Nordic Pine
which means that it is much more durable because it's denser.
OK, sounds good Marc. Let's crack on!
So Mike, How are we doing?
Really good Marc. Got the old window out now.
Brackets are on the new frame and we're ready for the insulation collar.
Of course we're using the insulation collar because it is much easier than cutting down insulation sheets.
Just peel off the sticky back. It's all self adhesive. Just pop straight on.
- So, all we need to do, is do the other three sides and we can pop it in. - Fantastic.
Excellent. I'll go get the tea on.
So Mike, where' we at?
The new frame is in. The insulation is on, and now we're ready for the underfelt collar.
Right, well. The underfelt collar is breathable, watertight, and it's stretchable.
More importantly, it's one piece so that instead of having to overlap or underlap any other underfelt on top there,
obviously you can get this done a lot quicker.
So Tony, Mike has fitted the window upstairs. You have seen the branded features. Are you happy?
Oh it's a lovely window. Wonderfull. Better than I thought. Much better.
Glad to hear it. Right. Well, within our orange envelope
there's the bits and pieces you need to know about our accessories, the blinds, the rolloup blinds, the venetian blinds.
Have a look through, see if they are of any interest to you.
And of course, we've got a 10 year guarantee as standard.
If you register it on to the website, it becomes 20 year guarantee. Gives you peace of mind. What do you think of that?
Wonderful. Comfort with. Wonderful.
- Good stuff. Well, let's crack on and do it now then. - Lovely.
Mike - now we've fitted in the window, there's only a couple of things I wanted to point out to you.
We've got a titanium dioxide coating on the outside of the glass, which means that UV rays and the rainwater will almost self clean it.
When we open the window, we've got gas springs so it stays exactly where you leave it.
So you can have it in any setting.
Alright Marc. I've already registered online for the Cash Club. How do I go about registering this particular window?
It's really easy. All you have to do is open the window up,
and at the very top, you'll see a unique individual reference number that's identifiable for the window
and next to it, you've got a QR code.
Take your smartphone, put it over the top, scan it, and that will take you straight to the website.
You've only got to register the homeowner, where you've fitted it, and that way, after you've fitted five windows
you'll get your money, transferred directly to your bank account.
So Mike, the Dakea window is in, what do you recon?
Really easy to install, really quick. Great mechanism, the way it opens and shuts. I'll recommend it to anybody.
- Excellent, and you'll be using it again? - 100%
Well, one more thing to do mate. Raise a toast. Job well done. Cheers!