Mahabharat - Episode 10

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The Crown Prince of Mathura...
the powerful but agoistic Kansa
had 1st loose a reign of terror
Maybe he likes the ruins because
whenever his army passed by
it seemed like a
dark ominous whirlwind passing by
Probably he did not like any other living creature
which is why
whenever he returned after his campaigns...
one could smell the odor of Death
Welcome O King of Magadh
My son-in-law
l was going to Mathura
to congratulate you on your victory
But when l heard you were on the way l returned
There is none in lndia greater than you
This armour seems
to be a part of your body
l have seen many warriors but none greater than you
What are you saying?
l speak the truth O Prince
Let's dine at my camp and then...
proceed to Mathura
How is that possible?
You are within the Mathura border
You will dine with me
and then come with us to Mathura
There is no need to go to Mathura now
l merely wanted to congratulate you
Yes, l will surely dine with you
Come let's go
lf you praise me so much
l'll start believing you
Do not think Kansa
that l am praising you
because you are my son-in-law
l am praising you because you deserve it
You are the future of lndia
Your father
and l...
we represent the past...
the last rays of the setting Sun
You will be the king soon
Kansa, the King of Mathura
With your blessings O King of Magadh
My blessings are always with you
Attention! Attention!
King Ugrasan is on his way
Yes Akrur
A few citizens would like to see you
The doors of the palace and my heart
are open to all citizens
Your face speaks of a grave problem
The problem is grave
What is it?
lt is better that the delegation
tells it...
because it is best heard from the horse's mouth
Bring him into the court with respect
Present the delegation
Victory to the king
Why this delegation?
l was afraid to come alone
You were afraid to see your king?
Which means l am unworthy of the throne because
even the palace should be open
for the citizens
State your problem without fear
There is only one problem
What's that?
Prince Kansa
Kansa? What has he done?
Whatever it is, it is not good
You're his friend Vasudev
Friendship does not mean
that one should support a friend's misdeeds
Prince Kansa has hurt the very soul of Mathura
May God grant you a long life
lt is your duty to think of Mathura's future
Victory to the king
Go ahead citizens
We regret to say O King that...
Prince Kansa's atrocities have crossed all bounds
Neither our lives nor our culture is safe
The honour of our daughters is not safe
Our city based on the banks of the sacred Yamuna...
has become a city terror
l'll talk to Kansa
Victory to the Prince
The citizens made a representation
What did father say?
Vasudev did the talking
But father must have said something
He listened to him with care and was pained
ls that so?
Where's the king now?
Consulting the astrologer about your sister's marriage
Find an auspicious day
so that my dear Devaki's married life
will be an eternal happiness
Of course
Prince Kansa is coming here my king
Without bathing?
Smelling of the blood of innocents?
And that, too, at this auspicious moment?
My respects father
You should have had a bath
lt seems my father dislikes the smell of victory
Success soaked in the blood of innocents is defeat
l think you are unworthy of becoming the Crown Prince
And you are unworthy of being the King.
What are you saying my son?
What you heard my father
And what l am saying is the truth
You may now give your last order
Will you take off the crown or should l do it?
You are taking a long time to decide father
Tell me will you take off the crown or should l?
No, l will take off the crown
But remember this Kansa
The Sinner's sins are enough to kill him
Your end is near
Fear the wrath of God
l'll take care of God later
First let me deal with you
Take Mathura's deposed King
to the darkest dungeon
You are not even worthy of my curses Kansa
See that my father has no problems
As you wish
The only problem l have is that you are my son
lt is time for you to renounce the world
Consider this to be your hermitage
and begin your prayers
And if you still want to think of politics then
you should realize that
a weakling has no right to be a king
History has insulted Mathura by making you its king
l can say nothing about History
but Time has insulted me
by making you my son
You are not my son
but a punishment for the sins of my past life
You are not my son...
but a curse to Mathura and lndia
But every curse has an end
Kansa, l shall wait for your end
Do that! Wait for my end!
lt will help you pass the time
O my God!
ln my next life give me a son if l deserve one
lf not, give me a stone
which l shall worship as a symbol of Lord Shiva
But do not give me another Kansa
How did this happen Akrur?
Kansa imprisons the king and we could say nothing?
Such a big insult to the throne and humanity!
Anger is Man's greatest enemy Vasudev...
because Logic is the first casualty of Anger
So, should we watch all this silently?
We have a duty towards Mathura?
Does friendship mean that we silence our Conscience?
Yes, Ethics says that!
ln it lies the ultimate good
He needs your friendship
He will ask for it
Give him whatever he asks for
People like you must live so that Kansa can be destroyed
So, stay on in spite of the humiliation and sorrow
Victory to the king
What's it?
Vasudev would like to see you
Bring him in
Come in my lord
Come in my lord
You may not have liked the manner in which l became king
What does it matter
You were to be the King...
today or tomorrow
Even then...
tell me the truth my friend
lf my eyes were at the throne of Mathura l may
have felt bad
lf you are really happy on my becoming king will you
listen to me?
You have to merely order
No. Not an order my friend
Merely a suggestion from a friend
A friend's mere suggestion mere suggestion is an order
Tell me
l would like you to
wed my sister Devaki...
so that we will be bound together
But Rohini?
ls your heart so small that you cannot
find place in it for both Rohini and Devaki?
Won't you give me some time to think?
There should be no wall of thought between friends
So, honour my friendship
by accepting my proposal
l cannot refuse my king's order...
nor a friend's proposal
Come embrace me
We are related now
Find an auspicious day...
for the marriage between Vasudev and Devaki
As you wish Prince
Not Prince, call me King
As you wish my king
Find such an auspicious date that this
marriage strengthens the bond between us
This marriage should be
celebrated with great pomp and grandeur
Bless you my friend
l am happy to see you
a bridegroom today
Till today you were a friend
Now you are my brother-in-law
Take good care of my sister Devaki
My lord the chariot is ready
Not you charioteer
Today l'll be my sister's charioteer
As you wish my king
Come Vasudev Come Devaki
Praise Lord Shiva
Welcome O Sage
You have come at an auspicious moment
Bless Devaki and Vasudev
l have come here to bless them O King
l was waiting for this marriage
May you have eight sons
O King not only l but Death itself
was waiting for this marriage
because Devaki's eighth son will cause your death
and free Mathura from your atrocities
Don't invite your own death O Sage
l have prophesied the future
l have been waiting for this moment for years
Do not fear. This monster cannot harm you
You are a liar O Sage
Sages do not lie. God give me a sign
Kansa your end is near
Devaki's eighth son will cause your death...
and free the world from your atrocities
Good you warned me
l will not allow Devaki's sons to be born
Then what will you do?
l will kill Vasudev and Devaki
Then, how will they give birth to sons?
Don't do that Kansa
Don't kill your sister
lt is her son who will cause your death
Kill him but not her
What if you don't hand him over to me?
Put us in the dungeon...
and release us only when you are free of fear
Kansa l am your oldest friend
l have risked my life for you
Why penalize us for the fault of our son?
You loved me and yet
now you want to kill me?
Yes, Kansa you are a brave warrior
Fight and vanquish your Fate
Draw a new Fate line on your palm
lmprison them in the dungeon and kill their sons
lf you kill their eighth son you will become immortal
So be it!
Throw Vasudev and Devaki into the dungeon
And till l kill the eighth son...
imprison this Sage too
l will punish the Sage after killing the eighth son.
Put this sage into the leper's cell
What has Devaki done?
How can she...
bear the rigours of the dungeon?
Not Kansa father
Call me King Kansa
Put these two in this cell
Devaki will bear eight sons in this cell
lnform me
of every birth
As you wish O king
Listen to me brother
What have l done?
Am l not your favorite sister?
Then why this?
lf l did not have to prove to Brahma
that a brave man can write his own Fate
l would not have punished you
Your Fate line does not favour your brother;
it favours Brahma
lf l did not have to show Brahma
that l am not afraid of my Fate...
l would have given you the death sentence
l will allow your eight sons to be born
kill them and then ask Brahma...
what happened to my prophesied Fate
Victory to the king
Rohini would like to see you
Who's that?
Vasudev's first wife
Yes my king
-Bring her in -Yes
Come sister
You have betrayed a friend How then am l your sister?
l had merely come to see
how arrogance and the fear of death
can destroy a friendship
Please sit sister
When you have no place
for your own sister...
why bother about me?
l am still fond of Devaki and Vasudev
My fight is with Brahma
My fight is with the Prophecy
l do not like to see
my dear friend in prison
That very thought makes me
spend sleepless nights
But what can l do?
Please go and tell them
that l am still fond of them
After killing their eight sons
l shall bring them back to the palace with honour
But the prophecy concerns the eighth son
Why then do you want to kill all eight?
That is the problem Rohini
How does one decide
which is the first son?
What is the problem O King?
Can you not count up to eight?
l do know how to count Rohini
But from where does one start counting?
Suppose someone draws sight points on this circle
Now, if l am not present when the points are marked...
how will l know which is the first point
and the eighth point
lt is my duty to protect any life
lt is also my right
What else can l do?
Go there and give them courage
because l have heard
that Devaki is pregnant
How unlucky l am!
l cannot show my happiness at becoming a mother
Because l know
that this child
is condemned to die at birth
Trust in God Devaki!
For only He knows what is
in our Fate
Man is helpless
lf this dungeon is the essence of our Present
then it is certain that
our eighth son is the essence of our Future
Wait for our eighth son Devaki
He will be our Fate, our Religion...
and our Prayer
When he comes, he will be the salvation of the world
You are blessed O Devaki
For, you will be the child's mother
And blessed is this dungeon
For, this will be his birth place
Vasudev is right Devaki
Waiting is now the essence of our lives
Wait for that Great Man
for the entire world is waiting for Him
There is none brave enough...
to challenge Kansa
lf our eighth son is his death
then why kill seven innocent children?
This is how sin accumulated
Now be quiet my dear
Have you remembered any other prophecy?
lf so tell me!
l'll say only this
Your death is eight steps from you
You cannot escape the prophecy
You are a great humorist O Sage
But do not forget O Sage that my sword
can cut through every prophecy
That's enough. Take him away
What kind of an uncle is he
who will kill his own nephews?
ls this a punishment for our past deeds?
Do not be sad my king
This is not a punishment for our past deeds
lf that is not the case then...
why are we here?
We have come here to welcome that Great Man
who will destroy Kansa and his atrocities
this is a great honour for us
You are my son-in-law Vasudev
and l am ashamed at this treatment
Please forgive me
This is not a penalty but a blessing
We have been trusted with the Future
Just dream of Kansa's downfall
and the dungeon will not seem all that bad
God Himself will have to take birth...
to free the world of Kansa's atrocities
My blessings
How are you my lord?
All right but l cannot bear to see Devaki suffer
l do not have the strength
to give her courage
Please explain to her
Give her courage
Come sister
Please lie down
No. l am okay
lt is my bad luck sister
that l had to meet you here
There's no place for you to even sit
Do not be sad Devaki
Wherever my lord is
that place is honoured for me
But for Kansa's permission l would have come here
to wait for your eighth son
Wipe your tears Devaki
And remember that even God needs
a mother to be born on this Earth
Learn to bear these days
because you will nurture the seed of Man's welfare
There are no days here sister
So, how can l bear them?
Here, there is only one long night...
away from the warm Sun
l will be happier once the child is born
Do you think Kansa will kill this child too?
Why should he do that Devaki?
Like us, he, too, is waiting for our eighth child
Do not consider me to be a stranger Devaki
l share your every grief
Come again sister
Of course
l'll go now
O Woman, the Lord
shares your sorrow
Do not weep, the Lord...
will be born to you