The Guild Season 6 Production Diaries - Day 11

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 27, 2012


My name is Brian Kameoka, and I am the second, second
assistant director, which means I support the first
assistant director and the second assistant director.
And I help get talent ready when they come in, make sure
they get their hair and makeup, stay in
touch with the cast.
And then the other primary responsibility of mine is
working with the background you can see over here.
And we have a really great group of people that came
together last season when we had 100 something background
And they formed their own group called
the Guild of Extras.
So we are able to just go to them and say, hey, we need a
bunch of you to come and look like office workers or come
and look like a bunch of gamers.
So it makes my job really easy because we have a
great pool of people.
And then occasionally we've had them also work as
stand-ins for the main cast.
Especially on the day when it was very hot, we wanted to try
to keep the cast as cool as possible except
when we needed them.
So we would grab some of our background performers and say,
here, stand in this place so the cameras and lights can
focus on the area that we're going to be shooting.
And that way we can get the talent, our main cast, through
their hair and makeup and ready.
At this point, I'm going to go check on our background and
make sure I've got them changed into the proper attire
for the next scene.
KEON JAVAANSHIR: (WHISPERING) These guys have never worked a
day in their life, just talk about it.
Don't listen to them.
This is what they do professionally.
What's up guys?
What's up?
MALE SPEAKER 1: What are you talking about?
KEON JAVAANSHIR: Oh no, just saying what's up.
Never, never, do anything.
All the time, I'm working all the time, full and focused,
keeping sharp.
These guys, no.
Listening to music, all in the [INAUDIBLE].
They've got this big fan.
That's all they know is how to turn on this fan,
plug in this fan.
It's crazy.
BRIAN KAMEOKA: Bree, what's going on?
What are we doing?
BREE: I'm trying to find a lighter for
Corey's birthday cake.
He's old now, pretty much retired.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Quickly, quickly, quickly, Jeremy.
Quick, quick, quick to the kitchen.
BREE: Oh, here's some mustard.
Gosh, Jeremy why is it taking so long?
GROUP: (SINGING) Happy birthday to
Donovan, happy birthday--
BREE: It went out.
It went out.
GROUP: (SINGING) Happy birthday to you--
BREE: Light it, light it, light it.
GROUP: (SINGING) Happy birthday dear, Corey.
BREE: Make a wish, make a wish.
COREY CRAIG: Thank you.
BREE: Happy Birthday.
COREY CRAIG: Thank you so much.
TED MICHAELS: Thank you all for coming.
COREY CRAIG: Next time--
TED MICHAELS: Don't sign off.
We did your show.
Just sit there, take it.
Signing off.