Should I Buy The Nexus 7, Your Question Answered.

Uploaded by HeelsAndTech on 31.07.2012

These are a few of the questions that I’ve been asked lately.
And if it’s your question also, then here’s something I put together to
help you decide.
Which gadgets do I usually have with me when I’m out and about?
I like to keep things portable and as light as possible.
But a phone is a must. I always have my phone with me.
And until now, I’ve done most of my reading, browsing, watching movies on the phone.
If I’m planning to do any work, I also take my laptop with me.
So how would the Nexus 7 fit in with my travel habits?
There’s no question of replacing my laptop if I need to get any work done.
No matter how far the tablet operating systems have come,
They’re still not capable enough to handle the sort of tasks laptops and desktops do
Then the only option is to ditch the phone. But that really isn’t an option.
The Nexus 7 doesn’t have any phone capacity, so it can’t replace my phone.
And it doesn’t have a mobile data connection, so I can’t browse the web on the go.
So my ideal travel kit for work, remains a phone and a laptop.
But what about more casual use like reading and watching movies?
Could the Nexus 7 be an add on to the phone? If you have a small screen phone, that sounds
like a good idea. But what if you have a 4.7 inch, 4.8 inch
or larger screen phone, Would you need the 7 inch screen tablet also?
I’m going to show you some comparisons of different activities on the phone screens
and the tablet screen. This is really for you to make up your own
mind on whether you’d have use for the 7 inch
screen tablet, if you already own a large screen phone.
This is the desktop version of a webpage. The images are clear on both,
And the text is still readable on the 5.3 inch screen.
On the 4.8 inch screen, you can make out the contents of the webpage,
But you may need to zoom in to read the smallest text.
The images are still clear though.
The mobile version of the website is clearly readable on both 7 inch and 5.3 inch screens.
And also readable on the 4.8 inch screen.
PDFs are definitely clearer on the 7 inch screen,
But still readable on the 5.3 inch screen. Smaller text is comparatively harder to make
out on the 4.8 inch screen without zooming in.
This is the Google Books app. Both 7 inch and 5.3 inch screens are readable
at the same font size. The only difference is that the 7 inch screen
shows more content on the page. The 4.8 inch screen holds much less content
on the page compared to the 7 inch screen. You could always reduce the font size to fit
in more content though.
When it comes to watching movies, There’s no doubt that the 7 inch screen
gives a comparatively better viewing experience. But the phone screens still do fairly well.
How about maps? I don’t see a huge difference between what’s
shown on the 5.3 inch screen and the 7 inch. Both are easily readable.
On the 4.8 inch screen, fonts become much smaller, still readable,
But you may need to zoom in for some place names.
I just want to quickly show how the Play store looks on each of the screens.
Reading magazines on your mobile device may be important to you.
With the 7 inch and 5.3 inch screens, the content is easily clear on both.
Even though it’s readable, some people may need to zoom in on the 5.3 inch for the smallest
text. With the 4.8 inch screen, you can still make
out images and title text at a glance. But you’ll need to zoom in for the smaller
For email, the 7 inch screen offers more layout space.
The 5.3 inch screen is more or less similar. The 4.8 inch screen is still readable.
The calendar apps on all three utilise the available screen space really well.
But the 7 inch does offer more content on the screen.
The YouTube app is also well optimised for different screen sizes.
Images and text are clear on all of them. YouTube in portrait mode is also equally readable.
So I hope I was able to answer some of your questions about the Nexus 7 and the large
screen phones. But, one more thing…
What if you have a 9.7 inch or 10 inch screen tablet,
Would the Nexus 7 be a necessary buy for you?
Personally, I believe that they're in totally different categories.
The 7 inch tablet is all about portability. There’s no question that it’s lighter
than the larger tablets. They’re all multimedia devices, and do pretty
much the same thing. When I’m at home, I prefer to use the larger
screen tablet. But when I’m travelling, I find the 7 inch
screen tablet to be more convenient. So for me, both are equally important and
have their uses in different situations.
Well that’s it for the video guys. I hope you liked it.
I'll be uploading the full in-depth Nexus 7 review in the next couple of days,
So I'll see you then. Bye