Visonic's PowerMaster Intrusion alarm systems

Uploaded by MarcomVisonic on 23.11.2011

Imagine offering your customers a wireless alarm system
that has all the benefits of wireless
but is virtually robust and reliable as a hardwired system.
Now, stop imagining
because that wireless alarm system is already here.
Introducing PowerMaster,
the new family of wireless intrusion alarm systems
based on Visonic's groundbreaking PowerG technology.
Based on a multichannel frequency-hopping technology
each frequency band in the PowerMaster network
hops between channels 64 times a second.
efficiently overcoming intentional
and unintentional interference and jamming
Advanced radio technology
delivers an extremely large transmission range,
far greater than the industry standard.
Enabling repeater-free installations
even in very large premises.
PowerMaster uses a unique adaptive transmission algorithm.
Each device continuously measures the communication quality
and automatically sets its transmission power
to the minimum required
for reliable communication with the panel.
This reduces RF pollution and saves energy,
enabling up to 8 years battery life
for the system's devices and peripherals.
PowerMaster system supports advanced applications
such as RealAlarm,
Visonic's visual alarm verification solution.
RealAlarm enables visual alarm verification for burglary,
fire and panic events,
allowing central monitoring stations
to enhance their services and reduce costs.
PowerMaster systems also delivers remote diagnostics
and maintenance tools.
Link-quality indications on all devices
show the RF strength between the devices and the panel
and enables optimal placement of detectors in the premises.
All PowerMaster devices can be configured from the panel
and even pre-enrolled before arrival on site
with the assistance of an on-device locator LED.
Several models of the PowerMaster panel
and a rich variety of devices
are available to answer both your
and your customers' security needs.
Leveraging Visonic's revolutionary PowerG technology,
PowerMaster-10 and PowerMaster-30 ensure the security and safety
of your customers, at home and at work.
PowerMaster Making installers trust wireless