Behind the scenes of GSL: Baneling - Ep 3, Part 2

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Ah, two guests who are so hard to invite.
How could this kind of match-up occur? How do we have a broadcast like this?
Normally, players are too busy practicing so usually they don’t come to this kind of show,
but they came for ‘Baneling’! Now they’ll try to get some strategy hints from each other.
The Final has already begun!!!
By the time this show is aired,
they will be staring at one another like they want to kill each other.
Big thanks to both players for coming to the show.
Commentator (Mr.Park is nervous now!)
So what did you think when MVP came through to the semi-finals?
I’ve always thought of him as the toughest opponent. Things went just as I thought.
Since things went just as you thought did you made some kind of scenario against him?
First off, I watched all his styles.
To be honest, what do you predict?
Just think that nobody is around you.
I think that I will win.
To be honest, since PartinG is on the same team as I am, I wished he would have advanced.
However, if you have to team kill, it's really hard for one to practice.
So it was like half and half. Since it’s MVP who advanced, I can prepare with a light heart.
Now honestly, if you leverage the two, who do you prefer more?
For your career, it's far better to beat MVP, the one with 3 Championship titles. I would, if I were you.
Yes, I did.
Hahaha, you can't hide it!
"If I win, thank you very much!!! MVP!"
How about you MVP? In the round of 8, who did you think you'll meet in the finals?
I didn't predict anyone, but I was sure that Squirtle was the hardest of all to beat.
I kind of hoped that he would lose in the quarterfinals.
I didn't feel as good during the quarterfinals.
Oh, I want to ask something. During breaks, what do the coaches tell you guys?
Is it mental stuff or build stuff? Or is it just simply cheering?
Is he a waiter? Why does he bring the water?
Well yeah, he does bring water for me.
When he comes in, I ask him first.
Get out?
“Coach, I think I won.” Then we do a high five.
Squirtle, what do you say with your coach?
We don't really talk about the game. He just tells me to enjoy the tension.
Yes, because the coaches can't play the game better than the player.
What about when the teammates come in? Do you guys talk about strategy?
Yes, since they are also players.
So who barges in a lot about your strategies?
AcE right???
Yes, AcE, haha.
But sometimes when they tell you a strategy to do, does it always work?
You never really do it, do you?
Yes, I normally don't listen to them.
“I'm the top Protoss of the team, how dare you!”
“Hey, get out. Just go get ready for ceremony!”
Then he might say "Hey should I dance...?"
"Should I rip my shirt?"
How about MVP? NesTea comes in sometimes.
NesTea always says that he's tired.
Why is he tired?
He doesn't know the reason, but he's always tired.
He comes in, and then he says "Finish it quickly and go home"
That's why you do proxy barracks.
All your proxys are for NesTea because he has to go home early to rest!
Can you just not let him come to the finals?
No! No! As soon as NesTea comes into the booth, it means proxy next game :)
Why not make a room for NesTea during the finals, so he can lie down and watch.
Other than NesTea, who comes in the most?
Players? Happy?
Since he's a terran too.
He comes in... and says nothing
Hahaha, he just stares at him.
I look back at him and he's like "Uhmmmmm"
As spectators, we think they are talking about strategies,
but in reality they talk about going home.
The fan’s imaginations might feel disenchanted.
Maybe those kinds of small talks help more than AcE rushing in with strategies.
If he talks about strategies then he might say "Shut up, Ace!"
I believe that MVP will want to win this season even more than before, since LG has joined them.
Does that make you feel a bit pressured?
Well actually, since LG is such a big company, it is a bit burdensome...
but when I'm in the game, I don't really think about it a lot. I do whatever I want,
but I kind of feel like my skills are not at its best.
How's your wrist? A lot of people are worried.
To be honest, I personally don't believe him about the wrist injury.
I think it's a lie. I don't trust you anymore.
Fans were talking about his wrist. He didn't do well for a while
As soon as LG started sponsoring them, his performance went up.
So there are rumors about LG mechanical parts in his wrist.
So, how's your wrist?
During games, I can't really control my grip.
Then how do you win?
I don't know, but I win.
Squirtle, you can't lose to a guy who can't even control his grip.
During the match against NaNiWa, a lot of foreign fans came to the studio.
After the game, I went out through the back door.
They might have shot him with a gun!(Just a kidding)
You took the games too easily.
I looked out while packing my stuff and all their faces were angry!!!
I knew I wouldn’t survive if I went through the front door.
It felt like NaNiWa's home ground.
Yeah, some came all the way from Sweden, but they had to leave right after it.
Yeah, there were fans who came all the way from Sweden because NaNiWa made it to quarterfinals,
but then MVP finished him off within 15 min....=(
Did NaNiWa tell you anything about MVP play style to you?
The quarterfinals just finished so I didn't really have the chance to ask him.
I will when I go back to the team house.
I think he's going to swear.
Daejang has something to say.
Help Daejang out.
What's MVP's greatest strength?
MVP doesn't think at all.
He doesn't have the strong will to win.
You don't have the will to win?
Is that a compliment?
id I do something wrong to Daejang?
You became one!
As former teammate, Daejang makes me sad because he hadn't spoken a word since I came here.
Now his first words are "MVP doesn't think at all???"
Why do you think he has no thoughts?
Back then we they had in-house tourneys, MVP always got 1st
But in broadcasted matches he would always lose That was during SC1
Because before matches when I ask him if he prepared anything,
he would just say "Nothing"
Oh, MVP just didn't want to talk to Daejang.
Just like what Byun said to AcE
When I come to the studio, I don't come with a strategy in mind.
When the SCVs start to mine minerals I think, "Oh, I think this should work."
“Oh, today I want to punish this player.”
How about you, Squirtle? This might be sensitive, it's ok to lie.
I tend to plan everything.
Even if the opponent does something crazy, I have confidence managing those.
IPL finals....
MVP mastered all of the VODs.
I called aLive and he just gave me 12 replay files.
What do you think?
I thought aLive was closer to me.
aLive also told me the search timing for Squirtle.
I've got to search the whole map.
Even though you guys are saying that, I think both of you practice more than anyone out there.
Especially Squirtle, the IPL runner-up and the GSTL runner-up. You're going to exceed MKP soon!
You went too far
Did I? Haha.
Only YellOw exceeds MKP.
Therefore, this final should mean a lot to you.
Yes, if I lose, it'd be a 3rd time as a runner-up. Also, our team hasn’t won anything yet.
It'd be the 4th if you add the 2011 GSTL in February.
I want to be the first for the team.
Now, it's time for Daejang to throw a searching question at them.
Isn't Squirtle's play style hard to play against?
What a blunt question! You're hitting him with a blunt weapon.
Squirtle is not a upgrade Protoss nor a massive unit Protoss.
He comes up with strange attack timings.
Squirtle's timings are uncertain, but mine are too.
When I look at my VODs I think, "Why did I attack at that timing..."
I think MVP knows his opponent's weakest timing like a devil,
whereas Squirtle guards himself like a turtle shell.
Their games are going to be great.
It's just like if you see it as a graph…
even when Squirtle is on the bottom of the graph, he manages to hold an attack and comes back.
Meanwhile, MVP is like "Oh, you're doing that. I won't allow you to do that."
You can't be like that~
Oh yeah, about your ID. On Twitter, you said you can change your IDs.
It is Squirtle->Wartortle->Turtle King, isn't it?
If you change your ID, people might get confused.
Yes, I've thought about it.
Let's leave your ID as Squirtle and turtle king as a nickname. Haha, it's supposed to be cool, but it's so funny.
Is there another nickname that you’d prefer?
I really like what it is now.
There was a cartoon that a fan made. It was a turtle playing with a colossus.
Yeah I set it as a wallpaper.
So, let's wrap it up with the last words before the finals.
I'm very happy that I made it to the finals.
I don't know when this show will be broadcasted, but I will be the one holding the trophy.
Strong words from MVP!
Now from a cute, but strong guy Squirtle… by the way, do you have a lot of female fans?
No... not really.
A lot of fans could be coming from outside of Korea… a word for them in English?
In English…? uhhh...
After those two runner-up outcomes, I think it's my time to take GSL. I really want to win it.
Now, stare at each other!!!
Don't laugh! Do it like you want to kill the opponent!
Thank you for joining us today and we wish all the best for you two!
It was a really fun time to learn about the players from different points of view.
We should do this more often, but they all have to be meaningful. Maybe starting from the quarterfinals?
That’d be good and out of nowhere, StarTale_AcE as a guest. We can talk about this and that.
He’s just always happy.
It was a fun time since we heard about Daejang’s insights about MVP during the BW days. You need to tell us more about these!
When Daejang does a broadcast with someone from his old team, he becomes so aggressive.
For instance, the broadcast with StarTale_SUPERSTAR. I thought they were fighting.
However, we at “Baneling” are trying with all sorts of materials to make this a fun show. We encourage you to give us feedback.
This show will be aired before the finals. The main character of GSL is not us, but the viewers and the fans.
Yes, all you have to do is come to the final and enjoy!
Also, we’ve made a Final Card for our fans that come to the finals.
It’s kind of like a credit card.
Can you buy something with that?
No, you can’t. It’s a souvenir.
There’s a serial number to it so we could do a lottery or
if you collect more than 5 of them, we could give out a graphics card.
All of these are being planned. So you must collect from the very first one.
A Graphics card is big.
You never know what will happen after 10 years.
MVP vs Squirtle card. You never know how much it might be worth one day.
That’s so great!
And it’s limited!!
I saw the card myself, the design is good.
And remember what we have promised!
If the player that we choose loses,
the loser has to go up the stage and do a ceremony with the champion.
Let’s check again.
Squirtle, Squirtle, Squirtle, MVP!
You have to go up to the stage and do a ceremony with them!
You can’t just decide not do it because you’re shy.
I bet everyone picked someone that they like more.
The problem is, even though the player that I like lost, I have to go up to the stage and celebrate with the other player.
That’s why it’s a punishment.
Also Gisado, Daejang, and I will be a guest commentating.
We will be commentating in the audience seats.
That’s really cool. You guys can talk about the things that we miss.
Gisado is just waiting for that day. He’s going to criticize all of your mistakes.
As soon as you guys get things wrong, IT’S OVER!
You never know when “Baneling” will be broadcasted. So please check our site every day. Let’s wrap it up!
We also notify you through Twitter! If you have fun things that you want us to talk about, please feel free to give us feedback.
We’ll close the show with a speech from DaeJang.
Say bye… or something.
Please stay alert for the next episode!