Boat Tragedy Survivor Nick Schuyler Shares His Survival Story

Uploaded by usweathergov on 09.05.2012

>>SCHUYLER: Yeah, February 28. Three of my friends and
myself went out fishing ; Will Bleakley, my best friend who I played football with
at the University of Southern Florida, Marquis Cooper,
the owner of the boat, and Corey Smith, both of which had played in the NFL, went out for
just a random fishing trip and we were roughly
seventy miles off sea and after some time there was a
cold front that set in and... we later were capsized. We were in the water for some time.
The water got worse and worse and worse. The weather got colder and colder and the waves
became larger and larger and unfortunately fourty-three hours later I was the only one
to come back. I survived, ...Rescued.