Love In Magic (연애술사 ) Full Movie (Eng Subs)

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Planning: FILMZ
Investment: Lee & Project
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Love in Magic
Park Jin-hee Yes, it's over. Want to talk to him?
Yeoun Jeong-hoon Hold on.
It's Eun-jeong
Production: Lee Hyo-seung and Cho Yoon-ho
Hi, Eun-jeong.
Did you receive it?
Co-Production: Lee Geun-doo
Do you like the clothes?
Written by: Kim Gyu-won Anything would look good on your body.
I want to see you already.
Photographed by: Hwang Cheol-hyeon Lighting: Won Myeong-joon See you soon, sweetie.
Same clothes again?
So what? I like it.
Production Designed by: Choi Ki-ho Edited by: Nam Na-yeong Pervert.
Recording: Kang Joo-seok Music: Choi Yong-rak (M & F) It's pretty. That pink flower dress.
Hey you!
- Ji-hoon! - Ji-hoon!
Told you it's pretty.
Executive Producer: Jeong Nae-jin
This city is my stage.
Supervising Producer: Park Seh-joon
I'm the main actor
Producer: Jeong Seong-ll and the audience looks at me with love and affection.
Directed by: Cheon Seh-hwan
To pretty darlings I can't have enough
I enchant them with my magic
and they get excited
Love is magic.
You know it's a trick
but having you believe in it anyway.
When the magic is over,
I just get ready for the next performance.
But why the face...?
Why not make a career out of it? You'll do quite well.
Look! The light is coming in this way.
Then you see shades
here and here,
under the chest.
Stoop down little bit!
And it's dark right here.
Look at his stomach!
Don't you guys have the feel for it?
He must be getting a hard-on.
Ms. Koo,
could you caress me too? Please baby...
Why don't you draw with your mouth!
I guess she was doing him with her mouth.
Then what?
The guy couldn't stand and came in her mouth. Ha ha.
So what happened?
She swallowed it alright.
Swallowed what?
You know.
Hey, people can eat just about anything.
Could you open your mouth?
It's all done. Time for gargling.
Hey, Doc!
I keep bleeding...
What's wrong?
I'll be damned.
The pain is gone.
I'm sorry. I'll be there in a minute.
Ah, it was you.
I'll move the car right away.
Where did it go?
I swear it was right here.
It was right here...
Ah, you naughty thing was there.
I'll get to it right away.
I guess I can store your number?
"Let's meet. I can make you scream my name."
"I gotta see your junior first. Take your clothes off."
Never been second best in my life!
Ha, do you like what you see, girl?
You freaking pervert. Fuck.
So you're a ninja turtle this time?
How come you're home so early?
Boning women not going so well?
There are two kinds of women.
The ones you can get into pants with a single try
and the ones that require more effort.
No such girls you can't have.
What's going on? treating me to dinner all of sudden?
Why not?
A friendly gesture from a good friend.
You must have a favor to ask. What is it?
Why don't you open it?
I don't want to leave anything to regret anymore.
I don't want you to think I'm just your friend either.
I can no longer hide what I'm feeling.
I don't look too shabby,
make good money,
and have good personality too.
Turned you off little bit?
I've thought about this for a long time.
I heard kissing is great for preventing tooth decay. Is it true?
That's true.
Then your kiss much be a better tonic.
Aren't we going too fast?
So we'll have time for a prequel and a sequel.
Korean candid cameras...
Now, that's the real thing.
Brother-in-Law You Shouldn't do this...
"A Motel Couple."
I don't care if they film me.
Wanna do it for real.
Great picture quality. Oh, yeah~
What the fuck?
Hold on.
I'm busy man. Call me later.
Where are you now?
Me? Well...
You're at a motel, right?
Get your fat ass out now.
I'm about to come...
You got caught by a candid camera!
Candid camera! Don't you get it?
That's me, right?
Damn it... I'm fucked...
Why don't we go to the police?
Do you want to see me royally screwed?
Why don't we hang a poster?
The Candid Camera Magician Woo Ji-hoon.
Doing this looking at me in action...
Ah, I just blew my nose...
This is not cool, you beast. Blew your nose!
What? Are you a freaking elephant?
Wait a second... What if your partner goes to the police?
You don't even know who she is.
- Who is it? - An upperclassman from a school circle.
Why now all of sudden?
He said he's been interested in me for a long time.
Seven years?
Are you sure he's not a stalker? What a turnoff.
There were plenty of girls going after him.
What does he do?
He's a plastic surgeon.
Girl! Hold onto him tight!
Don't ever let go!
Didn't you just say? he was a turnoff?
Whoever makes more than 10K a month is a great catch.
I envy you, you bitch.
But...? I'm not sure.
You want to teach when you're an old hag?
Don't play hard-to-get and get on it.
If he wants to drink with you, get drunk.
If he takes you to a hotel, go along like you don't know anything.
Give him what you have to give him. Then get him on a leash!
Your life won't be the same. Got it?
You slut...
This place is hot!
Two sexy men are looking for a date.
If they aren't, we won't come here again.
The ones who are taken want more.
- Hey, you! - Teacher...
Ha~ Always tastes great. Come on!
- Pardon? - I said drink up.
Bottoms up!
Oh you cutey.
Already know how to drink.
You kiddo with an old man's face. And a clubbing stud.
Life is good!
I think you're past the age for clubbing.
I know how badly you wanna fool around at your age.
Look at you and your wind-blown hair.
We both have nothing to be proud about. Let's let it lie.
- Okay? - Yes.
Just eat your noodles boy.
Ah~ It's good.
You have a death wish, don't you?
Hold on.
Your homepage is quiet.
I guess no one saw it yet.
You're something. You can't possibly remember all those chicks, can you?
Shut up.
What was the name?
Bora? I'm going nuts...
Sleeping already?
Sleeping already?
Let's break up!
high school...?
That high school!
Remember I did a performance at a high school festival last year?
That teacher!
I thought it was all over?
I really was a fool back then.
Hey...? What are you doing!
Hold still. I'm sorry, Seon-hee. You're something...
- Seon-hee. - What?!
Why did he come to see you?
He wants us to go out again.
After a year?
Said he kept thinking about me.
That sound so romantic~
Romantic my ass.
Are you going to see him again?
Do you think I'm on drugs? No way.
Why not? So romantic.
An old love has returned.
Hee-won, why don't you grow up.
There's only one reason men seek their old love.
When he can't control his sexual drive,
Doesn't earn enough and doesn't have women around her.
That's when they look for old love. Why? 'Cause it's so easy.
How convenient!
Don't believe it...
- Going to the Classroom #8, right? - Yeah.
Ms. Kim, you don't have a class now?
What are you gonna say?
It's been a while... How have you been?
By the way,
you know we're in a candid camera. Crap.
It's Hee-won.
I guess you don't know yet?
Don't know what?
Never mind. Ignorance is bliss.
No, wait. You have the right to know.
Listen hard to what I'm about to say.
Few days ago...
I saw a porno on the internet...
You horny asshole.
Why don't you do it to yourself?
What are you saying! We're on film!
Have you seen the candid camera?
I don't. You pervert!
You and I,
in a motel...
We got caught!
What? Talk to me.
We're on film!
You and I doing it.
Do you think I'll be lying? about this?
I think you're certifiably crazy.
Do you have a better idea?
We can't get a laptop right away.
Internet cafe doesn't work either.
It's safest this way.
If this is a practical joke, you'll get it.
Enough. Turn it off.
- Hee-won. - Seen enough. Turn it off!
- Hey, you know. - This...
You got this from the internet?
Talk to me.
Let go.
Not sure if it's appropriate to talk
about this now...
You're home...
This isn't my home.
Hey, where are you going?
I mean, Hee-won!
I'll take you home! Hey!
Hey, Woo Ji-hoon!
What a surprise?
Ah...? So this is where you live...
Hee-won, why don't you come down? for some fruits? Where is she?
Someone is here looking for you.
Who is it?
A girl.
Tell her I'm not here.
Already told her you were here.
You moron.
She looks familiar.
Let's go to the police.
- I said no. - I meant for our marriage registration.
Don't care if we get a divorce afterwards. Let's get married first.
How can we get married? over something so trivial?
I mean...?
- You and I take care of this quietly... - Why don't we kill ourselves?
Then, why don't we get the bastards?
The assholes who filmed us. You're something...
- Should we get married? - Let's get the crooks.
- But no police whatsoever. - Same here.
What do we do now?
Remember when it was?
Don't know. Let's look for the motel.
- Do you know how many times we went to a motel? - 17 times.
- What's that? - It's my diary.
Didn't record in detail but we'll know the area.
You mean to look through all motels in the area?
Better than nothing.
Anyway, why did you write down? all that?
Wanna die?
Car...? 7 times...
Fewer than I thought.
Took out the car sex.
When do you think we were filmed?
I don't think it was the first one.
Of course not. 'Cause the first was a rape.
You have a way with words...?
So where do we start?
Electronics Land.
You have a hidden camera detector, right?
1GHz detection. Success rate 99.9%. DJX2!
I'll take it.
Are people taking a lot of candid camera films nowadays?
Don't mention it. It's crazy.
Some men do it for keeps.
- Sure it isn't you who filmed it? - Hey, that's not funny...
In times like these, we should trust each other.
We were lovers once you know...
Lovers my ass. Pay for it!
Don't worry. I won't jump you.
Why don't we begin...
Seeing it for the first time?
Just get to it!
Let's go check out the next one.
Hey, we were here less than 5 minutes.
We don't have much time.
If we leave now, people will look at me funny.
Are you done already?
What's up? Come on out now.
Please come often. He he...
What are you thinking? Would you hide the camera there?
Candid cameras live for the bed
where they have the best view of the bed.
Dresser! Ceiling! Next to a TV!
You should look into places like these.
If you're so smart, why did we get filmed?
It's free.
Want one?
- See you tomorrow. - Tomorrow? Again?
And the day after.
You and I need to work...
See you.
I'm home.
Heung-pyo is here again?
Hey, you pigs!
You're home?
Are you home, sister-in-law?
What sister-in-law? Whose sister-in-law am I?
Keep this door open or you'll die!
- Wow, it looks so tasty... - I'm glad.
- Thanks a lot, Mother. - Take your time.
- Do you like sea food soup? - Of course I do, Father.
- Try this too. - Thank you.
Do you like me better or that silly guy?
He's good as our family now.
Watch what you say.
Our family?
We settled on their wedding date.
- Hee-won... - Sister-in-law.
What's the hurry? Did you get knocked up?
Watch what you say. You're an older sister.
I'll be happy if you went out and got yourself knocked up.
Do you even have a man to do that with?
Of course I do.
Then bring him home!
Do you love our daughter?
Then why are you trying to marry her?
You know,
we're stars on the internet.
Do you think I'm happy doing this?
Thank you for taking care of our daughter... really.
Thank you
You know, I'll try. But don't you expect too much.
You're welcome
You really are the best cook. You're just saying it.
Hey, you gotta cover me.
Men are supposed to pay for these kinds of things.
Who doesn't know that? I'm out of money.
Hey! Constipation?!
What are you doing?
Need to ask you a favor.
What is it?
Can you go and get me a tampon?
Hey, you!
Was it good for you too?
Coming here without money?
No, you got it wrong.
He isn't talking to me. What a funny guy.
Did you love it?
- This guy is a pervert! - Are you happy?!
Koo Hee-won.
What did I do wrong in my last life...
You keep your mouth shut.
Too tired to talk.
I'm not feeling so well.
A friend of mine came to my house and...
Where am I...?
Where would I be...?
Take a guess?
Why don't you take a guess.
- That girl... - When were we supposed to meet?
What time is it now? Ah...
You seem worried.
No, I'm not.
Because of me?
I guess I popped the question too suddenly?
That's not it...
I'm ready for your answer, whatever it may be.
I waited 7 years. But you just started.
Take your time.
Great night
Hold on. Wait.
Let's turn off the light first.
Get in, get in! Hurry!
- Hurry! - What's wrong with you?
I'm sorry. It's not happening today.
Are you sure it was Choon-cheon?
We were dressed light. I'm sure.
Wasn't it time of the month for you?
- What does it say? - What says what?
Your diary.
It must say something about me.
It says you're a playboy. Happy now?
- Say it! Don't take it out on the car! - Let's just get something to eat.
Still doing that?
I know what you're gonna say. So don't.
If you don't eat that, you'll wrinkle up real fast.
You're worried about me. What an honor.
Why order seafood spaghetti if you don't eat seafood?
That's the way I like it. Leave me alone.
Why don't you order Jajang Noodle and just eat noodles then?
You moron. It's pronounced Jajang Noodle.
Jambon Noodle is Jambon Noodle then?
Can't you be more childish?
You remember exactly where it was?
Don't worry.
There is only one motel.
You said there was only one?
Where did they all come from?
No way we can find it.
Follow me.
I had to drag you there before. Now you lead the way.
What are you doing? Let's go check the next one.
Slow down, girl.
This was the ninth motel.
It's 5 o'clock already. Gotta get back home before midnight.
There's no way we'll find it this way.
It's not gonna work.
Do you want to find it or not?
I'm not saying I don't want to...
Get off your butt now!
Alright. I'll go. You're killing me...
Hurry up!
- Sweetie. - Hold on.
I just can't do it.
Making it hard on me again.
- Move it, mister! - Okay, okay. I'm coming.
Driving me nuts.
Walk faster.
Again? Give me a break. I'm exhausted.
Exhausted for what?
You don't have to do anything.
Hurry up!
Okay, let's go inside...
This one isn't it either, don't you think?
Let's go back. It's getting too late.
Seeing again tomorrow?
Then what?
Say what you wanna say.
Say we found the motel.
Then what?
Hooray, we found them...? The end.
That's it?
Nothing's gonna change.
Two years max. We hope it doesn't blow up for the next two years.
Should be fine afterwards.
Time cures all,
as people say.
What if it blows up...?
And our families and friends find out?
I lose my teaching job
and can't get married either. Then what?
That's your life. What do you want me to do?
What did you say?
It's not my fault.
I can't be clearer about that.
We're already strangers.
What's wrong with her today?
What's the matter?
Hey, you have one too.
- I need to drive. - Just call for a driver.
She clings on you?
The girl on the candid camera.
She's not the kind.
What? Do you pity her now?
Man, it's not like you.
You won't bet an eyelash even if the girl got pregnant.
What I'm saying is!
You two slept because you liked each other.
It's no one's fault.
Anything happens and girls blame guys.
Let's get down to it. Did you film it?
Did you rape her? Men are there for the taking?
Are we a prey? Why is it all our fault?
That's true, isn't it?
You got old for nothing. You're not a man.
If I may, you did nothing right.
You were lucky you got filmed only once.
It should've been thousands.
Women are there for the taking?
Are they a prey? Why can't you leave them alone?
I think you've had enough.
The fucker now wants me to stop drinking...?
He made me drink before...? Holy shit...
Don't you have pity on her?
All she did wrong was falling in love with you.
You dumped her and hurt her. Now she's on film. Her life is ruined...
What the hell are you doing?
You seduce a girl you don't even love and then dump her.
You're a man so you don't care if you're on film. Life is great for you.
Where the hell are you now?
Hey, it's Woo Ji-hoon.
Where are we going? I want to dance.
Hey! Hey!!
Run, your horsey.
Out of the way.
Hold still. We're getting soaked.
Woo Ji-hoon!
Where did you just touch me?
Your butt.
Don't you dare!
Stop it, please.
What are you looking at?
Do you know me?
You're making a scene.
An internet star, Koo Hee-won!
Let's go somewhere and get some rest.
To a motel? That sounds great!
What the...
I'm scared...
Of what?
Of people.
Just pop in any movie.
Two American coffees.
Drink it up.
What are we gonna do now?
Plastic surgery?
You don't need to.
Just erase your makeup and no one will notice you.
Drop dead!
Don't you worry. No one notices us.
Just beware of those around us.
Once they get to know, it's gonna be one big headache.
Do you have people around you who watch porno often?
My students.
You must be worried.
Let's go the other way.
You girl. Hee-won!
Hurry up and go wash yourself.
I've heard so much about you.
You're a plastic surgeon, aren't you?
- Seon-hee, actually... - Doctor, my complex is here.
Putting it up just a little.
- How much would that be? - Seon-hee.
Why are you sitting next to me?
- Get over there. - That's okay.
Be yourself, girl.
Go on.
Now that's better... You two look so great together.
Sorry I haven't introduced myself.
I'm Lee Seon-hee, her colleague at school.
Got it...
Yes, but I am...
When are you getting married?
Sorry, I'm late.
- Sit here. - Thanks.
We had a company?
Let me introduce them. You know Hee-won, right?
- Hello. - Hello.
- Like I heard, you're great-looking. - Thanks.
This is her husband-to-be.
Is that so? Nice to meet you. I'm Kim Jae-jong.
Nice to meet you.
Don't they look great together?
But they look familiar somehow...
It's because they look great together.
I guess so...
Don't you get near me ever again.
Don't you worry. I'll fix you up. I'm a plastic surgeon for God's sake.
Right turn at the next intersection.
Where are we going? Tell me.
See a motel there?
At this hour?
Get ready for a surprise.
- Daddy. - Yes.
Why don't you introduce yourself? It's my Dad.
Glad to see you...?
But, what's the money for?
Ah, I didn't get a present for you...
It's an allowance for you, Father!
Do you have a death wish or what?
What I meant was...
When a car is moving and someone pops in front of it...
You little assholes...
You need an allowance, don't you?
I'll take care of it. How much do you need?
Was it good for you too?
Does this make sense?
In a law-abiding country, two high school punks beat up a citizen
in front of a motel in broad daylight? Huh?
What the hell are you looking at?
Still no idea what you got yourself into?
Why don't you calm down...? They're still kids.
Kids? Look at their scary faces.
- These guys are punks. - Well...
I'll have them put away to prison. No settlement.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Are they your students?
What would you like to do?
Let's let it lie.
Can't you see my face?
They're punks. Attacked me without provocation.
Why is it unprovoked!
You stay quiet.
Is that so?
Let me hear it.
Ms. Koo, I'm really disappointed.
I saw it all with my own eyes.
What are you saying?
That asshole!
With our teacher!
In a motel!
That's enough!
We don't care and what's it to you?
Sir, I'll settle.
They're still kids. I can let this pass by as an adult.
I saw them go into a motel together!
Hey! That motel!?
With my own eyes!
You mean us going into a motel?
Nothing else?
Saw nothing else, right? Right?
Hey kiddo. Your teacher can't have a boyfriend all her life?
Are you gonna take care of her?
When people are in love, they can go to such places.
That's not a bad thing to do.
- Isn't that right? - Yes.
This fucker is an asshole!
He went into a motel with a different woman today.
I wasn't there to...
Her father owns that motel.
It's her home.
Moron. Try a better excuse.
Shit, it's true.
Her father owns a motel. I was surprised too.
I let them go because I'm such a great guy.
Can't you be gentle?
If this leaves a mark...
Let me off at a nearby subway station.
Why? I'll drive you home.
What's the matter?
What a great life you're having.
Are you still after skirts?
Not worried about the film, are you?
I'm going nuts.
Her father owns a motel. I'm serious.
Let me off here.
- I'll take you home. - No, I said I don't want to.
Alright. Get off then.
Why aren't you getting off?
How can you tell me to get off for real?
I know it now
Your heart towards me.
My spirit which was dead,
I want to forget...
I'm but a lost sheep
in front of you...
Everyone was so good, weren't they?
- Yes, they were really good. - Yes, they were.
- Aren't you hungry? - Yes.
What should we eat?
Woo Ji-hoon!
Aren't we running into each other too often?
Didn't know she had such famous friend.
You flatter me.
It's a small performance.
Does he perform magic for you?
Yes, sometimes.
You don't still do that car key trick, do you?
It's chicken as you ordered. Enjoy your meal.
- It's seafood spaghetti. Enjoy your meal. - Thank you.
Can you take out seafood for me?
I guess you don't eat seafood.
Sure, my pleasure.
I heard you were a plastic surgeon?
Great then.
Why don't you have him take out a spot?
You have this huge spot on your butt.
It's so big I thought it was a birthmark.
You know
when we were kids,
we used to bath together, like between close families.
Isn't it?
It's funny. Our families were like that.
Hyeon-joo, don't you have a spot to take out?
What were you guys to each other?
Just friends.
I can't believe you.
Hey, right there. To the right. Little bit more.
To the right, I said! Come on.
It really is great.
When are you gonna do your performance here?
If I want to, so can I.
You only do yours at high schools.
Hey, this guy is doing it here cause he got connections.
He's worse than me.
Why don't we go see it?
You go by yourself.
You small-minded man. You must be blood type A.
- Go away! - No!
- It's hot. - Tough it out then.
He must think he's a prince or something.
That's a disease, looking at yourself and smiling.
Are you gonna hit me or what?
You should be on a run.
- Hey, we aren't kids. - Four!
- Do you beat women too? - Break up with him now.
- Three! - He's driving me nuts.
Are you a gangster?
I had a great time today.
Same here. Why don't you go in.
Drive safely.
Is that guy a close friend of yours?
That magician friend.
We are just friends, you know...
Let's get on
with our marriage.
What are you doing?
Nothing. Why?
Does your girlfriend know?
Know what?
The candid camera.
She doesn't.
If she finds out, will she still be in love with you?
I don't know.
your girlfriend did it, would you be understanding?
You'll probably get angry, right?
Lie still for two years, and will everything be okay for real?
Aren't you gonna be on the edge?
Whoever you meet,
for the rest of your life...
What's wrong? Anything happened?
- Hee-won. - Sorry. I'm talking nonsense.
what are you doing tomorrow evening?
What's going on?
It's crazy, changing the repertoire on the performance day.
You know how dangerous it is.
Why should I be worried when I have such a capable manager in you?
I believe in you.
Just like everyone else, I fall in love, lose love,
and cry at times.
What I'm about to show you is magic
by a man who almost lost the woman he loves.
Thank you.
I'm going to need help from the audience on this one.
it's the most beautiful woman in the audience.
What are you doing?
Where am I?
What are you doing? You were to do this alone.
Hey, is this thing safe?
Not sure if it can handle your weight.
Hold on tight.
Oh my God!
All set?
Yes, they're up on the stage.
You're now big time. Doing a performance at such location.
Why? Was it touching?
Touching my ass. It was all a planned trick.
Try it.
How did you do it?
It's a present.
You con artist.
Drink up.
Always like that when drunk...
You left it behind.
Come again.
You know Hee-won well, right? Have you heard the rumor?
I'm sending you an email. Check it out to make sure.
There are pictures too? My Lord...
It reads, "My 26th Birthday"
Aren't you going to class?
Sure I am.
I'll get going.
It's so pretty.
It's too small.
You don't know your girlfriend's foot size?
And who gives shoes as a present to his lover?
It's all superstition.
Then, I can run away from you with these on?
Alright. I'll get you something else.
Why don't we test it?
Whether we break up or not...
Now we can never break up, right?
It's arts theory today, right?
Killer body.
Big boobs?
Let me see it too.
No. It's my turn.
She's pretending nothing happened.
She's got some nerves.
But she does have a killer body.
Hand me the file. You promised.
I need to go to the teachers' office.
What the fuck..?
You did that?
You crazy asshole.
You motherfucker!!
- You did it, didn't you, you dumbass. - What?
- Why? - Why? You bastards!
Because of you guys!
There's a strange rumor
going about.
Is it true?
What are you saying...?
Whether it's true or not,
it'd probably be the same.
Don't know what.
He broke class and beat us.
- Don't know who he is. - Let me take that.
Hello, yes.
This guy is a total wacko.
He broke everything here.
I'm the victim.
Hello? Hello?
What's all this crap? I told you he beat me.
Don't want to hear all that.
Got it.
Why don't you come to the scene and we'll talk.
Sir, look.
Why don't you come on over.
We'll hold onto him.
Cops are on the way.
Get ready for jail, asshole.
You stupid fuckers.
The phone is turned off and you're being transferred...
What's up?!
Are you alright?
Man, this is bad.
Who am I? Who's the Big Daddy? Told you I was gonna get them.
You did? You're the man!
Oops, Sorry...
Were you going to keep it under the wraps for good?
Did you expect me to be so understanding?
Is that how you think of me?
toyed with me.
What's going on not picking up?
Do you know where I am?
I'm in a hospital.
Where should I start...?
When you get this message, pay me a visit to the hospital.
We were in love.
We were in love
just like others.
This number is not in service. Please check again...
You brought my clothes, right?
It's in a shopping bag...
Where's my car key?
Where are you doing?
I met Hee-won that day,
what would have I said?
That I love her? That we get married?
I'm sorry?
I might not have been able to say anything.
But it's not important
what I'd have said or not.
How would've
Hee-won replied?
I said you don't draw with your mouth!
Alright sir. I'll get to it.
How can I help you?
The woman who was just here...
She just left.
Do you know what she was here for?
For a wedding dress.
Got it
Not sure if it's appropriate to ask this...
When is the wedding date...
Woo Ji-hoon.
You were funny back there, don't you agree?
So much better to make a fool out of myself than...
I don't deserve to say this.
But I missed you.
- Ready? - Of course.
Nothing here, is there?
- Hold on. - Why?
Remember this clothe?
The dress you bought me when we first met.
It does look pretty on you.
Hello. Could you move your car?
I'm sorry.
Hold on.
I'm sorry.
Can you move the car now?
Hold on.
I think I lost the key.
Have you seen mine?
Mister, I'm really in a hurry.
Got it. Don't wrinkle your pretty face...
Here they are.
What do you think you're doing, you shorty!
I mean...
What a day.
Hey, girl!
- Just move your car! - Sure...
Why? You don't have a room?
We've met before,
haven't we?