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SHEENA DIMATTEO: Follies dances onto Broadway.
Glee premieres season three.
And Benni Cinkle dances to her new tune.
This is Just Dance for September 15, 2011.
Hey, guys.
It's me, Sheena.
The dance world is reeling with activity this week.
Let's check out what's on the map.
Glee fans, AKA, my Gleeks, the wait is over.
Season 3 is finally here.
This Tuesday on Fox, 8:00 PM.
Set your DVRs, pop your popcorn, do whatever you have
to do to prepare.
The new season is dropping.
Its hitting you like a bullet.
Let's see what Mia, AKA POTENTiALcelebrity, is super
stoked about for season three.
MIA: Hey, guys.
It's Mia.
And I am super excited about the new season of Glee.
It's going to be friggin' incredible.
It's coming really soon.
And it's going to be absolutely incredible.
Mercedes is rumored to be getting a boyfriend.
Nobody know who, but it's going to be great.
More Gwyneth Paltrow is coming,
supposedly, this season.
And she's going to be put into a bunch of the storylines.
And supposedly an Adele song is coming up.
Excited for the new season.
See you later.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: NBC is about to launch a new show entitled
The Playboy Club, which will give us all an inside look at
the secret lives of Playboy bunnies.
The Playboy Club will star Tony award winner, Laura
Benanti, from 3LW, Naturi Naughton, and also the lead
from Step Up 1, Jenna Dewan.
NBC has brought on choreographer Fatima Robinson
to get those little bunny tails shaking.

If you've ever watched Rebecca Black's "Friday" video, you
may have noticed that girl in pink.
Now she's not just that girl in pink anymore.
She has a name.
And it's Benni Cinkle.
Benni has taken her viral stardom and done a lot of good
things with it.
She started a not-for-profit organization and just released
her own music video with her new song, "See Me Now," which
helps kids and adolescents deal with the adversaries in
their lives and come out stronger in the end.
I had the chance to talk with this young philanthropist.
Let's see how all of this came about.
BENNI CINKLE: I wrote my song, "Can You See Me Now," because
of the stories on sixbillionsecrets.com.
And the story and the message of the video is that no matter
what you're going through now, you can get through it.
And you can do whatever you want to do with your life.
The stories in the video are kids who feel
that they're alone.
And they feel like they can't tell anybody what they're
going through.
And through the music video, we targeted those private
moments so kids watching the video can relate to them.
And they see that at the end of the video, all the actors
in the video do get through it.
And they do find hope.
And we hope that people who watch the video
can find that hope.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: The Kennedy Center's acclaimed production
of Stephen Sondheim's Follies just opened on the Great White
Way, starring a slew of A-list Broadway females, including
the legendary Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, and
Elaine Paige.
Follies is a deeply sentimental show following a
group of female performers who reunite years after their days
in the spotlight.
Warren Carlyle's grandiose choreography is absolutely
gorgeous, especially towards the end of the show where he's
really given some moments to let his creativity shine.
It's no secret that dance and fashion have always been
besties but never moreso than in York City
during Fashion Week.
Designer Dominic Louis just teamed up with esteemed
choreographer, Jermaine Brown, to help launch the Spring 2012
Dance Capsule collection.
The unisex collection features high-end, contemporary
performance-driven dancewear.
It was so cool to see how Jermaine's choreography really
highlighted Dominic's new line.
Check out more at DominicLouis.com
We all love watching So You Think You Can Dance on TV in
the comfort of our own homes.
But imagine how amazing it would be to watch all your
favorites from Season 8 dancing it out right in front
of you live in living color.
It's happening.
Your favorite stars from Season 8 are hitting the road
starting September 17 in Orlando.
And you'll be able to see Melanie, Marco, whoever your
favorites were, all on tour.
All right guys, that's it.
That's all the info I got for you.
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