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I miss you. So, you're happy in here?
I'm so happy in here and then?
What's wrong, Sally? No! She's here. No! I saw her!
No one is here, right?
Right? Everything's gonna be fine, right? I promise you.
Okay? I'll go get something to drink. OK...
Kunti, stop it!
Kunti, stop it!
Where do you want to run?
You die!
Mr. Cahyo!
Just let me. Are you sure?
What're you doing?
Please, open the bag. Yeah, yeah.
Come on! Put her inside!
Tie it. As long as it's tied, she'll rot inside forever.
Over there! Over there!
From now on, she'll never disturb you again!
Is that true? I guarantee. Really?
Please, count it.
Sexy girl, I'm coming!
Yeah, yeah! Oh my, just a sec!
Hello. Corpse Hunters' Office. It's Mona. Can I help you?
Yes, sir. We can. Good Heavens! Mona, Mona...
You've teased me this early.
Fortunately, I'm the Boss who always keeps my authority.
Number 11... Keep my authority.
In an empty warehouse? How could the corpse be found in there?
Huh? Committed suicide in a well? OK, then. Thanks a lot.
Mr. Joko! How come! You! Just frighten me!
Who called just now? Neighbor...
...a dead body in the empty warehouse.
Committed suicide in the well. Very creepy!
What's inside your trousers? Oh my! What's this?
Sir, the price tag is still there! What a shame!
Luckily, I'm here.
If not, your authority may go down 199 degrees. Yeah.
The price goes down, but you make it go up.
Beng, there's a corpse in Salak Street. Hurry up!
That's Mona's voice! Oh my! I'm not feeling well.
Who's this I'm peeping then? Who's this? Who?
My legs are heavy!
Oh my!
Who's this?
Luckily it's you. What's wrong?
There... there... there's a ghost! Forget it. Come on!
What's it? Come on! There's a monkey!
How can there be a monkey in the bathroom? Ghost... monkey...
Salak Street... This is the empty warehouse.
Beng, Ji, do your job! Beng...
Sleeping? Beng! Hit me?
Hey, get up! We've arrived! Where? To a club?
That's the empty warehouse. Hurry and get the corpse!
You're not coming? It's my turn to sleep.
Better you die... Hurry up!
Bothersome. Do your job!
Wake me up later. Hey, come on! Oh yeah.
Very creepy! Creepy? You say you're brave.
Why is it, bro? We should take the corpse every time...
...Sukun never comes with us? He's senior, right?
Where's the well, bro?
It's over there.
Too late! Too late! Scream together if you want!
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Sorry, bro. A dead person is also troublesome.
Committing suicide in a well, why not in a room?
Don't be fussy! That's a nuisance.
What a horny guy! Sorry, bro.
Sorry, sorry? Where's the corpse?
There in that well.
I've got a bad feeling. You see it. You go and see it...
...I'll guard you from here. Hurry up and see.
Let's return! You're taking too long... need to be scared. I'm here.
I'll flash my light here. Look at it! Look! No you look... look. You're ordering me? I'm the senior one here.
There he goes again! When are you dying? So I can become the senior?
How dare you! I'm leaving you! Ok! I will!
Hey! Hurry up! Hold it!
Damn you! Just die in the room! Such a nuisance! You!
Hurry untie the rope, Ji. Bro.
Pull! Got stuck, Ji! This one's annoying!
Come on. In the name of God!
It's very dark! Ji, are you OK?
What's OK? I fell down here, idiot!
My flashlight?
Oh, father! What happened to you, Ji?
Oh, dad! The corpse are following me!
Oh my! What's this! I'll get the rope. Just a sec.
Don't go anywhere! Stay there!
Oh my! Don't be too long!
You're dead but still troublesome! Made me fall down here!
Oh my!
You go down there!
Bro! Brother Sukun! Wake up! Be patient, girl.
Be patient, girl? Get up!
Oji fell into the well! Fell into the well?
Yeah. Oji? Get the rope. Did he die or not? Not yet.
Beng, I'm sinking!
There are a lot of corpses! Hurry up!
Come on! What's it? Why should I join you?
He fell inside the well there. What the hell is Oji doing?
Ji! Are you OK? Ji, are you still alive?
Hey, he's OK. You take care of him. Where are you going?
I want to drink coffee. I'm sleepy. You handle that.
He's sick!
Ji, are you still alive? Don't be kidding! Hurry up!
Oh God!
Catch! Hurry up!
Ready or not? Come on! Hold it, OK.
Hurry up! They're staring at me!
Hurry up! There are a lot of corpses! Yes, Ji!
You appeared! Hurry up. Yes.
Are you happy? Yeah, yeah...
Ji, have a rest.
Where's Sukun? He went to drink coffee!! he's crazy!
Damn him! We must report to the police... turned out there were many corpses inside.
Corpses? Yeah. Come on, Ji. Hurry up!
So, you guys found these corpses? Yeah.
We're the ones to find them...
We got used to it. Yes, we got used to it...
Seem to be Joko's men. That's right! Joko!
Ko! Joko! He must be playing with his cock. Joko!
Yes, Mom. You're just playing with cock look at that!
Sit down. Look at that! They're your men, right?
That's normal. They found corpses. They were at the location...'s normal if reporters question them.
Sometimes, I feel confused with you, you know?
Your job is only to hunt dead bodies and play with your cock!
Your salary is small and your face is ugly, too.
Which girl wants you? Be patient, Mom.
There's one. One? Is that right?
If you do, bring her here. Introduce her to me, OK! Yes, Mom.
Yes! I'll cut off this cock!
No! Did you hear!
I've taken care of you all my life.
It's your turn to take care of me.
You've got it all good for yourself...
...when there's a hen passing, you can have it, how about me?
Mona, you know you and I are always together.
We go everywhere together.
I would appreciate it if you can come to visit my house.
Come on, Mona. Don't just keep quiet.
At least, give me a sign, will you?
Yes! You agree to come over?
Mona, just now you agreed, now, you're shaking your head...
...Mona! Mr. Joko! What's up?
It's like this. Actually, l... Mr. Joko...
...I'm chatting with a Malaysian Sultan, he wants to marry me!
How very exciting!
He said I was his type beautiful, sexy, and good in cooking.
Mr. Joko?
Ko! What are you doing?
I know you're peeping a bathing girl, right?
Who wants to peep? I'm frustrated. My life is useless... Mom was right, no girls wanted me. I want to kill myself...
...if I can, I'll die. Your idea is not bad.
How come you agree? I want to die! I want to commit suicide!
Yes you're right! You need to be careful, if someone finds out you'll be beaten up.
I want to die, not to be careful! I Want to jump!
Want to be a brown trousers coolie? Just like me!
Brown trouser coolie? Oh my!
You did jump, Joko?! So, you like it?
Where's he? He went without saying a word!
It means he moved to another location to peep.
I wish he'd fall into the river.
Joko! Joko! Peeping all the time!
Oh my! Wanted to commit suicide, but found treasure instead...
...hope it contains diamonds and jewelry!
The treasure isn't shining? Not shiny?
How come diamonds are soft? Also smelly!
Maybe... maybe... it's a corpse!
When can I have a happy life? No washing anymore.
What's this yellow spot? I suspect...
...maybe, my man played around with another woman! Damn you!
You wait! I'll bash you at home!
Denon! Denon! There you are! Washing at night... many times I've told you not to wash at night. Let's go home. I'm freezing here.
Hey, Denon! Wake up! You washed till you slept.
Are you sleeping or did you pass out? Denon!
Wow! There's someone sexier...
...taking a bath at night.
Want to bath together, bro? Kuntilanak!
Denon, have mercy on me! Denon!
Baby, why are you quiet?
Tay! Satay! Fresh chicken! Satay! Satay, bro.
Wow, I like this one. Not just satay, playing satay is also OK.
How many? 10 skewers. So few? Add more. 20 skewers.
Not just 20, I can give you all.
How much, bro? No need to pay...
...if you want, I'll give you everything. Is that right?
Swear, may lightning strike me.
There's no rain. Who knows it'll rain suddenly?
You like joking, bro. I'm good at joking.
Aren't you afraid of ghosts? What?
Ghost! If a ghost dares to come here, I'll finish it...
...I'll step on it. Just like that. What if I'm that ghost?
Impossible. What I mean is...
Oh! Nearly touched you, never mind a little touching, right?
While waiting for the satay to be well roasted...
better roasted, better taste...
It's dark already, how... how about it?
Bro. What? My body is freezing. It's OK.
What's important is we enjoy it together.
I wanna go home! Where are you going, bro?
I wanna go home! I'm coming along. No, no!
Return my arm first. No need to ask. Here it is!
Come on, miss! Don't sit behind, sit here with me...'s empty and scary back there, specially at night.
That's right. Sit here beside me. Come on.
Miss, where are you going? At this time of hour, alone?
I'm looking for the person who has helped me, bro.
Are you in some kind of problem, that you need someone to help you?
I was put inside a luggage and then thrown into the river.
Miss, I once heard that kind of story, too.
Put inside a luggage.. thrown into the river... Then reappeared here... the end, it's just magic.
That's some story, miss wild night time story.
If I were someone close to you, why would I throw you into the river?
I would probably make a beauty like you, to be my bride.
Stop! Oh my! Sorry miss! I'm wrong, sorry!
I said stop, bro! I'm sorry! Sorry! Let's stop here.
I'm sorry, I made a mistake. Miss! Miss!.. But..
...if you're going to get off, please pay the fare.
So, I'll be having enough money to pay my boss.
What's that from your head?
It's fantastic, right? You're amazing.
I knew you're a good magician, put inside a luggage...
...thrown into the river, reappeared in my car... me 100.000 Rupiahs. You're great.
But I've no change. Just keep the change.
Swear. You serious, miss? Swear, miss?
It's crazy! Got such a beautiful girl at midnight.
Then gave me 100.000 Rupiahs.
The money turned into a leaf? Miss, is it true...?
Why am I in a cemetery? Am I dreaming?
Oh my! What's wrong with this car?
It's a cemetery!
That's... That's... That's Kuntilanak!
I thought it was a treasure. It's a corpse!
Who's there?
I ran away from home, bro. Where are you going?
Let me take you there.
I don't know where to go.
If you wander around, I'll be worried, it's very dangerous.
You mean? It's dangerous and dangers may come from anywhere.
If so, may I come with you? I'll stay in your house.
I'll follow you.
I'll come with you. You mean to follow me?
Oh! All that I wished for is fulfilled. Please.
Yes. Who's there? Oh my! Be patient! Yes! Yes!
Why so impatient? I was behind, you know!
Mom, let me introduce you, Kunti... Mom...
I'm Joko's wife to be.
Wife to be? Oh God! I'm soo happy!
It turns out there's a girl who likes on my son.
I was worried that you might like a man, What's it called? Homo.
That's right! You must get married right away!
You're already old. It'll be hard for you to have kids.
Your... your that thing would be weak, How would it be then? I'm embarrassed!
Yes, it's shameful. Then when will you get married?
As soon as possible, Ma'am.
Right! I'm very happy.
It means I can have a cute grandchild soon.
You two must be hungry, right? You haven't eaten, right?
Yes. Now I'll cook very nice food for you two. Yes, yes...
Sorry. My Mom's like that, thanks for helping me...
...willing to lie for me. I wasn't lying.
I really want to marry you.
Mom! What's more... you've helped me.
Yes, yes. Please, come inside.
Joko... Yes, Kunti. Joko, come here.
Joko, let me excite you, OK.
Joko, please come here.
Joko... Umm. Joko!
What you want, Kunti? Please, help me...
...pull out my hairpin. I'll get my glasses first. No need glasses.
Yes. That's it! Pull it out! Why? Does it hurtl?
Joko, you sleep again. Yeah.
Spirits and the likes... I request...
I request that all of you go. Otherwise...!
You see.
It means your wife's been attacked by black magic, got it?
Yes. Just wait outside since it's dangerous... may attack you, instead. OK? Hurry up! Now go!
Dear, wait a minute, OK.
Remember! Don't come in again! It's dangerous! Wait outside.
You're very smart, sis. You acted very beautifully.
But you'll give me the magical implant, right?
No need to worry. I'll give you the magical implant for sure.
Yes, sure! Free of charge!
It's very difficult.
What's wrong? Your nails are very sharp!
My hands are here! Let me see.
Those are all maggots!
Dear! You two are immoral! Dear! Dear!
Dear. Kunti.
I was wondering who it was. Where have you been?
I just made a special breakfast for you and a half done egg... you won't feel weak, You "overtimed" last night, right?
Yeah. you're very smart, Kunti! Let me feed you, OK.
You want to be fed?
This hand is very naughty. Never been beaten up?!
Just beat him, Mona. Beat him!
Mona, Oji, Obeng! Didn't you guys know? What?
Mr. Joko is going to get married.
We're truly Allah's and to Him we return! He died of what?
Get married! Not dead! Sukun's slandering.
Slandering is more cruel than not slandering!
Huh? Killing! Already changed. Anyway who would want to marry Mr. Joko?
His girlfriend. There'll be a wedding party in his house.
You're just slandering. He'll never want to get married, you know!
He has no girlfriend now. You're jealous!
Jealous! That's OK. Mona is not jealous...
...but I know he was never close to any girls, but me! That's all!
And suddenly, he wants to get married? How's that possible?
That's fate. If you don't believe, just check his house.
Mona! Sis! Where are you going?
I promised to feed her. Be prepare to pick up a corpse.
Hurry up! Hey, eat later! Come on!
Mr. Joko. Yeah. Mona heard that you're getting married, right?
Yes. It's a must! Who are you marrying?
How come you never introduce the girl to Mona?
One sure thing is that she's beautiful, sexy, sweet, and loving.
Her name is Kunti. You don't care for me anymore?
Actually, I still do. But it was in the past.
Mr. Joko. Yeah... What is it now?
I think it has been a long time since I massaged you.
Yeah, I think so.
How long? So very long that I forget.
Oh my God! Why such bruises?
It's because she was too passionate with me.
She enjoyed our intimate moments.
You've never enjoyed that with me.
Now you'll asked me how fantastic I was, right?
You're regretting now.
Beng, Ji. This is the place. Those are the corpses. Come in!
You idiot! Hurry and come in! idiot! Get in!
OK. I'm holding him so he can't run. Hurry up!
Oh my! Hih!
What a pity! A dead beauty. There are flies here.
It's called a corpse. Yeah. Hey, Ji!
What a waste! She hasn't been touched.
Hey, bro! This is a homicide, Why are we collecting the corpse?
Cause the hospital has a long waiting list.
That's why, we'll take it to our place first.
Don't talk too much! Pick her up!
Kuntilanak! Bro, bro, bro...!
The nail!
He just insulted us! What did he say?
Just now he said "fuck you." The nail!
The nail of Kuntilanak? Fuck you! Not! Fuck you!
OK. Bring her. How about that one?
Let him be! It seems that he can walk by himself.
Ji, solid crawls. It's good if the corpse is like this.
You hit me! It knows we're fooling around with it.
What are you reading?
Porn stories? You Should be ashamed of yourself.
Facts about "Kuntilanak."
It's exciting. The kuntilanak is nude? I just found out...
...Kuntilanak turns out to be the most fierce ghost on earth.
It drinks blood. It can change its appearance.
In the day time, it's like a normal human.
At night, it wanders around!
I hope we never meet a ghost like that, bro.
It was already hard to face a common ghost the other day.
I'm scared. Don't act cute! Look at this. Kuntilanak...
It smells like crap! Your mouth is too close to your nose! Yes, bro.
If Kuntilanak's head is nailed, it'll be weak...
...and can't be fierce as before.
If the nail isn't pulled out for a long time...
...its corpse will rot!
Is it rotten? Yes, bro. Let me see!
Oh God! It's creepy. I'm scared.
Hey! Similar to who? No, bro! Similar...
...similar to who? Similar to this!
Similar to me? No! Don't spray us!
Watch out! Ji, he's creepy! Similar to him!
Mr. Joko. Yeah. Who's that?
Mr. Joko, I want to know...
Oh my! Sorry, Mr. Joko. Didn't do it on purpose.
It's alright. It's rare to have a surprise fortune.
I want to tell you about my lingerie. Have you ever seen this one?
Or this one?
Have you ever seen it? Joko! Kunti!
How come? What is it love? I brought you some food.
I've troubled you, I feel so uneasy.
Oh, fried noodles with meat balls!
Oh yeah, Kunti. This is Mona, my secretary. Mona, this is Kunti.
Mona! Kunti!
This must be...
This must be delicious. May I eat it?
I'll feed you. Oh my! Sorry to trouble you.
The aroma makes me hungry.
It's tasty, isn't it? Very tasty! Your cooking is delicious.
Have more. 'Ahh'!
Drink. Drink?
Such mountains!
He's glad! He really is! Help me up! Get up, sis!
What's wrong, Mona? I feel disgusted, you know. I wanna puke!
What I said is true, right?
When you don't shower, you're really smelly, you know!
Not that, idiot! Not that? Sorry.
Mr. Joko was eating worms! I feel horrible.
Take it easy, missy! Nothing strange about that, Yesterday, he ate the ear of a corpse.
Don't be very stupid.
Do you know Joko's wife to be is not human?
She's a ghost! A ghost! Really?
Really? Why don't you trust me?
Come, if you don't believe! What the heck!
Knock before you enter! You're impolite!
Mona pushed us in. You were eating worms!
What did you say? I really saw that!
What did you see, Mona? Hey, you! You are not human!
You're a ghost! Mona! Obeng, Oji, get her out!
Come on. Not me! Her! I swear! I'm not lying!
If she's not a ghost, she must have a reflection in the mirror...
...wait a sec!
Ask her to look into the mirror! It's because of you!
Kunti passed out! I feel dizzy. Obeng.
Hurry up! Take Mona out! What's it? Morons!
What's it, Ji? Smelly? Yes.
What? You also don't trust me? You!
Where are you going? That's a women's matter.
I'm going to the toilet. Come on.
Sally! Sally! Oh, my God! What's wrong? There's a ghost!
Look, there's nothing, Sally.
Look, look. Alright? There's nothing, alright?
Nothing in there, right? OK? Let's go to bed. OK? OK? OK.
Please, relax. I'll certainly help.
When Mr. Joko's wedding party comes...
I guarantee it'll surely be crowded. Watch out, if you lie!
Don't disappoint me! I promise you. I Swear!
Toss first, for success! How could you!
My cake is really tasty, Wait a sec, I'll get it!
No need! Please don't hesitate! You frizzy hair! Bring it all out!
What's with you? It's really good! Really tasty!
It's tasty. Take a bite!
Kunti baked it herself, you know! It's your loss if you don't try it.
I'll try later. I'm in a hurry. Duty calls. Excuse me.
What a "villager" he is!
Kuntilanak! Help! Help! Help!
Don't disturb me! No! Help! Help! Help!
Wake up! Wake up! Oji, I'm scared!
I'm frightened, you know! Don't patronize me!
Oji... What's the matter, Mona?
That Kunti! She's a ghost, you know! I believe you...
...I really believe you! Oh yeah!
I've an idea! Why don't we go to Mr. Joko's house, right now?
We prove to him that Kunti is a ghost, How about that? Agree?
What for?
We prove to him that Kunti's a ghost! I'll get changed first.
Get changed? Mona... Wait a sec. Mona!
OK. Let's go!
Oh my God! What are they dreaming about?
Yeah. Obeng!
Sukun. No need to wake that one up! That one is complicated!
If we take him, he'll just sleep again. No need!
Hey, Obeng! Get up! What the hell is with his hand?
Get up! Get up!
Obeng! I've a very specific way, for these kinds of guys.
What would that be? Close your eyes! Oh my!
Close your eyes!
Close your eyes!
See? He's just like a cat looking for a fish.
He immediately gets up when he smells a bra!
Hey, Mona this...
Keep going, Mona. It's a chance to beat him up. He deserves it!
Obeng, wake up now!
Why am I here? Obeng, now we need your help badly!
We need you to drive us to Mr. Joko's house right now.
OK. Don't think too much! Hurry up! It's emergency! Just go!
She's braless!
Hurry up! Ladies first, allways! I'll be the second.
This one pushes! Let's start! Hurry up!
How nice! Not to be complicated.
Happy birthday to you...!
Happy birthday dear Oca. Happy birthday to you.
Make a wish!
I miss you.
Are you ready for your present, baby?
Close your eyes.
Open your eyes!
This is your present, baby.
Catch me if you can.
I'm coming!
Oca! Look! What? Where?
She's over there! Don't go! You just wait here!
Stay here! Don't leave me!
Just stay here, alright! Stay here!
Stay here, alright!
Oca! Oca!
Sally! Sally!
Sally! Sally!
Sally! Sally!
I'm falling. Let me hold your breast...
This! It's useless to bring these two guys.
Oh my God! That Kunti came out! Oji, Obeng, get up! What came out?
That one! I didn't even put it in yet!
Oh my! Came out? It was already up.
Hey! What the hell!
Come on. What does she want there?
Must be looking for a prey, you know!
Visiting her friend, maybe? What friend?
She's a kuntilanak, you know!
She wants to give birth. You again!
If you don't believe me, let's prove it. Come on!
What did I tell you?
Obeng! Oji! How could you leave me behind? Damn you!
Hurry up! You're driving? No.
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Are you all satisfied now? After making such a big mess! Yes, bro!
The car is wrecked like that. What did you really want?
Speak up. Mona had diarrhea, so we took her here, right?
No! the truth is, we wanted to prove that Kunti is a ghost alias Kuntilanak... lower your temper. Yes, bro! We saw her eating placenta.
Weeks, months, years... Don't joke. I'm angry!
It means my guess has been correct so far...
...that Joko's wife is a kuntilanak. You've known?
Why are you crying? Sad to know that she's a kuntilanak?
She's a ghost, you know. Your chin is paining? Does this pain?
What is it then? You're stepping on my hand. Oh yeah.
Sorry. It means...
That's why sit properly. Turn the chair around.
It means that it's true. Yes, bro.
Why didn't you tell us from the beginning? I was afraid that I might be wrong!
That's why, don't lie too much. Who's a liar?
We must help Mr. Joko immediately.
He doesn't know that he's marrying a kuntilanak.
It seems that we must help him, bro.
Wow, very beautiful. Such fragrance. Joko. Yeah.
Anyway, don't play around with other women.
Especially the one called Mona!
I don't like an unfaithful guy! Of course not, Kunti.
I think my life is already perfect...
...especially, since I've a wife as beautiful as you, just like...
Like who?
Like... Joko!
Like who? An angel.
Joko! Yes, Kunti.
I cooked your favorite food. Yeah? Thanks, Kunti.
Oh yeah. I also made coffee for you.
Why don't you eat the food? I'm not feeling well, Kunti.
You must eat a lot. Here, I made this coffee for you.
Dear, what happened to you? Nothing.
You better just eat, OK? Kunti, I'm having fever. Fever?
Let me feed you, OK? No need. I'll eat later! Why?
Where's she going?
Mr. Joko! Sir!
Was he already kissed? Where are his glasses?
Sir, where's Mr. Joko? Hey, where's Joko?
He's deaf! We asked him, but he asked back. Deaf? Who's deaf?
You're calling me a deaf? It's like this.
None of us called you deaf. We're just looking for Mr. Joko.
Just the same. Who said I was deaf? Never mind.
Don't mess with me! We're serious, we need to see Mr. Joko.
Where's he? I'm asking "where's Mr. Joko?"
I'm tired. You don't think I am?
Where's Joko? Where?
Where's he? We've been looking for him.
What should we do? He must marry Kunti now...
...the priest is already here, so are the guests!
I've got a bad feeling here. Usually he tells me when he goes.
Hello. Corpse Hunters' Office. Yeah.
Oh, yeah, yeah. Where are you?
OK! We'll pick you up! OK! Oji, Obeng, Mona, let's go.
Where is he? Cemetery. Let's go!
What is it? Where are you going? Cemetery!
OK. Don't say that. I'm really handsome I know. What can I say?
You're beautiful too.
Beautiful? Beautiful?
Why is she going there? What's going on?
Where did she go? So fast!
Kunti, daughter of Kuncoro? Sally's dead...
...all your grudges are over!
Honey. Yes. Just a sec, honey.
Hi, Sally. Yeah. In the airport?
I'll be there soon, alright? Okay.
What's wrong with you?
What's the matter with you, honey? Honey?
Not yet, Okta. Kunti!
You've broken your promise. You've betrayed me.
It's not enough to avenge everything.
No, Kunti! No, Kunti!
Oh my!
So, you're a ghost, right? I'm not a ghost, Dear. No!
I'm Kunti, your wife to be. You're Kunti... kuntilanak!
That's Kunti! Mr. Joko... Where's she? Where?
Don't be scared, Mr. Joko! Fight the five of us! Come on!
Hey, just you! Come on! Where's the nail!
Oji, hurry up! Nail her! Hurry up!
Mr. Joko, hurry up! I forgot.
Come on. Nail her!
Hiiii! What's this?
Don't look here! Look at Sukun over there!
She's flying, Ji!
Ji! Ji! Praise be to God. She returns to her world.
Mr. Joko, you'll follow her later.
Look! There's a corpse over there.
Oji! This one is handsome. Let me do it.
That's our men's job. Let me help. No need!
No need. You accompany me home.
Let me help. He's handsome. Mr. Joko, Mr. Joko...!
I'm leaving first. He's helping Mr. Joko?
He's going to get fired by Mr. Joko.
See that guy over there? Which one?
The one with the red dress. Hey, he's Mr. Bolot, you know.
The bridegroom said hi, but no answer!
Why is everyone so quiet? I'm the bridegroom!
He doesnt hear anything, does he? Our voice was quite loud.
He's grinning.
Do you, Mr. Bolot, accept Ms. Sofie as your wife? Yes, love.
Accept! Accept! Accept, OK? I know you love me.
How's it, Sir?
Do you, Mr. Bolot, accept Ms. Sofie as your wife?
If I don't love her, will I marry her, Sir?
"Will you accept or not?" The priest asked.
Accept me or not? I believe you love me. Yeah.
It's hard to talk to him. I'm thinking.
Sorry, everyone. You should ask me...
Bolot, will you accept Sofie as his wife? That's it.
I asked you that just now! How's it!?
It's alright, Mom. I'm shy. There are many people here.
We get married first. How's it? What must we do?
Hi! Hi, wild boys! Hi!
She said we are wild boys. You want to swim with me?
Yeah! You want to see how wild we are?
What does it mean, bro? Let's swim. Bad boys!
I want to join!
Hey, I'm also sexy, you know!
See how sexy I am! I'm not less sexier, right?
See, right? You still can't compete with that one.