Gönülçelen )) Episode 36 - Part 1/3 [English Subtitles]

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where have you been that early in the morning
I bought a present
for who?
Did you see my grey scarf?
are you going out again?
wait.. let me look
I have to go to school
again? What is going on Hasret?
I bought a little something to give to my friends in school
why are you so stressed out and aggressive?
I am not
It’s about Murat and last night’s dinner right?
he acts as if he does not care at all
He invited us to the restaurant where we had danced
He gave a photo of me and levent to us as a present
And he also invited Bahar
and why do you care so much?
I don’t
It’s the fact that he has been lying that makes me angry
He says he does not have a relationship with bahar
but then he invites her and dances with her
this subject should be closed for you already?
I'm running late.. I have to go.. see you later
I brought the files you wanted Mr. Levent
Oh such a nice photo
I think so too
you both look so happy.. Is this a new photo?
No it's not new
It is old
whoever took this photo is talented
a close friend took the photo
Bon appetit
here.. have some
Hmm delicious
These are the ones I love.. The coconut ones.. Great!
they are nice aren’t they
yes.. scrumptious..
Did you like them? You can have some more
Good morning
the teacher is here
This is my engagement chocolate.. Won’t you have some?
you should eat eat one sir
they say that the engagement chocolate brings luck
people who eat it get engaged or get married
the chocolates were scrumptious
won’t you have one?
thanks Hasret but I'm not fond of chocolate that much
oh you don’t know what you're missing
so if the chocolate saga has finished
We can start our lesson
Did you all read the texts I handed out last week?
we did
oh brother in law..you have been pacing all night long
you do my head in... just sit down
I'll do your head in properly.. It's because of you I'm stuck in here
why? I did not tell you to walk around without an ID
didn't the police came to the house because of you?
yes but
no buts..
I am here because of you..
this place is getting on my nerves..
it is depressing me
Kadir Nemutlu?
that’s me
you're free
I'm free
oh thank you God we are free
you're staying
officer there is a mistake
I haven’t done anything wrong
I just lost my ID that’s all. Sir!
officer at least let me see them please
it's impossible.. they are under interrogation
did you at least feed them?
they are being cared for don’t worry
I promise I'll go out fast.. I won't stay long.. please
it's impossible
officer only for 2 minutes
I'm tired from waiting have mercy on us
oh did escape from prison?
oh Kadir! my little one.. how are you?
how were you able to run away?
what do you mean run away.. they released me
I think Yildiz’s father took back his complaint
oh great
he must've learned that his daughter is at fault
how is Cobra
he's fine
I know he hates dark and locked up places
girl calm down
what happened?
Did you get the ID?
No they won’t give it back
we have to pay them first
how did this happen?
oh no! My man is all locked up I can't get him out..
oh please don’t faint here
let’s go to the mayor
He can issue a copy of the ID
we can use it to get Cobra out of prison
Yes.. the mayor will resolve it
that's true.. Let's go
when playing the music always listen to the contrasts
High and low,
fast and slow
hard and soft
intense or mellow
tense or relaxed
you must remember to always balance your music
This is it for today..
will you still offer me one
of course
I won't eat it
but I know someone who loves chocolate
yes sir
can you take some chocolate to Bahar please?
of course sir
thank you
sends chocolate to Bahar
I hope she chokes on it
He does not even ask me
Maybe I don’t want her to have any!
are you talking to me?
I'm talking to myself
what happened?
I don’t know
oh the psycho is back..
oh Hasret
Thanks for the chocolate
congratulations again and et me kiss you
I hope you will be happy with Levent forever
you both suit each other
would you like some more?
I wanted to learn something about the grades
oh ok.. see you later Hasret
let;s go to my office
are you busy?
what now?
Will you hand out wedding candy now?
No I came for something else
I want to buy Levent a present
But I don’t know his tastes as well as you do
You are his close friend
You know him better than me
Will you help me choose a present?
of course I can help
What do you have in mind?
Clothes? Accessories? Something else?
I am not sure
Oh I see
You don’t know what you want either
You are confused
then let's go and make sure you aren't confused any more
what do you think?
are we going together?
are we going each separately then?
I don't know
I thought you would just tell me what do buy
I have to see it before I buy it
And It would do me good to shop around too.
So shall we go?
I shall leave you to God.. Damn you
leave me aunt Kadrye
he doesn't give the paper
a looser mayer
if the previous mayor was still alive
he would've resolved the issue in 5 minutes
calm down
how can I calm down? what will we do now?
why are you complicating the issue it's just a piece of paper
stay away I'll open up his scalp
don't create a commotion or I'll call the cops
give us what we need so we can leave peacefully
it's impossible.. Please try to understand
there are laws and I have to follow rhem
Oh God!! Take your laws stupid head
you do what pleases you and object what displeases you
isn't this what you're doing right now my friend?
listen you all I'm a man who implements laws
I am the mayor you can't insult me
haven't you insulted us also
- Balçeçik don't do it - don't stop me
Ok.. calm down
ok.. Oh dear God..
wait I'm not gonna do a thing.. I'm gonna talk politely
Mr. mayor aren't you gonna give us a copy of the ID?
Oh my God!
NO.. Ok
just wail till Cobra is out of prison he'll get even with you
let's go
Sir just one phone call
don't I have the right to make one phone call
NO.. just sign here
all I need is half a minute I swear
it's not allowed don't you get it
let him talk so we stop his nagging
Sir, that's true if you allow me I will shut up after
OK. here.. just hurry
may God protect you..
whom should I call Mr. Levent or Mr. Murat?
are you asking me?
No I'm thinking outloud
Levent? Or Murat?
Mr. Levent? Mr. Murat is a good man
Mr. Levent..
Mr. levent this is me Cobra
I think this one
What do you think?
what about this one
I bet he likes this one
you said you did not know his tastes well
I don't know him well
so you just guess
I go with my feelings
do you always decide with your feelings?
yes. Always
then you do not actually need me
You will decide for yourself
still your opinion matters as a man
So what do you say?
My answer is NO
I am still going to buy it
hello.. Welcome
can I have a look at that watch?
of course madame
You really have superior taste.. This watch is very classy
Don't be upset we will find a solution one way oe another
I can't help it aunt Kadrye
He must be hungry, thirsty, and lonely for sure
don't exaggerate please
what if this happened to Cafer?
may God protect him from evil
you see now??
it's the mayor's fault..
he didn't help us just cause we're poor
I think so too.. he's an egocentric person
we should do something about him
yes we should
what happened Gülnaz? any news?
nothing new Mrs. Saime
we're just sitting felling helpless
the mayor didn't help us
the marriage certificate would help
how is that?
I don't know.. will it?
let's try instead of sitting here
you're right let's go
I'll get the marriage certificate
not again!!!!
girl you forgot your purse
Mrs. Nesrine.. these flowers are for you
from whom?
no name of sender
let me see
It only says to N
who could he be?
who else? of course Ethem
I am sure Levent will love his watch
Thank you
it it weren't for you I wouldn't be able to decide that fast
please don't thank me..
Shall we walk around a bit more
ok we can have coffee
What did you wanted to say?
I was going to ask for your help too
will you help me?
of course
Oh God!
I'm dying
Gülnaz let's not go in all and crownd the office
you go in and we'll wait for you
Ah! this is Mr. Levent
how are you?
were you arrested too?
No sister Kadrye.. He came to get me out
may God protect you Mr. Levent
I didn't do much I just brought his ID
how is that?? you paid off the restaurant too
Oh! that was nothing..
never mind.. I've to go
I can't let you go
let's all go back to the neighborhood
let's go have tea Levent
Mrs Saime I have to go back to the office
No way brother
you must honor your mother in law request
your mother in law!!
Ok then
let's go
aunt kadriye you go in the trunk
you go in the trunk
what do you think about that diamond necklace?
which one?
that one
very nice
is it for your mom?
no for Bahar
She has been having bad days
She needs some moral support
What do you say? nice?
I don’t know
I think it will suit her a lot
Say something?
everyone has different tastes
would you like it if someone bought you such a necklace?
I guess
But you know her better than me.. You must know her tastes too
I can't be sure
Maybe we should get her something else
you're not bored? are you?
let's look somewhere else
I might buy something else
My friends don't ever go out without an ID
So you don't endure the agony I went through
what agony?? all you spent is 40 hours at most in jail
it doesn't matter how long what matters is being in prison
the pastry is delicious who did it?
I did it
I couldn't go to sleep so I did it
thank you
my fiance is a better cook than me
he's very good in the kitchen
and who's not a better cook than you
even kadir is a better cook than you are
store lady! what do you know about cooking you?
I'll prepare rice for you and you'll see how delicious..
we saw how you cut your potatoes and squash
if you excuse me I have a lot of work at the office
the pastry was delicious.. thank you
bon appetit
great.. thank for the invitation
- please stay seated - good bye
did you decide then?
unfortunately not.. I want to buy something special
but I don’t know what to buy
look maybe you should buy her something like this
like how?
maybe this teddy
a teddy for Bahar???
If someone bought me something like this I would be really happy
So are you buying it?
Wait here
here you go sir
nice choice
I think so too
So here you go
is this for me?
you said if someone bought something like this for you you'll be happy
I bought it for you
did you like it?
I liked it very much
shall we go?
Maybe I really should buy Bahar that necklace
so this is what the low life mayor said
he said he won't give us a copy of your ID
we talked to him in a civilized manner but he didn't understand
right girl?
we talked to him nicely but couldn't convince him
we're tired of this mayor .. what kind of system is this?
someone has to put limits for him
I'll be the one!!
I said that.. didn't I girl?
I told him Cobra will know how to get even with you once he's out
he has no right oppressing the neighborhood's people
he has no right oppressing the neighborhood's people
you just said that brother in law
Kadir you know politics is not about empty talks only
Ok.. But why are you screaming?
I'm going
where to?
I have to pay him back
let's all go then
let's go
Oh! since morning we've been walking from a place to another
let's go
let's go Balçiçek
aunt Kadriye let's go
welcome darling
it's so nice see you happy like this
I talked to the lawyer
all properties have been sold
I paid off all my debts now
no more debts no more properties either
so what?
you were like that when I married you
You did not have land or debts
but handsome and kind
And thank you for the flowers
what flowers?
the flowers you sent me
I didn't send you those flowers
but they are beautiful
well who did then?
Oh it must be Murat
who will the present be for?
Bahar Tezjan
can we have her address for the records
Mazharbey Sokak, Number 20 Bebek
- thank you - I thank you
have a nice day
shall we go?
have a nice day
we're waiting for an explanation
we're all waiting Mr. the mayor
explanation for what?
my wife needed a piece of papaer but you didn't give it to her
I didn't and won't
it's none of you're business
look how he's talking
I heard
look Nizam
if the mayor didn't die you wouldn't be acting in his place
you're only acting on his behalf.. so don't be full of yourself
Do I have to ask you how should carry on my business
of course you need to ask me.. who else would you ask?
your job is to render services
do you think this is your dad's farm?
your job is to give such documents
if you can't do it just leave!
I have no intention of going anywhere
You need to go
or I'm calling the police
this time you will ALL be arrested
now we're leaving but SOON will be the one leaving
this is impossible
you'll see how I'll make you loose this position
let everyone knows I'm runnig for the MAYOR position
VIVA Cobra! VIVA Cobra!
and who's gonna elect you?
who's gonna elect you?
we shall meet at the ballot
this is all because of you
what did I do?
what more can you do? your relashionship with Yildiz
sister.. I love Yildiz I can't help it
her dad doesn't approve of you why don't you understand
he can't stop us
it won't be a happy ending don't say I didn't warn you
this is not right.. leave him
I don't care.. leave me
don't worry we'll find a solution
I thought they were sent by Ethem but
he did not know about them
oh so exciting
what is so exciting about it?
if Ethem didn't send them then Murat must have sent them
who else?
whoever sent the flowers has a great taste.. They are beautiful
it was tiring was it not?
but I found a perfect present for Levent
he will like it
where are you going?
Shall I drop you off home?
let me call Levent.. Maybe I will meet him
how are you?
fine.. how about you?
Fine.. Are you at the office?
Yes.. Are you coming here?
yes I'm on the way right now
I was going to call you actually
why? what happened?
I can't believe it! Great news!
Ok we will speak about the details when I come
me too
at last!
what happened?
the album is out this month
Oh very nice
- I am glad - me too
I am so excited
are you ggoing to Levent's office?
you don’t have to go out your way.. I'll get a cab from here
No.. it is on my way
I'll go to Bahar’s house to give her present after I drop you
are you serious about the Mayor's Election?
of course I'm serious my friend
haven't you seen that man?
should we keep him in that position
I decided to make my first step into politics
there is no retreat
hello my friend
Jafer do you still have of that pastry?
only little share is left which will be my dinner
it was really delicious
please just a small piece, I'm really hungry
I'll make you a sandwish.. The sandwish is good too
No No I don't want sandwish I'm craving pastries
then we have to sell it for you.. 2.5 TL per piece
Ok.. then give me 2 pieces
give him.. it's a livelihood don't reject it
how are you doing?
bon appetit
my friend the restaurant business is very profitable
yes of course it is
how many different dish you know how to cook?
all kind
give me a number
stuffed pepper
Izmir's kabab
all kinds of soup
all meat dishes.. and all olive oil dishes
Mrs. Saime?
Yes it's me.. Welcome
I don't have much time
don't worry.. I'm not going to take much of your time
can I have a cup of coffee please?
right away sir
thank you for coming
I will do anything for my daughter
will you really?
did you call me here to interrogate me?
No.. I have no such intention
I just wanted to ask you one little thing
I'm listening
You probably never did
but I saw Kadir and Yildiz when they were together
Your daughter is so happy when she is around him
And the child is really a good person
don’t defend that boy to me
I'm talking about your daughter and not Kadir
If you're ready to do everything to help your daughter
give her the chance to be able to choose.
let her make her own decision
to make her own decision is the best thing you can do for her
everything will be perfect
Your songs will be played everywhere
The radio’s and TV’s will be speaking of you only
This year will be your year
I'm so excited
you should be more excited now
Ta ta!
what are those?
these are the cd cases for your album
I made them without you knowing
how are they?
very beautiful
the name of the album will be Nihawent?
that is what I think now
because all the songs inside the album are Nihawent style
Did you not like it?
I loved it
Thank you
If it wasn’t for you I could not have released this album
No.. I thank you...
If it weren’t for you, I would not be so happy
tell me
where did that thing come from
I saw it, I liked it a lot so I bought it