Fellow Atheists, Why You Should Ignore Godfmtv

Uploaded by willquestion on 16.07.2012

Hey guys. Uhh. This is Will and I just want to talk about this YouTuber.
I'm sure some of you unfortunately have come across him and uh... have
wasted time watching his videos and trying to talk to about uh...
what everybody's talking about is that you had a
estimate is that
and that's why i share this with you said maybe ill show you that he really
is a complete occur waste of time
on his behavior restocking about why he desires to know what a theorist work
beatings well use point is being naked blah blah explains his stupid reason why
now combines
spent over a hundred comments
and we should explain to him
why people were close was the purpose of close window
all these things
but anything is right here
arrears replying buys comment by you tabor
while he said he reveling in rats and universe please pick up a book on
evolution and ecology biology in but based on scientific study educate
yourself before it was another video
into counterpoint on what they disbelieve you cannot haiti guy you do
not believe exists
morality is subjective tearful trisha saudi in your time period
now while talking about how he's a interests and science is not answer what
you have to say
he wants to use a little bible and what it says in the bible and he was a split
only believe in is yours creationism and blah blah
this cut here
where he replies to says our reading of the little idea of which is true
than to have a headset for so-called knowledge which is all forms
so please for god to bother to cancer why not go to the question
uh... what it is for clothes
just four hours ago
could use these do you know ring completely everything that has been
posted before
which are all great answers for the most part
and he keeps on asking why again
but i think it is not intersted
test onnum to pick up a book
on the silence related to the question
but he is not what he's had stuffed full of so-called always which is all falls
this guy
right here julian
his anyway sis's of time
did not bother watching his videos or commenting or applying in his his craft
talking guests
you don't waste time
service providers large
there's a lot more interesting parties is going on
reader we discussed by things actually prep
matter more then why do you work load whisperer okay
two guys i said scores did
some work constructive things to do
take care and thanks for watching