How to replace a tilt window spiral balance.

Uploaded by SWISCOdotcom on 16.12.2011

Hey, I'm Mike from and today I'm going to show you how to
replace your tilt window spiral balances.
For this exercise you'll need a Phillips-head screwdriver, a flat-head screwdriver,
and a spiral balance charging tool for tilt windows.
I'll be using the Swisco 75-006.
For this demonstration I'll be working with a Swisco series 600 spiral balance and
the 15-046 pivot shoe.
First, remove your window sash.
Lift the window up a few inches, press in the tilt latches, and tilt the window toward you.
Give the sash a twist and remove it from the frame.
Remove your sash stops to expose the entire spiral balance.
Take your charging tool and attach it to the tip of the balance rod.
Give it a pull to disengage it from the pivot shoe
and turn it counter-clockwise to release the tension in the spiral balance.
Next, take your Phillips-head screwdriver and remove the balance form the window frame.
Now is a good opportunity to inspect your pivot shoes.
Replace your pivot shoes if you notice any excessive wear or damage.
Take your replacement spiral balance and use the adjustment screw to
attach it into the window frame.
The next step is to apply tension to the balance.
First, push the balance rod up as far as it can go into the tube.
Attach your charging tool, pull the rod out of the balance,
and give it two or three rotations to add tension to the balance.
Then attach your rod to the pivot shoe.
Grab your window sash and install it back into the window frame.
If your windows aren't staying up, you may need to charge your balances a bit more.
Give them one or two more rotations to make sure your window is operating smoothly.
Finish the project by installing your sash stops back into the window frame.
As always, thank you for watching this tutorial.
If you have any questions about spiral balance replacements, or any other hardware,
Please be sure to visit us online at