Hofstra University Library - CMC Tour

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Hi! I’m Professor Catalano and this is the Curriculum
Materials Center at Hofstra University. The Curriculum Materials Center is a center
for materials used in K-12 classrooms such as textbooks and activity guides, etc.
I’m going to take you through a tour of the major content areas that we have materials
for in our Curriculum Materials Center. This area over here is our circulation area
where you can check out books and check them back in and also where our reserved materials
are. This is the reference area of the Curriculum
Material Center. These items are reference materials for K-12 grades with things like
encyclopedias, World Books, encyclopedias, and books to show you what books to read on
what reading level. This area after the reference area are the
curriculum bulletins. Curriculum bulletins indicate what the curriculum
is in New York State and we do have some for New Jersey and most of Long Island in all
subject areas. As the state updates them, we update them
as well. We have a large selection of journals and
trade books for all the content areas in K-12 such as art, English, English language arts,
foreign language, social studies, math and science.
Some services we provide are the Ellison Machine and the laminator.
The laminator is available for student use and alumni use. The Ellison Machine is a machine
that is available to everyone to use and what it is, you take a piece of construction paper,
you can take a cutout, in this example, it’s an apple, you put it into the machine and
you make cutouts for bulletin boards. Now I’m going to give you a tour of the
major content areas that we provide materials for.
I’m going to start at the As. Our materials are arranged in Library of Congress
order and this starts with the As, Bs, all the way through the biographies.
This area here is mostly counseling materials. Counseling games, books on counseling techniques,
creative arts therapy. For example we have a game called the Ungame
which is about self-esteem issues. In this area we have we have a collection
of biographies. We have many different versions of biographies
of different people. In this aisle we have mostly social studies
items. The global history textbooks, JackDaws, which
are primary sources for many different historical periods in time and we have American History
textbooks as well as non-fiction books down that part of the aisle. On this side we have
many physical education items as well as games. In this aisle we have more games that are
geared towards the social studies content area and we also have text books for English
such as elementary and secondary. This aisle has items for ESL and Foreign Languages.
For example we have the Lectora series, which is a Spanish text book series for ESL students.
We also have Parade and we also have secondary items for ESL.
We also have games that go with these textbooks. We have foreign language textbooks in French,
Italian, Spanish, and we are also collecting in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and German.
These aisles are the aisles of children’s literature including adolescent literature.
We have picture books as well as poetry and multicultural books.
We also have the props interfiled such as Strega Nona that goes with the Strega Nona
picture book. On this aisle and the end of this aisle are
math textbooks. We have elementary and secondary textbooks
and are currently collecting the major curriculums used on Long Island such as Everyday Mathematics
and Investigations. We also have the manipulatives that go with
the math curriculum such as the base-10 blocks, the fractilations, fractions, and items like
that. In this aisle we have the higher math such
as algebra and statistics textbooks, and then it continues on into the science areas: marine
science, earth science, chemistry and physics. On this side we have more of the peripherals
that go with the science collections such as the body parts.
Everything in our collection is interfiled so if you are looking for movie, for example,
on the brain, you would find a movie on the brain and next to it you would find the actual
model of the brain, and we have all our books on the brain all in one spot so you can find
all these materials together. In addition to the science materials in this
aisle, we also have the health curriculums and the health text books and also health
games. In the last aisle of the Curriculum and Materials
Center, we have some books on art therapy, some more books that have to do with health
such as specific books that have to do with diseases, books on motors an d books on occupations,
and at the very, very end we have books that refer to bibliographies and items that you
would refer to pick a specific book for a specific topic.
In the back of the CMC, we have big book and oversize area.
The oversize area has charts and graphs and maps for social studies.
The big books are used to teach students the reading process.
In big books we have a fiction collection, we also have non-fiction for math and science
as well as a Spanish collection.