Diary of a Dirty Tongue - Orabrush is now in WALMART!

Uploaded by curebadbreath on 30.08.2011

Do do do do do, always Walmart. Hey Orabuddies, it's me Morgan the Orabrush tongue here. Did you hear the news?
is coming to a Walmart near you!
so you can finally take that girl on that date you've been dreaming about.
Because Walmart's slogan is my new number one rule for dating. Save money, live better, get some. Walmart.
Hey, you ready? I am.
You look great.
I mean if were going by looks. Thanks...
Right this way.
Well umm I
am pretty surprised to hear from you again.
Been months since we spoke. I guess I just missed the sound of your voice.
I mean you
sound so great! (cat scream thumping of the car tires)
Wow, you really taste great too.
You taste just like chicken bouillon.
Alright, Right this way
Morgan, I love surprises.
Oh my gosh, you feel,
so great. I love the way you feel.
So soft.
I just like to feel you... Eww... Alright, are you ready? Yep.
Wally world!
You took me to a Walmart on a date?
Well yeah, I mean you sound great,
You look great.
And you taste great, and you feel great.
and now that Orabrush is in Walmart you can smell great. Mogan!
That's offensive.
So your breath, so that's like tick for tat.
I am sick of this! I am going to sue your pants off!
I guess some people don't like Walmart.
Well, I don't like some people. Some Walmart's are super. That's where I get my clothes.
Well, thats where I buy my clothes if I did wear clothes.
Now you can buy Orabrush at Walmart.
Big announcement!
From now on my videos will be announced on Thursdays instead of Tuesdays. There was a
scheduling conflict.
with some mandatory psychiatric help
that is both court ordered and
and Orabrush mandated.
So, that should be fun! Prescribe to my channel, leave a comment below, and
and favorite this video, and win a chance to win and Orabrush, and
a little Morgan.
to squeeze for your very own.
Tune in next thursday for more tips on how you can win the one you love.
Thursday, Thursday, got to get down on Thursday.
well looking forward to meeting with a psychiatrist
a legal statute.
That I have to obey
if I don't want to go to jail.