NBC 2012 Ironman World Championship, Kona Hawaii

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Maca's journey to Kona is on hold until june of this year. the former
world champion spent last season tracing another dream the London Olympics
when he failed to qualified he shifted focus to this event he's won twice
many of her including analyst bright
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uh... do you have been changed on since she's going to wait
dismissing knives my canon wii and i think
for two thousand ten women's tribunal rent-a-car free
returning to colorado lhs of familiar emotion
has really never semi-fat here
was my first ever and
never on american
dot decided to go in
still an accident of fate
excess arsenal marathon at the end of this
about what time
hosts skit
status comparably you section five
young rookie
director for cellmark
just surprises
very pleased with myself
to make it into a second place
will follow your belinda one year
setting the marathon course record
last year she finish second and even without success race we present site
says it yet
on the island
personality is
he read it
doing trapped under such a long time that's all i know
and or demanding introduced again entertaining
i so miss like an addiction like he'll highlands you billy taylor
he'd want to push itself
that you shouldn't be
at age thirty four british rapidly and it really wasn't before
just one month ago in september she won the seventy point three iron man world
now she has a confident edge trying to become the first woman ever between both
iron man titles
in the same here
tiny you don't have time
and i think that uh... heads
if we have something that i feel
but i recognize that a lot of other people don't have it
because i was never the best out of this
dressed like that
fairfield over the
coming next hanging integration that i've done
what exactly
also become realize that
because of that
finds scale of one might not come to shop which is right
place to be scared about that place something to notify asst
coming through the ranks
it's kind of nice to be that actually
people stand out
and uh...
becoming an iron man takes dedication
and unhealed
thought possible
a commitment to be more than you
ever imagine
to understand what it
it helps to learn from the professionals
craig alexander
five time line and then
world champion
learn from his years of experience
for my list dot com slash croatia
it's in
there's nothing wrong with the children
them again
reunited with her
land and even this isn't there
used as a wedge issue
you know myself and my
just on socialism the strongest often conference continues
that's what you guys too
surrender corporation is a gifted athlete
first as a basketball player
analysis triathletes
she has excelled in sports
patel and alone does that mean championships on the big island
winning here requires a singular year-long vision
i think there is no evidence of a sport
because i wanted to go to the olympics for travel
and then
pretty quickly after that i had it
of the army and track one and two in particular mr eight seven
everything from that none of which is very early on in life really is about
getting a reiteration karna the bio often thinks
that is what is pricing and here
u_s_ rates for line alice's artistic in
rental income now where it's even hard to support me and said he would
he may be something
time and i
doesn't have that personality
personality man wants to know what your words are
wizards for u_s_ beyond challenged
this is what i did
trade bonuses what little
in two thousand love and great britain's we haven't even finished thirty years
best career resulting six color tries
or race we could produce a bold and directed
the and somewhat guard
good show
wind as we have my intent on
things you know you know that's won the highest things that people days stay she
set up everything in a hand and just casey's be physically in the land and
animals i won't read it and doing that little high-tech myself too seriously
and then other people demand
feeling uneasy behind the scenes no no no no children in coming months
wanted when i see u
weekdays cannot ended months away on game day and as well i can
unlike justifies people pc competition on race day i see my enemies in a little
three-time shipping or alexander
race week involves a few priorities
like getting rid of the break
couple formalities agreement
susceptibility traditionally right-wingers are like it must have
just for the great all arts
for careers
started it
it's nice to get back to the hotels
with the outcome of the kids
marietta full which is always nice
once you have to do is much of anything like a nice week
see one of my great strengths is there are no money
and one of the news cohen survivor that nearly killed him
i get a lot of eastern manufacturer having them in
it's a hot score in that regard
decorator he'll get the ready to execute
is never same ended at a solid and only with winds and uh...
c_n_n_'s lovefest here that citadel conditions history that's in the fall
nine color i a manifest two world championships and that's just part of
the interpersonal cormac hopes the play against his chief rival great strength
the other free race movers more psychological a bit of gamesmanship
publicly casting doubt alexander's pre race for
from whatever witness a growing up i think
it's about him in america
the stock not going to be forget anything from the philippines
intimidated stayed til seven
but a lot of it
implies that taking
settle repressed linked is lots of small sausage
hilltop some professional sport which are we'd put the witness
need to have four times
walking all drawing out the sixteen th
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now we've had three was here
what happened today
slater and license for so long
substances he
but like i said yeah
disrespectful rude santa claus indians dot wants to make doesn't like it
free state also closer the pros are faced with distractions it's all part of
the business
higher monday today with salim
at the keegan racecourse cardinality really
onto that and they would have gone into string immunities
supply line because its greatest sport
tanzania expired jack
as an individual athletes a platform to get sponsorship
n_p_r_'s rain
you have to make use of a violent conscious disappeared
because of the race gets the marchetti closet stations away from radiation
experiments returns
at the event of a host of some of which started to get there there's a
in amongst different just a short out of time
had your body absolutely what does that make up for you to step on the satellite
israel-lebanon that's
semi things they don't have any leading up to the right
or the commitment
me and said
i really get a whole lot of time to think to myself and the too concerned
about how things up the spotlight comes one year
promising interviews and aluminium sponsored
hope you have peace in the year
electricity spot
twelve d camp
and i want you to stand
ninety-two thank ridge of high humidity
euthanasia why would not have any i'm not in the g_a_t_t_ moderating element
hounding regime
i think this escape that
fortress time automated world champion christmas cormac
prearranged filled up as an opportunity to do what he does best spread the word
from then called tobacco
thing the families
and that i can get a little bit
activities are in the
metastasized any classical guitar and so it was
lasted for about four and a lot like dealings with the anything else
hardliners strategy to make it look like stuff like that is that
never get anything and that's it
film industry someone because they want all the monthly fees
there are many supporters when he is a lot of people now you all feel like that
now uses and events for along talking about these guys before time
highlights something
deaths of dissident payment
because we think this is my life
at the moment
on ski really feeling that it is
friday on the big island retirement is less than twenty-four hours away
awaiting koto the most competitive field in the history of the race advance
bloody objection
casting specs
online smeal
last meal before the response
last-minute flower
and explain that again
their business as you get closer and closer closed her eyes and anxious to
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advance preparation i guess
came back
israel where you are not being
they're very nervous and that obviously in the morning of the race uh...
generally have trouble so taking my breakfast
so take a deep breath and
tickets that back
realize what he has more
it's on the same time
correctly still hot
impediments to marissa
hope that they had been to know what
trying to sleep
in again much in a at my watch case-by-case
wake up in the morning and uh...
we were trying to that's when racism
raised more income
conan dismembered
as a lot of silence
everyone has their expectation
you've almost time for my new cell
denies the defending champion australian craig alexander winners
coming off his best to appearance in two thousand eleven record-breaking
performance ashish thirty-eight alexander's back to try and defending
his championship and play before the firemen world title
only two other men have done
they are fired and legends
states dot
and markdowns
alexander's main rival and two-time champions another australia chris
mccormack's returns are in an effort in two thousand wonderful
in a failed attempt at making the australian olympic team
for the last five years
only mccormack's and alexander have won this race
and yet there is a third australian amongst the dreary springs
whose name the speeches
finishing second in two thousand eleven behind craig alexander
he's a strong run-up
he said the fastest once living call of the last two years
question is can he be better
in two thousand
ten andreas trailer came as close as jacobs
we lost a mccormick in the last mile of america
he's finished with top three here the last three years
it's time to be better
another man looking for his first call the witness told him i know that all
became the fastest firemen never when he took the whole of the iron man allstate
title a record seven hours per week five
caterpillar debut in two thousand nine hundred perforated is second
and won the race for the next
person wellington has opted not to defend her title
that means in wellington xoxox paraphrasing operates
so too was lee indicate
seventy point three world championship in las vegas
she was thirty year last year
behind wellington and corporate
switzerland's caroline stephan has been unbeatable in two thousand
we think you can do to prevent
delbert and frank
mona insiders believe
progressing to use the podium
forty three this is one of one hundred everything would be respond on the big
island as part of the crime and legacy program
to qualify legacy at what was the completed at least twelve ironman race
what he's been trying to get to help
twenty two years
for a long course travel
the benchmark it's the macaques
i mean it was the very first
twenty have an m dot tech to people will see a and first question often news
and on the race in hawaii
or have you done that race
i saw on television
and having done twenty six of these
i've always had to say no
now i don't have to answer that question within elegant city
delta twelve
truly mosque and kathleen mccartney are simply interpreters
for thirty years ago they help with this race on the map
truly masa spinach
or something america and the world
i've never seen before
the memories of that are still to come
so within canada
begins the race
the two point four miles swim begins on the east side of the trial of here
bought three sixty yards of shore
this imposes a deal on the eighteen th rectangle one point two miles long
at a hundred yards wide
athletes himself in a clockwise loop
seeking more who's on the right hand side is they make their way to the
turn-around point
late nineteen marcus allen toussaint exit
analysts that isn't it to you well
the professional athletes to compete in the iron man triathlon world
championship into the water quality here soon
now it's time to see how the mental ward went
some are here to conserve what they see
do you mind destiny
one hundred willing and ready to admit
anyone is that it's just another a sizzling practice writing pressure off
perot eighty-four prose of this year's race
fifty three men
thirty-one women
almost every one of the bills they have a legitimate shot at the podium
law and i see my head is just my
and personal battles in exists really try and sell off my hands
what i'm really trying to analyze the president in nineteen
non-bank seems to make me laugh
yeah yeah
sitting on my couch missed rather in figuring price masakela smell kind i
like to get myself to a place for us to know that i was about to golf five
dislike to present that really mad
losses could be said my ass and honest needs on sinatra's is just another day
in the office
for the first time ever the bulls have separate stories
the mental health breast
five minutes later the women will follow
the first few seconds of the rates are critical
everyone is fighting for a spot near the front
near the front
not necessarily at the front
to have our after the pros it's time for the age group that points to end of the
nineteen hundred racers from over sixty countries
they've been thinking about this moment
for a long time
over one thousand of them
are here for first time
as the day when the water
as they've waited for their chance they've all seen the youths wealth
crashing to the shoreline and pile of color
while it may be coming here
they know the swells are coming
it's going to be a tough
they've thought about
they've seen it
it's time to look at
welcome to the top of swim start
now it's time to find some space
and what the body to what has been trained to do
remember this is the only the first couple of miles
when it comes to the two point four months in the arm and world championship
astley tree-lined equipment and techniques to gain a competitive edge
swimsuits decided to munich sharks can slice of the water i confess body should
companies by up to five percent
the technique is even more important
the alignment of the body and you don't take speed skate teaches twice as much
connecticut and eugene moving through the walls on the stomach as they do on
the side really don't want someone to be other chances about lou attention
to the purple sit all my life and more efficient stroke specific listed on
teaching drafting sitting behind the best now had he deemed too often
provides energy savings if eighteen to twenty five percent
milegi that may prove useful late in the day
just over half way through the story of american any parts of the story is marco
alberta broken away
nineteen ninety-six pot's finished fourth at the olympic trials instruments
marquee insurance so that the four hundred i guess
indianapolis olympics in two thousand four
as a player
another american amanda stevens is leading the women's rights
related issues remain stevens says the hardest with
all americans for the benefit of the facts
just as she did a year ago stevens has opened up a gap on the rest of the limit
as the years muslim exit
possibles away from albert
fifteen minutes
thirty tuesday
every second count self for the american
nothing is going to get between him
and his wife
estonian marco albert has had a great sweat
far behind it is a huge traceback
with many top contenders including defending champion craig alexander
last year's runner-up e-tickets both from australia
hotheads transition
the trees grew is amended behind
that happen
people used to get to the fight for slowly
group behind him
will be racing each other to get to their fight
just like this website deleted
disposition out of transition is critical
their hearts and their getting for their bikes at the same time
trying a tactic that has always worked for one other men
dates dot thirty two years ago
leading to swim
ahead of the
called a veteran craig alexander is out there
e-ticket pebble beach a script
tear rival chris mccormack's is not
retired ventura fwy
first-year law
u_s_s_ hold on
go go
about four and half minutes behind the leaders is the man they call for you on
the flight ironman seventy point three forty two pm
while pot still leaves his one minute advantage has virtually disappeared
alexander raising advert has pushed for these and close the gap
but his countrymen luke mackenzie is writing even faster taking the lead for
many months
pots help believe me inside swim but within a few miles of the bike the
sitting behind his defending champion greg alexander and behind him is the
only meant to run faster than he did a year ago
australian vehicles
ghost mccormick has missed the main group and finds himself chasing right
but there's still a long way to go when the fire
limited over fellow american meredith
but sex behind her isley and decay race favorite finish third here last year
just one month ago she beat the best in the sport to become the seventy point
three world champion can she do it again than
betas mary that
who's going to retirement isn't it
through whatever means necessary
page number one
the post transition
experts to provide
anymore chablis telus and kessler out onto the fight justify steve
they're closely followed
asthma top-flight woman in the world
caroline steph
won the cold war
right now she finds herself approximately
women's race is just beginning
chianti his legendary hunt twelve-mile bike like course begins with a short
clips is city etc i looked on
before turning onto the cream carey highway last week's faced the notorious
my move to head winds for more than fifty miles wide to the bike turn-around
point in harvey weasel on this portion of the course have been known to reach
sixty miles an hour in extreme conditions and heat radiating off the
law that has filled often since temperatures above a hundred degrees
fahrenheit off to the final seven mile uphill climb to the turnaround athletes
retraced the route back to the transition area and kyler conan
and hot
legend of this week a highway continues
surrounded by lava and some jeers admits the desolation keith mckenzie remains in
front on the one hundred twelve mile trek by courts
greg alexander is still unclear
with a deep pockets just ahead
but not too long
alexander flies into second place
last year he approved despite side by thirty minutes with the four th fastest
bike dot inkatha history
seetickets couldn't keep up with the bike leaders last year but now beef with
three open for doctor was just over a minute behind tickets at the end
he trails by sex
one of the race favorites andrea sreylin
does when he hoped
close quickly making up time on the men ahead of me
seventy point three world champ sebastian keenly grew up trading with
firemen cycling legend thomas hubbard
and just like him his goal is to bring his accommodation mama biking
this perspective
website uh...
cormac isn't having a great day but luke mackenzie is
good form
means a lot
when it comes to the flights aerodynamics is everything
at twenty miles per hour almost eighty five percent of an athlete energy goes
into overcoming wind resistance
trast on bikes are specially designed to maximize our psyche sufficiency by
minimizing the effect that the wind
mailbox allows triathletes to achieve a little body position
every gcs wind-driven and allows them to say energy and write foster
combined with an aerodynamic helmet it adds up to a three miles per hour
advantage over the course of a hundred and twelve miles that's twenty four
minutes a over the standard road bike
the pro's call last free speech
back i would read by course group of five women cokie probably
amanda stevens we advocate mary beth ehlers anymore and america's lou
stevens is infront
but a briefly steals lovely
and kessler remains in place
the fact that chancellors here is practically a miracle earlier this
summer she was on a bike accident and brokeback just a few months later she's
on her bike and now she's leading the iron man
cave is happy to share time at the front
it seems
racing in third now it's very bad velez the iron man texas at new york champion
national leaders is the sportscasters writer
caroline steph
she says he can win this race with the same tactics that won her championship
races in melbourne frankford
driving away from her competence
to thousands and champion paraded carburetors now almost five minutes down
two miles behind
stephens race plans don't typically include a trip to the penalty phase
she accidentally hit
close to a competitor
we'll serve up for a minute
anything that could slow stepping down bodes well for car freight and the rest
of the women in the field
was definitely out of the picture katie
and moved to the front
with kessler has telescope behind
they're all taking the stand
as they neared the end of the queen k highway taxes begin to unfold
p_g_a_ complexities of space movie
erases frenchman romaine gillam
and five time im enchanting mackenzie to take the lead
jacobs really don't think all of us
following his lead also fast in the case
in his ten are made with it or not there has let off the bike in all but one
that's up to five p
he's moving to the following
mark allen has always said
headwinds can be managed and the tail wind is always welcome
but five winds can be debilitate
these writers are being jostled from paul angles
back at this moment in the nineteen hundred age group that leads are
finishing up a sweat
despite the rough conditions all mostly assesses the pros before all this shit
before through our spent twenty minutes
amongst them
is one woman who can honestly say
she changed higher maintenance free
it happened thirty years ago on the very same elite you drive the race will
finish on today
is really about dean down onto the depth of your soul
and finding work
yes it is physical
but what people connected to
that idea
colliding that could i just try something like that
that was probably a pretty strong statement
back in nineteen eighty
now i think it's been
the motto of the iron man
just get to the finish line
thirty years ago
i was in holland
and wants the iron and
who's going to you
guiding twenty-three
lighting no that things weren't likeness
might start
it's whyy how bad could it be
at one point i was in the lead
interested mister wind
and because and physically and motion like invested i started to really are on
the idea of winning something
alice sent
everything starts to just breakdown
but what went on in my mind was
i have to finish
and there was a split second where felt so good to surrender
and just say
can't do it
justify oc
there was this
firing needed to sit back happened find a way
and so every time i a scramble to get back up and i can't manage a walk
had to go for the run because i wanted that moment
far back on the course
chris mccormack's has made a decision
and the decision is to abandon
between the olympics and this race two thousand twelve it's not back this year
the dissent from harvey means tail winds strong tale with
something that all of her truly enjoying
but the time for a lighting is over
and the two european try to distance themselves from the rest of the people
earlier this year but more routinely came first and second
at the higher than european camping trip
by working together now
they may be able to create the same scenario sex
dat partnership distorted and they are pulling away
environmentally allen
there's no consoling keenly
his head must be counting sound interesting
take take
it's a four minutes thirty nine seconds nextag
and it's devastating
keenly has to hope that something like this before corinne oklahoma
right now
is award at the foot
admits alongside our feelings
making the turn in a heartbeat
dedicated still leading the women's rights
with mary beth ehlers right behind
not fair
but right behind
remember that form in attachment
caroline steph
n_p_r_'s twenty five-mile
at least reformers
superbike is again a bar it's part of the barking
unison studio that you don't remember the damage in the way you can and then
it often
be within reach
visa what part of the car for is talking about
kate crabs especially the bag
ellis life
and then suddenly it's caroline stephens
while the pros are on their way back down from hobby
the age group at least are still battling the waves along the queen
and what about big battle it is
kathleen mccarty one here on the big island thirty years ago passing
appalling truly malls to take the wind
just as she was in nineteen eighty two
she's behind bars
out there on the body
with temperatures still lies and a lot of course to go
we freeze dreamed of going to call a for twenty two years
did his dream included smudge pain
thirty years
after crawling to the finish
this is brady mari today is not about him
in july of two thousand seven
son was born
and about ten minutes after
they told us that he has down syndrome
and changed my world
as i've got to know my son i've realized that the down syndrome has not been seen
by any means
it's very special thing
he's a very loving child he has a way to be able to connect with people in ways
that nobody else has ever been able to do brady's courage has inspired i meant
finisher and my list c_e_o_ rob white
canceled alex bonded with marie overshoot love try that one
together my list and brady continued to drive awareness around a very personal
callers as a father of a child with down syndrome i had no idea that there were
orphans throughout the entire world uh... are simply abandoned at birth
simply because of their disability
and knowing
literally there are hundreds upon thousands of more fans with down
syndrome throughout the world
and seeing this is an opportunity to be able to raise for them
jumped at it
and i thought you know what
i may not be able to do and i are meant for myself
but i know i can be one for these kids
i know from experience as a father of a sudden with down syndrome
that the biggest blessing is not the child giving a family
it's the family
it's going to keep that child
they'll receive biggest blessing
that alternately the core of what i do what i do
close to our radovan hollander has been riding out in front of along between gay
highway he's doing well but the spectrum baron von always hangs over the great
writers private
going you're thinking that you know every year in the week before you do
contribute find that the war known as the pecan often in recent
that they've been really open until now
right behind and what i've heard is that all is the overall
pushing the pace in second and proving he's much more than just a great bro
in the women's phrase caroline steph and is still in front
monthly and he gave his doing more than just hanging around
gave reclaim fully
but somewhere in the last twenty miles she's been hit with her own penalty
she's going to have to spend some time in the penalty box
plan now has to be
pushing as possible
fascist all day mary beth alice remains good for the fact is well sheets and
as definite integral you're in the race in this case turned a server borman
adultery in that sense and do in
disciplines sorry a red shirt is also you get
in addition to whatever she carried inside and
she's out going riding four minutes behind
so i felt that was discovered
right behind her training
it's a good spot to be
fellas usually run faster
and now after losing time the first capital
rent-a-car fracas at leeds ac
aggressively closing time on the lead
batman t_v_ or sebastian
keenly fabric that costly blood tired be dropped in from second julie leven
among them and he's not easy
two thousand five world champion
personal thoughts
this race as base
helping set it all cpg kids who's got company
that would be frederick that we're
right on his wheels
also bear a stroke awful
we could go to jail
and during the hard training ride
holding that bottle has to be
not you think
the head of the league is greg alexander
more than fifteen minutes back but the way he runs still makes winning possible
then hold out for texas transition with no one else inside
then all of this test marathon time according to forty six
jacobs candy six minutes faster than that
it has been jacobs rolls into the transition
just episode eight and a half minutes something great is possible
right behind him is possible broken hand at all
then failing to
and finally virus all full-time rounds out the transcript
as all that is i think that whole offers more than a mile from the road
keenly finally gets to the transition
ten minutes back
it's a flat tire you'll never forget
he's followed by a proven runner
andreas trailers
students in the women's race caroline seven is holding strong at the front
but she has not
mary beth palace
ellis his plan to make her move to the front
meanwhile trailer can't worry about trying to win the race anymore
believes the battle friendlier for the runner-up spot
and this turns into quite a bath
out on the queen cake caroline steph and continues to lead the women's rights but
as we've relied in the men's race
collapses can come at any time
into and out of the attitude lee indicated has done what was previously
thought to be impossible
held off the challenge on the run from a rent a car for us
not going to stop them
gave texas dept contact are in the past
demonstrates that happens for a second
meanwhile keith jacobson past the twenty five miles
it happens with just over a mile to go
edits frederick family
trailer within this exact position two years ago
and couldn't respond to crystal ball next on this very fair
once again he has to live
the finish line
heading into this race many people think that we advocate had chance to win
earlier in the marathon she held off the best runner in the sport
right now she's pulling away from the number one ranked fired at sleep in the
caroline step
but will forward your own stephan has found herself being passed
through the end of the marathon
and she dropped the second place
andreas trailer is doing everything here
to get second
kiwi catches and now pulls away from frederick daimler
potato belongs to australia ph
for those six straight here
retirement world championship will be taking
looks like a smile and it should be
on the face of andreas
proving that second place still means a lot
second again
everything he has
frederick taylor
keenly finishes fourth
an outstanding firemen debut
ferris al full-time finishes fit
despised finish since two thousand six
and the first american workers
is the defending champion credibility
mccormick's here
we had the cave is about to do
he knows now
what she's doing
wars caroline steph and once again finishes second in
unbeatable everywhere else
for usually does instruction
to finish the marathon
but every race is a new race
saga conflict
we wanted to break free hours of the verified that cover
mary beth ellison play all day
and then across the line in six the amazing forty six-year-old six times
without but
the iron man
now that all the pros have made their way charlie dr
the race just back to the courts
to the hundreds of age group that we have tried to fulfill their respective
some of those dreams are meant to be here
i miss call inspired program launched in the u_s_ this year
urging athletes
to not let the stories go one small
millions of people watched and voted on line
in the end
eight at least we've chosen to compete in this year's rings
they use that con inspired competition as a way to publicly for the first time
in my life
uh... speak to the fact that i was the survivor and sexual abuse as a child
uncertainty show ect
countless numbers of but there's a bipartisan that companies and they came
out publicly there's something to celebrate and it doesn't really come
from a pale
and it doesn't come from talking to account for they can come from something
in your heart where you just believe that you can do something pretty
imposter bob
recurrence of the road is nothing compared to what his grace unwanted
rings like mister barone drew
molly sorana was finished three are in better grades and relied
while training for her fourth she received some life altering his
little over a year ago nineteen seventeen thousand eleven
i was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
to be honest if you have that did not and said you know what
anything challenge for me
actually had an affair been contacting me first
religion right but backpacking riders and continued to ride my bike
this time
is there anything
more special
because i'm gonna be processed
and i think i cancer survivor
i cannot wait to process
we freeze landed legacy as we did see your realizing a life-long role
at twenty two years in the sport he's finally made it to his dream rates
awaiting we now
at a twenty six point two mile marathon on bonus open roads
using your mind at night talked about this event
passed away in two thousand one
ever since then
needed a commitment to two districts in his honor
emotional anyone listening
for and what it
minstrel beyond explanation
at the same time
scared to death
thirty years ago kathleen mccartney hearst won the race the book the other
email on the map
but the post race chatter focus not on the champion
but the courage of runner-up truly moss
in two thousand eleven kathleen brought some focus back to world wide and
decided she needed another call up by men
she also realize the total would be incomplete without her former
well i have to give credit to kathleen mccartney first are
didn't i didn't mean telling me
he had with the big reason for being here and i said
great not interested in going back now for you on the jury
by really wanting to know why not
he said yes
he decided
due to raise you're gonna do this
have training partners
you were competitors in nineteen eighty two were collaborators and two thousand
is really not about
we finished against each other and how we'd finish together a mysterious in
it's really and reduces then
an arm and cleaned
with nightfall descended on the big island final challenges await all those
age groups triathletes who have one goal
one focus
to hear those magic words
as the parent of us down syndrome child brady murray knows the true meaning of
this personal feud
he's raising awareness and raising money
providing an opportunity for down syndrome warfare
scan in the light
it's given me a little early if families one
through the generosity of my life
this hope will become a reality
they have pledged the full production cost for a car
because of brady's determination
one of these children
that's why would you are in there
that's ultimately what it means by anything is possible
sunset those immediate
not even close for hundreds of athletes in the field including hinmen legend
julie maas and kathleen mccartney there is a long road ahead and a midnight
deadline looming
on mon eleven robert healthy for the call
he left his wisconsin home and went straight to ground zero
his new mission
finishing iron and marathons in full uniform while raising money for his
other firefighters
is goal tonight
a race against time
he's only got ninety minutes before the deadline
at mile twenty
fireman rob reynolds quest is far from the bench
even after two surgeries that then tell personal battles break
decides whether to spend
and run again
projects ten miles to night
just can't wait to get venues like this year
break-ins out the kids
while the struggle continues on the queen k
bizarre ongoing party at the finish line
when you get closer and closer to the finish line
and feel more mature
sense of accomplishment
second to none
if you have to ask why you'll never understand
thirty years ago julie most crawled across the finish line
she finishes on her feet
and on her terms
jeannette weeks finish cover trading partner and friend
open inspiration to me
brokerage stocks
i am pancreatic cancer center
midnight's deadline firemen rob their health
joining him at the finish line
flee and it is
do i'm going to find out more until inspired for twenty thirteen
the official dvd available starting december first for me legacy three
programs like started coherent during that conversation hotel accommodations
provided by candidate is going to be total