AXE Chickipedia - Dumb Girlfriends - Episode 19

Uploaded by bindass on 20.08.2012

Wow, what a beautiful giraffe
Baby, that is a zebra not a giraffe
But zebra's are on the road right?
There are zebra crossings on the road, and in the jungle as well
Oh, so to kill them, they put them on the road?
No that is painted on the road
You are mad or what? How can they be painted
Zebra's are on the road, and giraffe's are in the jungle
God does not come down and paint animals on the road
Stupid, one day sit with me and I will explain everything to you
and let me watch television now!
Some women get gifted with real good looks from God
but God did not gift them with too much intelligence
and these women during arguments become like ticking time bombs
but the day they decide to give you a demonstration of their intelligence
that day only God can save you
The capital of Uttar Pradesh is Delhi right?
Thank God Manmohan Singh is India's president
There is a calculator in phones right?
I can't eat your left overs, I will get pregnant
Naga land is not in India, trust me
Where do you send an email from
Oh your from Lucknow, I love Punjabi people
Do not underestimate women when it comes to dumbness
Why can't these dumb women accept that God gifted them with only little intelligence
But still, these women will keep displaying their intelligence to us
Baby when is the train coming
The train has reached, it is waiting on the outer
Why the outer?
Because the time for the train to come has not arrived
But how did it come to the outer before the time it is supposed to arrive
The train has come early, so it is waiting on the outer
Oh, the driver must have driven the train really fast. That is why it is waiting on the outer
So that no one realizes, very smart!
Okay I am going to drink some tea
If in this situation a man does not hit his own head, then what else will he do
When you explain something to them, they will nod their head like they understood everything
after that they will reply by saying something so stupid
that you will be embarrassed because you are dating this woman
Baby, where are you. I have been waiting for a while now
I am on my way
Today you got done with office really late or something?
No, work got done on time. But do you know what happened
On my way there I got lost
So then who did you get directions from
I told the taxi driver, take me all the way back to office
From there I caught another taxi, and the driver knew the way
and the best part is, I did not have to ask anyone for directions
These kind of women will always expose their low intelligence levels to you
They will always show you how dumb they are
There is only one solution for this, ignore them. Pretend they did not say the things they said
I know these type of women will not only affect boyfriends but also everyone!
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Gaurav Rathod gave us an idea on Dumb Girlfriends that we have featured in this episode